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How to Make Cool Effects to a Video Clip
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Video Effects Editor - A Handy Guide of How to Add Video Effect Easily

Author by Hales

Updated on Jun 28, 2022

This article will go over how to add video effects with WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, an all-in-one video converter and editor. Download the software and follow the video special effects adding tutorial below:

How to make a special effects video? Well, a good video effect editor is required to add video effects. In fact, you only need a cool video editor - WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. It allows you to easily trim videos, rotate videos, and most importantly, add special effects to videos and make your videos more stunning. Keep reading to find out the amazing effects and filters it offers and learn how to add special effects to videos with ease.

How to Add Effects to Videos?

The WonderFox Video Editor is very easy to use. You simply need to

Step 1. Add a video to the program.

Step 2. Click Effect Effect to open the edit page.

Step 3. Apply one desired filter to your video and click OK.

Step 4. Select an output format and hit RUN to finish the process.

Brief Description of Adding Special Effects

Two Parts of Video Effects Editor

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro adds a wide range of filters to meet the basic requirements of video effects. The effects of this software are divided into 2 parts, one part (on the left) is the filter. The other (on the right) is the parameter adjustment. We offer a variety of effects: sharpening, penciling, old film, mosaics, etc. Of course, if you are not sure what effects to choose, please review our detailed description of some filters which belong to add video effects below. It will give you some creative ideas and help you make your videos into works of art.

Introduction of Each Filters

Special Effects 1-1(Grayscale)

NO.1: Grayscale

Details of the picture, including the bright details, are as rich as the original video, except that the picture color is grayscale.

Special Effects 2-2(Sharpen)

NO.2: Sharpen

This effect can make the picture appear sharper, especially for blurred video can be improved by this special effect. As an example, sharpening can make the facial texture clearer.

Special Effects 3-3(Blur)

NO.3: Blur

Contrary to sharpening, this effect can make the picture unclear. Usually this effect is often used to blur partial images, such as a mark, license plate number, face, etc.

Special Effects 4-4(Penciling)

NO.4: Penciling

With this special effect, you must really like sketching, because this special effect can make the picture turn as vivid as pencil sketch, and the strokes are obviously almost close to the hand-painted style.

Special Effects 5-5(Rilievo)

NO.5: Rilievo

The rilievo is going to show the uneven rilievo effect through the change of gray. When you apply this effect, the outline in the picture will be as clear as the original picture, but the background in the picture will become not clear enough, showing a grey background. The overall picture feels very unique.

Special Effects 6-6(Noise)

NO.6: Noise

Noise can randomly add color clutter to the video, making the picture not very clear.

Special Effects 7-7(Old Film)

NO.7: Old Film

As the name implies, the old film is to restore the video picture to the old film, TV picture effect. Video will reduce the saturation of the picture, the picture itself will flicker, the picture will randomly increase the vertical stripes, and the picture will be darker around.

Special Effects 8-8(Negate)

NO.8: Negate

This effect is to calculate the reverse value of each pixel to get the same effect as the film camera negatives. Generally, users who like the old photo retro style use more, and the photo effect is like the camera negative.

Special Effects 9-9(Monochrome)

NO.9: Monochrome

Monochrome means that only the black and white colors are used to reflect the content of the entire video. Although the monochrome effect is added to the video to make the picture appear black and white, the outline of the picture can still be well preserved, and the video picture is very stylized.

Special Effects 10-10(BWParticles)

NO.10: BWParticles

This effect is achieved by embellishing black and white pixels to get the entire video picture, black and white embellishment, so that the video picture shows a black and white texture.

Special Effects 11-11(Mosaics)

NO.11: Mosaics

Mosaic, this special effect we often use. It can be used with the marquee to make the mosaic of the video content. For example, adding a part of the video or logo and other content with mosaic makes this part blur.

Special Effects 12-12(Oil Painting)

NO.12: Oil Painting

Speaking of oil painting effect, it is clear that this special effect is a kind of picture effect like hand-painted oil painting. have the spot color patches of the oil painting, and give us a special stereoscopic feeling.

Special Effects 13-13(Whitebalance)

NO.13: Whitebalance

This special effect is available in almost all editing software. It automatically adjusts the brightness, saturation, color and other related parameters according to the picture itself to make the picture look more comfortable.

5 Stylized Video Filters

Special Effects 14-14(Vignette)

The following 5 filters belong to the style of processing, these filter effects will make the arrangement of the picture more vivid and lifelike.

NO.14: Vignette

Adding effects will make the corners of the picture darker, while the center of the picture is the brightest, creating a feeling of ancient memories.

Special Effects 15-15(Aegean)

NO.15: Aegean

Adding this effect to the video will create a romantic, leisurely and memorable picture style for the video.

Special Effects 16-16(Holiday)

NO.16: Holiday

Holiday style, hearing the name can make people feel relaxed and comfortable, this effect will create a holiday video feeling, the picture is fresh and natural, quiet and comfortable.

Special Effects 17-17(Sunkissed)

NO.17: Sunkissed

This special effect style will make the video picture brighter and more gorgeous, especially suitable for the video with the theme of rural and pastoral sunshine, so that the whole picture gives people a sense of natural comfort.

Special Effects 18-18(Vintage)

NO.18: Vintage

This filter effect is similar to the Aegean, creating a romantic, elegant video effect that will give people a sense of pleasure.

Part.2 Video Filter Parameter Adjustment

Adjusting Video Parameters

HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a full-featured video special effects video editor, which is not only a video effects software and video editors with special effects, but also supports video parameter adjustment to improve video quality. Four adjustment modes are supported: brightness, contrast, saturation and hue. Four parameter adjustment modes are described in detail below.


Brightness refers to adjust the picture to make it brighter or darker.


Contrast is the ratio of black and white on the screen, which is the gradient of the video from black to white. The effect of contrast on visual effects is very significant. The greater the contrast, the sharper the image and the more vivid the color.


Saturation refers to the vividness of color, also known as the purity of color. The color is more full, and the video picture is more beautiful.


Hue refers to the overall tendency of the color of a picture in a picture, and the color effect of the entire video picture is more comfortable and comfortable.

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