Got some Xvid codec videos but don’t know how to play? Don’t worry. This article rounds up 10 best Xvid players for Windows, and you can pick your favorite one to start playing your Xvid videos quickly.

Tip. Xvid is not a universal codec format. Converting Xvid to H264 MP4 is the best way to enable video playback on all devices. Download the free Xvid video codec converter to handle the conversion easily:
Michelle | Feb 23, 2023

About Xvid Codec Video

Xvid is a video codec program for compressing and decompressing video data. It uses MPEG-4 ASP compression, so a video encoded with Xvid is, in effect, an MPEG-4 ASP video. Xvid is developed to compete with the DivX software. While DivX is limited to licensed platforms only, Xvid is an open source project that can be used on all platforms and operating systems. But the playback of Xvid encoded files still requires an Xvid decoder from the media player.

In the following, we will introduce the 10 best Xvid players for Windows to help you play Xvid codec files easily. Please read on.

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10 Best Xvid Player for Windows 7/8/10/11

1. Media Player Classic – Home Cinema

Derived from the original Media Player Classic, Media Player Classic – Home Cinema (MPC-HC) is an extremely lightweight and open source media player that can play almost all video and audio files seamlessly on Windows. It can work as an excellent Xvid codec player app to open and play Xvid codec files without additional plug-ins required. Simply drag your Xvid encoded video into the player interface, and it will start to play your video at once.

Besides Xvid, MPC-HC enables you to play a variety of other video files, including DivX, H264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, WMV, MP4, MKV, WebM, and so on.

Download Media Player Classic – Home Cinema

2. VLC Media Player

Can VLC play Xvid codec? The answer is yes, without a doubt. VLC is the most popular universal video player to play all sorts of video file formats, including Xvid. And since it is available multiplatform, not only can it be an Xvid player for Windows but also can it be an Xvid codec player for Mac to play Xvid encoded movies effectively. Moreover, VLC offers a wide array of settings to improve your viewing experience, such as effects and filters, subtitles, playback speed, skins, and other customization options.

However, the Xvid codec may not be supported in some older versions of VLC. So ensure that your VLC version is up to date.

Download VLC Media Player

3. MPV Player

MPV Player is another free, open source, and cross-platform media player that supports almost all videos and audio files for playback. It can also be used as an Xvid codec player for PC to play Xvid movies efficiently. But unlike regular video players, MPV does not have a GUI but a simple UI with basic controls. All you can do is drop and play. However, if you know the command line, you can write scripts to add more functionality to the core MPV player.

Due to its built-in video scaling algorithms, MPV can also be an HD Xvid player to output Xvid video with improved image quality.

Download MPV Media Player

4. ALLPlayer

ALLPlayer is a flexible multimedia player that plays all kinds of media files. It supports various formats such as DivX, Xvid, AVI, MP4, 3GP, MKV, M2TS, MPG, MPEG, RMVB, WMV, QuickTime, MOV, and lesser-known formats. But you can use it as a simple free Xvid player for Windows, while this program also has Mac and Android versions.

ALLPlayer provides more advanced features other than mere video playback. It is the best app for watching movies with matching subtitles. It can also open online URLs to play internet movies and music. But pay attention to the adware during installation that may trick you into downloading.

Download ALLPlayer

5. GOM Player

GOM Player is a well-known video player with excellent video playback ability. It is also one of the best Xvid players to view Xvid encoded files without any hassle. Like VLC, GOM Player also presents a wide range of settings to adjust the video playback and player preferences. And aside from playing the mainstream media formats, GOM Player supports 360° VR videos.

GOM Player is available on Windows (7 and later) and Mac OS X 10.13. But note that the free version of GOM Player contains ads that you need to pay to remove.

Download GOM Player

6. BS.Player

BS.Player is a powerful Xvid player for Windows that allows you to watch Xvid codec videos and more media files without looking for codecs. But this feature-packed media player is not limited to playing videos but also DVD, audio, radio, TV, and podcast. With BS.Player, you are also provided with rich settings to customize playback modes, speed, and other parameters. Moreover, this player app offers a convenient way to organize your media library.

It’ll be a little confusing to use BS.Player at the first time because it does not show where to open a file. But devote some time, and you’ll soon find it a beautiful program to use.

Download BS.Player

7. PotPlayer

PotPlayer has a massive format and codec library to let you play just about any type of video. And it will definitely play your Xvid codec video files. But what’s even better about this program is that it supports OpenCodec which can auto-update new codecs so you don’t need to manually add additional ones when watching an unsupported video file.

Besides being a free Xvid video codec player, PotPlayer is capable of screen recording and video editing as well.

Download PotPlayer

8. KMPlayer

KMPlayer is an outstanding media player that comes from the same company that made PotPlayer. So the features provided are very alike. In KMPlayer, you can also play Xvid codec movies smoothly. And besides using KMPlayer as an Xvid player for Windows, you can also download KMPlayer on your Android phone to play Xvid files.

KMPayer supports many other types of media, including VCD, HDML, and DVD. And you can use it as a universal media player. But please note that KMPlayer shows many ads on the homepage and side panels, and it has pop-ups as well.

Download KMPlayer

9. Zoom Player Free

Zoom Player Free is a sophisticated but handy media player that is more than enough to be a free Xvid player for Windows. There is no effort to watch an Xvid movie and many other files with Zoom Player Free. And it has more to add to your viewing experience. For example, you can turn it into a Home Entertainment Center to manage and enjoy your media with more advanced functions, including media library, playlist, favorites, bookmarks, and more.

Though many features are offered, Zoom Player Free has an intuitive, and user-friendly design.

Download Zoom Player Free

10. Miro Video Player

Miro Video Player is the last player program on the list, but that does not mean it is any less good than the others. On the contrary, it is a fast and free Xvid player that can play video files with Xvid codec efficiently. It also allows you to play Xvid movies with subtitles, resume the video from where you left off, and even convert video to MP4 and many other device profiles.

But aside from being an Xvid codec player app, Miro is an all-in-one program that lets you build your music library, download and play online videos, and share your media on your network.

Download Miro Video Player

Bottom Line

These are all the best ten Xvid players for Windows we want to share. We believe you should have no problem playing your Xvid video files now. By the way, besides the Xvid video codec player, you can always use the Xvid converter (click to download click to download) to convert Xvid video to MP4 H264 for seamless video playback on other non-Xvid supported devices.

That’s all for this post. Thanks for reading till the end. Have a wonderful day!

FAQs of Xvid Codec Playing

1. How do I play Xvid codec movies on my PC?

For Windows PC users, the default Windows Media Player won’t play Xvid codec files unless the player is installed with the Xvid codec. You can check how to install the Xvid codec for Windows Media Player here.

Nevertheless, you can find a third-party Xvid player for Windows to play Xvid encoded movies directly. You can pick one Xvid codec player app from our list.

2. How do I watch Xvid codec movies on my Mac?

Mac does not include an Xvid codec natively. To watch Xvid files on Mac, you need to rely on an external Xvid video codec player for Mac like the VLC Media Player.

Alternatively, you can install QuickTime and the DivX codec on your Max first. Then you can download and install the delegate component available for your Mac OS version. For more info, you can refer to

3. How can I play Xvid codec on Android?

You can use an Xvid video codec player for Android to play the Xvid encoded files. Such Xvid codec player apps include VLC for Android, BSPlayer, MoboPlayer, and MX Player (with Xvid video codec installed).

4. Is Xvid codec free?

Yes, Xvid codec is a free and open source project available on all platforms.

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