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Two Free and Easy Ways to Upload Your WAV to YouTube

Author by Lisa

June 14, 2019

If you try to upload a WAV audio file to YouTube as what you always do with videos, you’ll find the YouTube upload page is unable to recognize your WAV file. Generally speaking, YouTube doesn’t provide any audio upload approaches, but WAV to YouTube upload is still doable. Two costless solutions are given in the following article.  I’m sure you can find an appropriate one.

How to Upload WAV to YouTube?

Since it is unfeasible to directly upload audio files to YouTube, the most-used solution is to convert WAV to video for YouTube to recognize normally. This time, you will find a video maker or an audio to video converter is exactly a godsend when you are converting WAV to a video. Therefore, I will introduce two practical tools to you as well as how to use them.

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Two Methods on How to Upload WAV to YouTube

Traditionally, in order to upload audio files to YouTube, you might have to collect some images or video streams and draw support from a professional video editor to create a video. In that case, you’ll get the most satisfying upload result: Enjoy the music with viewing enjoyment alongside. But it can be hard to get yourself on a video editor, as well as operate properly. Next, I’ll show you how to make it step-by-step.

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Solution One - Convert WAV to Video for YouTube Using Open Shot

The desktop WAV YouTube converterThe desktop WAV YouTube converter

OpenShot Video Editor is an easy to use, quick to learn, and surprisingly powerful video editor. You can download and install it from this site: I will show the steps to convert your WAV to video for YouTube in details as following:

Step 1. Run the software. You can add your WAV file to start a new project by clicking the green cross-shaped button on the upper left of the interface. Or you can directly drag and drop the WAV file into the program. What’s more, here you also need to add some pictures you like into the software.

Step 2. Then you need to drag the WAV file into a certain track below the interface, and the pictures into another track. Make sure the length of the images and music file are getting aligned..

Step 3. You can preview the video by clicking the “Play” button.

Step 4. You have an option to customize the project parameter. After that you can export the video file and upload this video to YouTube.

Solution Two – How to Convert WAV to YouTube Using Windows Movie Maker

The WAV YouTube converterThe WAV YouTube converter

Using Windows Movie Maker is the other method to convert WAV audio files to video for YouTube. I will give you detailed steps as following:

Step 1. Run the software, click “Add videos add photos” button to add some picture you like.

Step 2. Then click “Add music” button and hit “Add music” under the “Add music from PC”.

Step 3. After the steps above, the video combining the pictures and WAV audio has been done. You can click “Play” button to preview the video.

Step 4. You can click “Edit” button to adjust the “Start time”, “Start point” and “End point”.

The Excellent Converter to Resolve some Issue of Uploading WAV to YouTube

Free HD Video Converter Factory to help upload videos to YouTubeFree HD Video Converter Factory to help upload videos to YouTube

You may still suffer some issues of uploading the converted file to YouTube due to the incompatibility of the video. Never mind, Free HD Video Converter Factory can easily help you out. You can get out of the trouble by converting the video to YouTube compatible format using the practical tool. Moreover, you can use it to compress your large files, cut videos, join multiple videos together, etc.

The YouTube Uploader with Full-feature Edition

The YouTube Uploader with Full-feature Edition

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Unlock powerful functions including: 50X fast conversion, batch conversion, more output formats choices, etc. It helps you to upload any video file to YouTube in the simplest and fastest way. It also helps you to compress your files for better online transmission, and no quality loss.

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