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YouTube Downloader Not Working? Fix It and Find the Best YouTube Downloader Alternative

Author by Blues

Updated on June 22, 2022

Sometimes you may meet the problem of YouTube downloader not working and have no clue why. Don't worry, we have collected some common causes and corresponding solutions listed in the following parts. You are able to choose the solution according to your encountered problem. If the common solutions can't work it out, there is a free alternative to YouTube downloader:

Why Can't YouTube Downloader Download Videos?

Among all video-hosting websites, YouTube is the most popular and biggest one, which contains a number of videos, such as game live streams, tutorial videos, music videos and so on, and many people would like to download YouTube videos, as well. However, YouTube coding changes, outdated download tools version or other causes maybe lead to YouTube video download failure. How to solve the issue that YouTube downloader fails to download videos?

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When meeting YouTube download errors, you may see error messages like "Failed Download", "Cannot Connect To URL", "404 Error", etc. The following are the common reasons and corresponding solutions for YouTube downloader not working:

1. Can't Download due to the Copyright Protection

If the message of " Video Not Found " appears in the download interface, this is because the video is protected From being downloaded

2. YouTube Downloader Is Not Updated with the Coding Change

In this case, the error message will be displayed as " 404 Error ". Therefore, you should upgrade your YouTube downloader to the latest version and download the video again.

3. Outdated Browser Settings

If You’re using an older version of browser, YouTube video download may not be activated. Therefore, you better check for your Chrome browser settings and update to the latest version before you head to download YouTube videos.

4. Wrong URL

When the YouTube video downloader not working issue appears, you better check for the video URL to make sure it is correct. If the URL is wrong, you need to back to the YouTube video webpage to copy the URL again.

5. YouTube Downloader May Be Interfered by Software Like McAfee

If the software like McAfee is on your computer, you may consider that whether this software interferes the YouTube downloader to make YouTube downloader not working. If it does, you need to uninstall it from your PC.

6. Network Connection

Network connection is the most common cause that leads to video download error. When you encounter this situation, you could check for the network connection.

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Solve YouTube Downloader Not Working with an Alternative to YouTube Downloader (Permanent Method)

If the solutions above can't settle your problem efficiently, I highly recommend an alternative to YouTube video downloader to you - WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. By taking advantage of this downloader, you will not encounter YouTube downloader fail download issues anymore and can download Facebook videos, download music playlist from SoundCloud and more, and the operation is only in just a few clicks. Download it and solve the YouTube downloader stopped working issue.

Three Handy Steps of Fixing YouTube Downloader Not Working Problem

Copy the YouTube video url

Before downloading YouTube videos, please free downloadfree download and install WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro on your PC.

Step 1. Copy the YouTube Video URL

Enter YouTube website, find the YouTube video you want to download. Then, copy the video URL.

Paste and analyze the url

Step 2. Paste and Analyze the URL

Double click the software on the desktop to launch it. Firstly, click on Downloader option, hit New Download button to start a new download task. Secondly, paste the video URL into URL box. Finally, press Analyze button to start to analyze. After the analysis completed, choose the video resolution and size you like. Click Ok button to prepare for downloading.

Start to download YouTube video

Step 3. Start to Download YouTube Videos

Before downloading the video, do not forget to set the output folder by hitting the inverted triangle icon. Then, click on Download All button to start to download YouTube videos. Lastly, you can transfer the YouTube video to your devices.

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro supports converting videos to 300+ digital formats & devices. When you find your devices can't play videos in a incompatible format, this software can help you out, for instance, play MKV on LG TV, play MOV on Android tablets & smartphones, etc.


When you find your YouTube downloader fails to download videos, you can make a reference to the methods above for solving the YouTube downloader errors, which are well-tested and effective in most cases. I hope you share those ideas with your friends if they work out. Best wishes for you!

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