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Best Windows 10 DVD Ripper: Rip DVDs to MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV and More

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Windows 10 is Coming

Can't Rip DVD Problems on Windows 10

Q: I installed Windows 10 on my laptop, but my preferred DVD ripping software is not working. Could before. I need an easy to use alternative program.

Q: Is there any DVD ripper compatible with Windows 10? Some of my applications would not work properly after upgrading including my DVD ripper.

Q: Where can I get the best DVD ripper Windows 10 system? Need help.

If you are encountered with same compatibitly problems mentioned above after Windows 10 install, there are two simple solutions for you. And before we start to learn how to rip a dvd on windows 10 stably, I just want to remind users who still hesitate to install Win10 that the date for the free Windows 10 upgrade is looming.

For Microsoft Windows 10 Free Upgrade, You Have a Deadline

As we all know that the much-anticipated Microsoft's “the most comprehensive platform ever” - Windows 10 has been launched on July 29, 2015, and aims to be a single and unified platform for PC, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other multiple devices. Jerry Nixon, a Developer Evangelist of Microsoft, indicated Windows 10 would be the last version of Windows at Microsoft Ignite conference. The future is "Windows as a service". An exciting news for current qualified Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users: it will be absolutely free to upgrade to Windows 10 for the first year after release. So till now you have a deadline: The offer of Windows 10's free upgrade officially ends July 29.

On the positive side, everyone can hardly wait to experience the most personal Windows not only because it's a free update within limited time, but also it's more flexible and efficient for your daily work. On the other hand, NOT all software you commonly used before can be compatible with this new Windows 10. For instance, new features of Windows 10 will make handle and play media even easier. But some DVD collectors are still suffering from ripping DVDs to PC or portable devices since current DVD ripping software for Windows 10 are rarely compatible with Windows 10 perfectly.

Solution One - A Free DVD Ripper for Windows 10

Most people will give priority to free DVD ripper software. That's the reason which makes the well-known Handbrake and MakeMKV become so popular. However, free service always has limitations and may not have surplus budget to be updated to well support Windows 10. Furthermore, almost all of free DVD ripper can not handle copy-protected DVDs evey time.

Thus, there is a saying: Free is the Most Expensive. But if you insist on searching out for the best free dvd ripper windows 10, I can recommend a DVD ripper program for you which keeps continuous free updates. And among so many free ripping programs I used, I rarely ran into "Can't rip" error with this one - Free DVD Ripper Speedy. The only weakness is that the output format is MPG.

Solution Two: How to Rip DVDs to MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV and More on Windows 10 with WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro?

However, if you require more output file formats, here comes the best Windows 10 DVD Ripper - WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro which has been updated to support Windows 10 well. It is designed for ripping any DVDs, even copy-protected or region-locked DVDs on Windows 10, to a huge range of mainstream video & audio formats, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, etc. New decryption technologies will be updated continuously for new released DVDs always in the first time. Before we start,

preparation: download and install this Best Windows 10 DVD Ripper on Windows 10. Please check if it is legal to rip a DVD for backup and private use in your country before that.

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WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro
Help rip your DVD collections(outmoded and the latest DVDs) and solve DVD ripping and playing related issues on Windows 10 with the No 1 Fastest DVD ripper software.More features >

Step 1 - Insert DVD into DVD-ROM and launch the best DVD Ripper for Windows 10, a cool black interface comes out with intuitive and user-friendly features. Select a DVD source from DVD Disc, ISO Image or DVD Folder to import your movie.

Launch the Windows 10 DVD Ripper

Step 2 - All movie titles will be detected and listed in few seconds and the main movie title will be marked automatically. This function also works great for TV shows. Namely, single chapters can be sorted out and marked after a short analysis. Then click on the output profile on the right hand and choose the format you like.

Main Movie Has Been Checked Automatically Among All Titles

Choose Format And Select Output Folder

Step 3 - Target your destination folder and press "RUN" button to start to rip DVD on Windows 10.

Start to Rip DVD on Windows 10

Moreover, what else this best DVD ripper for Windows 10 can do for you is that it also enables you to rip DVD to iPhone, DVD to iPad, DVD to tablet, DVD to Samsung, etc. Enjoy your digital life at anytime and anywhere.

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