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How to Browse Web with Kodi in 2020 – Two Solutions

Author by Oswald

Update on July 31, 2020

If you’re looking for solutions to browse web from Kodi media player, you’ve come to the right page. The only feasible two ways to browse webpages on Kodi are there. Read on to learn two methods to browse web on Kodi, and how to install active web browser addons on Kodi in 2020.

When using Kodi, sometimes we need to browse certain content from web pages. But it wouldn’t be always convenient for users to close Kodi app and open a browser app on their device. Browsing web from Kodi doesn’t have to be that complicated, if only you adopt right web browser addons on Kodi.

Since Kodi is merely a media player app rather than an operating system, one can’t install a web browser app on Kodi like what you can do with your Windows PC or Fire Stick. For viewing webpages from Kodi, some dedicated people have done tremendous works and developed two practical addons: Web Viewer and Chrome Launcher which are arguably the only available ones in 2020.

In the following two tutorials, I’ll step by step show you how to install these two web browser addons, working in 2020.

Part 1. Browse Web with Web Viewer

Web Viewer is a linear text web browser on Kodi, it doesn’t render pages, it filters them and displays text in the order it’s found in the original HTML.

You can use it to implement basic text interactions on websites, like Real-Debrid authorization or All-Debrid authorization.

How to Install Working Web Viewer Addon on Kodi:

Step 1. Launch Kodi, click Add-ons.

Step 2. Click the box icon from the upper left side.

Step 3. Click Install from repository.

Step 4. Locate and select Kodi Add-on repository.

Step 5. Click Program add-ons.

Step 6. Scroll down and click on Web Viewer.

Step 7. Click Install from the lower-right side.

Step 8. Click OK to install essential dependencies.

Step 9. Wait until you can see a message saying Web Viewer add-on installed.

To browse web with Web View, launch Web Viewer from Program add-ons, and a web browser interface will pop up in Kodi. Move the cursor over URL box and click on it, type in the URL of the webpage you like to visit, click OK from the lower-right side.

Click the cross icon from the upper-right side to close Web Viewer anytime you want.

Browser web with Web Viewer

Part 2. Browse Web with Chrome Launcher

Chrome Launcher works by launching Chrome browser that is already installed on your device from Kodi. You can use it to access everything Chrome on your device supports. What more does Chrome Launcher do? It can also help to create shortcuts to your favorite websites, to save the toilsome web address typing on the remote control for every visits.

How to Install Working Chrome Browser Addon on Kodi:

Working Chrome Launcher addon is currently housed in Ghost Repo, one of our approved third-party developed best Kodi repositories in 2020.  To install addons from a third-party repository, we need to first enable Unknown sources on Kodi.

Step 1. Launch Kodi. Click on the cog icon from the upper side of the left panel to enter System.

Step 2. Click on File manager from System page.

Step 3. Double click on Add source from the left column.

Step 4. Double click on None from the box in the middle.

Step 5. In the pop-up box, copy & paste or type in exactly to the media location box, and hit OK button from the lower-right side.

Step 6. Define a name for the media source we just added as ghost.

Step 7. Then get back to the main menu. Click on Add-ons from the left panel.

Step 8. Click on the box icon from the upper side of the left panel.

Step 9. Click Install from zip file.

Step 10. Click on the media source ghost we just added to Kodi.

Step 11. Click on file within.

Step 12. Wait until you can see a message shows up on the upper-right side saying: Ghost Repo Add-on installed. Click Install from repository from the current interface.

Step 13. Select Ghost Repo.

Step 14. Click Program add-ons.

Step 15. Locate and click on Chrome Launcher.

Step 16. Click Install from the lower-right side of the settings panel.

Step 17. Click OK to install essential dependencies.

Step 18. Wait until you can see a message saying Chrome Launcher add-on installed.

To browser web with Chrome Launcher, launch Chrome Launcher and click Add Website to add the website you intend to visit by typing in an identifiable title and its URL. Then click on the new website option generated, Chrome Launcher will direct you to the corresponding webpage with Chrome browser while Kodi still running in the background.

Browser web with Chrome Launcher


These two browsers can work for Kodi media player runs on Windows, Mac, Android boxes, Fire TV, Android phone, granting users easier access to webpage while streaming with Kodi. Have a try on your own device and see if it works, I hope this guide can help to facilitate your browsing experience.

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