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How to Mirror Videos with 3 Simple and Effective Ways
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How to Mirror Videos with 3 Simple and Effective Ways

Author by Rocabella

Update at Mar 21, 2018

Still looking for practical solutions for mirroring videos? This article summarizes three different ways to mirror videos, what you only need to do is follow our guides to find the most suitable one for yourselves. And here is the download link of recommended video editor for mirroring videos:

Do You Encounter “How Can I Mirror Videos”?

Q1: I have a video clip that I’d like to turn in the opposite direction: the whole clip is mirrored, is this possible? Thanks!

Q2: I want to build a mirror-camera effect in Jitter, in which anything moves from right to left, will display as the opposite: left to right. How to achieve the video mirror effect?

Q3: Hi I have been looking around on how to mirror or flip a video clip so my subject is facing the opposite direction, any suggestion?

A: We found that there are many questions about mirroring videos on forums. No matter what reasons, you can use the video editor to mirror a video. To help you understand how to mirror a video, we will tell you a variety of solutions that you can choose one according to your own needs. Following our guides, you will find that mirroring video is so easy.

Method 1: How to Mirror Videos with Desktop Tool

Looking for an easier solution for how to mirror a video? HD Video Converter Factory Pro can prove to be an excellent choice. First of all, as a simple video editor, it has no pressure to mirror videos or rotate videos. Then, it is compatible with various video formats such as MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, etc. Here are the easy steps on how to mirror a video with the use of HD Video Converter Factory Pro.

How to Mirror a Video with Few Clicks?

How to Use Video Mirroring Software

Step 1: Import Videos into Program

Free downloadFree download and install this mirror video converter on your PC. And then click “Add Files” or drag-drop your local videos into the program.

Step 2: Select “Crop” Option

Click “Crop” button to enter the editing interface. Here you can select “flip video horizontally” or “flip video vertically” button to mirror video. Besides, you can crop video to delete unnecessary information and remove black bars. When the preview image reaches your request, you can click “OK” to save the setting.

Step 3: Start to Mirror Videos

Set the output path and click “Run” to start to achieve the video mirror effect.

More Built-in Editing Functions: Combine Video Files | Cut Video Clip | Split Videos

Method 2: How to Mirror videos with VLC Media Player

How to Mirror a Video with VLCHow to Mirror a Video with VLC

VLC Media Player is not only a multimedia player, it can also be used as a video converter and video editor.

Step 1: Start VLC program and go to select “Open File” under Media menu to import the video you want to mirror.

Step 2: Choose the "Effects and Filters" option under "Tools" menu. And then a new window will pop up, go to "Video Effects" tab and then select "Geometry" tab. Tick the checkbox in front of "Transform" and pick "Flip Horizontally" or "Flip Vertically" from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: To add mirror video reflection effect, go to "Advanced" tab and check the box of "Mirror" option. Click the "Close" button to back to media player window.

Step 4: Finally, go to "Media" and select "Convert/Save", press "Add" in "File" tab to add the mirrored video, click Convert/Save and follow the onscreen instructions to save the result permanently.

Method 3: How to Mirror Video Online

There are some online video editors have the ability to mirror YouTube videos without downloading such as and Here we take as an example to tell how to mirror video online.

How to Mirror Videos OnlineHow to Mirror Videos Online

Step 1: Visit in your browser, choose "Video" on the left sidebar and select "Rotate" on top ribbon. Or directly visit

Step 2: Click “URL” button and enter an online file URL into the box.

Step 3: Set video transposition direction. The transposition includes every possible direction: Vertically flip, Horizontally flip, Rotate by 90 degrees clockwise, etc.

Step 4: Click "Submit" button to start processing. The output files will be listed in the "Output Results" section. Click download button to show file QR code or save file to online storage services such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

When you mirror video online, please note that:

1. Uploading and downloading may be time-consuming due to the network speed or other factors.

2. To prevent personal information leakage, uploading videos with personal privacy is not recommended.

At last...

In this tutorial, we have shared multiple different ways to mirror videos. The whole process is not as difficult as you think, right? Whether it's local video or network video, you can mirror a video easily according to our guides. If this article is really helpful to you, please share it with more people.

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