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Convert DVD to Digital Copies for Free Playback

Do you want to convert your DVD discs to digital copies and keep them safe instead of messing up your room? Think about it, once you've got a DVD copy on your hard drive, you can do all kinds of cool stuff with it freely. How to convert DVD to digital free? This article will disclose two useful tips and make the process of disc to digital as easy as possible.


Digitizing Your DVD Collection

Digitizing Your DVD Collection

DVD Digitization, Is It Really Acceptable to You?

Are you still dropping a DVD disc in the DVD player, sitting or lying on the couch with coke and popcorn to watch a movie? Well, you're out of step with the times. You have to admit it that in today's digital lifestyle, making a DVD copy in your hard drive, cloud or other storage devices is feasible and convenient. So a question arises: How to convert DVDs to digital copies? VUDU, a content delivery and media technology company responsible for Vudu-branded interactive media services and devices, had launched its exclusive disc-to-digital service "In-store Disc to Digital" and "In-home Disc to Digital", giving disc owners a chance to have access to a digital copy of their movie in the cloud for a fee so that you can enjoy your movies anytime and anywhere without physical discs.

This idea is pretty innovative, but it's in practical not very successful at the beginning since most people are not willing to pay again for their own DVDs. Additionally, they consciously keep aloof from illegal DVD copyright infringement. On the other hand, a part of people considers it as an absolute nonsense. They believe consumers should have the right to make a DVD digital copy from the DVD they purchased for personal use as long as they don't distribute or sell it - this is called fair use.

A Better Choice to Convert DVD to Digital

In my opinion, VUDU's disc to digital service is undoubtedly a good start to facilitate DVD movie digitization, but there are still more problems to be solved.

- 1. The price is pricy - $2 for an SD and $5 for an HD copy digital copy of a DVD. It's definitely a considerable expense if you need to digitize a mass of DVDs.
- 2. Not all movies are eligible to be copied to the cloud. The studios supporting the initiative right now are increasing, but not including Disney.
- 3. It's limited by network condition. You may be crazy when you download DVD digital copies or stream online in a poor Internet speed.

For the majority of the people, I would love to recommend a handy and efficient DVD to digital converter to help convert disc to digital free offline rapidly with no cost.

Straightforward Guide to Digitize DVD in an Ultra High Speed

WonderFox Free DVD Ripper Speedy is a simple DVD copier freeware for DVD quick backup purpose. It provides powerful DVD decryption/ripping ability so as to deal with any copyright protected DVD. Meanwhile, you can back up a DVD to digital copy in 5-10 mins with 1:1 output quality and smaller file size. There is no doubt that it is the real No. 1 speed than ever. What the most important is that not only can you free up your room and storage space, save time and budget, but also you can play DVDs on the computer, stream or transfer them to devices like Roku, Xbox, smartphone, tablet and more. Download and install this program on your Windows computer, then follow the simple guide below.

How to convert DVD to digital copy free? WonderFox Free DVD Ripper Speedy is your ideal free disc to digital converter, letting you digitize any DVD collections in an extraordinary speed without quality loss. Learn more >

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Step 1 - Load DVD Disc

Place your DVD disc into DVD-ROM and launch the free DVD extractor. Click "DVD Disc" button to load, read and analyze the whole DVD content in a few seconds. The main title (with the full content) will be marked automatically in a short while.

Interface of DVD to Digital Converter

Interface of DVD to Digital Converter

Tips: MPG is the default and only output format encoded by MPEG-2 which is almost similar to VOB. VOB is the container format in DVD-Video media with large file size. But MPG gains smaller size and better compatibility as well as 0 quality loss.

Optional - You can add external subtitle to DVD, crop video, cut video clip, extract audio from DVD, rotate video, add special effect. For experienced user, you're allowed to adjust related parameters as you wish by clicking Settings button, such as change resolution, change aspect ratio, change frame rate and bit rate, etc

Add Subtitle to DVD & Modify Video Parameters

Add Subtitle to DVD & Modify Video Parameters

Edit DVD Video

Edit DVD Video

Step 2 - Convert DVD to Digital

Set your output folder path and hit Run button to start to convert DVD to digital free in a flash.

Start to Digitize DVD

Start to Digitize DVD

Now the process should be all done within 10 mins. Are you shocked, LOL? In comparison with disc to digital service, this free DVD to digital copy converter is a better choice for converting DVD to digital copies. Never ask questions like "How to convert my DVD collection to digital files?", why not have a firsthand experience by yourself? It may be a real surprise for you.

Still got question? Submit it to us and get answer within 24 hours.
free DVD ripper

DVD Ripper Free

100% free DVD ripping software. It’s time to rip your DVDs to digital! 10 minutes to convert a whole movie to MPG.

  • CNet
    The best DVD ripper free program should goes to Free DVD Ripper Speedy. It’s powerful and well coded. And the conversion process is pretty fast.
    by Rick | CNet
  • SoftPedia
    This free software has excellent cusomization tools and preset options, which will suit most people’s needs.
    by Boboc | SoftPedia
  • MajorGeeks Editor
    WonderFox Free DVD Ripper Speedy makes quick work on converting a DVD to MPG. If you also want high quality video, you should try this.
    by Aaron | MajorGeeks
  • User comment
    Great software! It took me less time to backup my dvd movies other than other dvd ripper on the internet. As a freeware, it works amazing.
    by Caroline
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Disc to Digital Guide: Convert DVD to Digital Copies for Free Playback

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