[Full Episodes, No Downloading] 10+ Safe Websites to Watch TV Shows Online Free

In this article, I’ll show you 10+ best websites that offer all kinds of full-episodes TV series (most sites also contain movies, documentaries, and other types of shows) to binge watch TV shows online free without limit. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Michelle Michelle | Updated on Mar 29, 2024
10+ Safe Websites to Watch TV Shows Online Free:

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Best Sites to Watch TV Shows Online Free

Pluto TV - Watch TV Shows Online Free

General Introduction: Pluto TV is more of a TV alternative for many cord-cutters as it basically serves as an online television to stream all kinds of TV shows & series. It has over 100 channels now and you can catch up with your favorite TV shows and series much easier with the program schedule list.

Resources: Besides the live streaming TV, it also offers a huge library of on-demand TV shows of all genres, like news, sports, and documentaries. But you are not likely to meet on-going TV series or shows from the On-Demand list (You can catch the upcoming TV shows or episodes from the Live TV section though). Nevertheless, you can watch many classic TV series online free full episodes without downloading here. There is no navigation system but that is a non-problem for all the content is classified into very specific fields.

User Experience: Pluto TV is simple and convenient to use and it needs no registration. All sections are self-explanatory. However, the video streaming quality is relatively lower than other sites and depends on your bandwidth. There are also a few ads for both the live TV channels and the on-demand videos. And this service is not available outside the United States.

Sony Crackle - Stream TV Series Online Free

General Introduction: Crackle is one of the best free TV streaming sites to watch TV series online free and legally. It supports Amazon Fire TV & Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Chromecast, LG TV, ROKU, and many more devices. Yet this service is geo-restricted to the USA, Canada, Australia, and other 18 countries in Latin America.

Resources: It has only a limited amount of TV shows and series on demand. And you are only to find old TV series to watch. It has a search engine but that won’t help much as you are most likely to find no matching results. The videos are yet in fine quality.

User Experience: Crackle is also simple to use. It needs no registration and no downloading, boasting a quick playback. Nevertheless, the ads can be annoying as they consistently turning up during the playback.

3. Tubi

Tubi - Stream TV Shows Online Free

General Introduction: Tubi is another legal service to stream TV shows online free. It requires no signing up to watch TV shows online free without downloading. It also supports Roku and Amazon Fire.

Resources: It hosts shows and movies from nearly all major Hollywood studios and the “Browse” section has sorted all the content into various categories. But you are more likely to find old classic TV series and movies instead of new ones free to watch. The video quality is OK with the highest resolution being 720P. CC caption is also available.

User Experience: Tubi is extremely easy to use and the connecting speed is fast. There are no or seldom ads as well. One inconvenience is that most TV shows and movies are mixed and you’d better search specifically for your wanted shows.

Popcornflix - Watch TV Series Online Free

General Introduction: Popcornflix is a bit like Sony Crackle and Tubi TV that offer legal and free movies, TV shows & series to watch. It is also geo-restricted to the USA and Canada.

Resources: It has a weak selection of TV shows and you won’t find the latest and hit shows here but only some dated shows. However, it has some unique original web series worth watching.

User Experience: The interface is straightforward and no logging-in and no downloading is required to watch a full-length movie and full-episodes TV shows. But the ads can be a headache as it keeps showing up during the video playback.

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5. Soap2day (Not Working)

Soap2Day - Watch TV Shows Online Free

General Introduction: Soap2day is my favorite site to watch TV series online free full episodes without downloading. It is register-free as well.

Resources: It has an extensive library of TV series and movies on demand, plus a small collection of sports events. You can browse the videos by year, genre, rating, popularity, and release date to find your desired TV shows and series handily. The general video quality is nice.

User Experience: With a fresh and clear interface that resembles no other sites, this site is comfortable to use. The video playback is smooth, though one or two ads will interupt before the video playing. It also supports Airplay and Chromecast and other third-party apps to cast screen. And it is accessible via browsers on all devices.

HiMovies.to - Stream TV Shows Online Free

General Introduction: HiMovies is a free movie and TV show streaming site with zero ads. It requires no account opening and no downloading to watch a full-length movie and full-episodes TV series.

Resources: It is a repository of movies and TV shows across multiple genres and languages. Not only will you find stunning TV shows from the USA but also shows from other countries flavored with a special cultural taste. All the TV content is in HD quality and subbed with multi-language subtitles.

User Experience: HiMovies has a posh appearance, yet all features are very accessible. It’s convenient to play the video on this site, and no ads are interfering with the video playing.

Yes!Movies - Stream TV Series Online Free

General Introduction: Yes!Movies is among the most popular online streaming sites to watch movies and TV series online free full episodes without downloading and registration.

Resources: Though its name refers to movies, you can find a good collection of high-resolution TV series and TV shows of all genres free to watch. If you want to revisit your childhood, you will also find many classic TV series available. And there are many filters that allow you to find a certain type of shows more handily.

User Experience: Using Yes!Movies is superb. It has a modern outlook and the video playing is fluent. Though it needs no downloading to watch the video, the download option is yet provided. The only downside is that this site contains some age-inappropriate ads and there are also pop-ups before the video playback.

8. FlixTor

FlixTor - Watch TV Shows Online Free

General Introduction: FlixTor is an automated video search engine that scrapes videos from other streaming sites and lists the best quality video it found. Users can watch TV shows online free no sign up on this site.

Resources: It has rich TV resources as well as movies from the last century till the current days. And it keeps an active upating rate that you can find the latest TV episodes added on this site the day it is aired. You can avail the mature filter system to target your desired shows efficiently. However, you can’t access TV episodes that are released 3 months ago (movies released 6 months ago) as that content is available for VIP members only.

User Experience: FlixTor is excellent in every way, such as the smooth video playback, zero interfering ads, and multi-language subbed content. If you are a VIP member, you are to get 1080P quality video, TV cast, download option, and more.

9. Vumoo (Down)

Vumoo - Watch TV Series Online Free

General Introduction: Vumoo is another popular online streaming site that offers movies and TV shows free to watch with no registration.

Resources: It has a huge collection of TV series and shows across multiple genres, from comedy to sci-fi. But to find your wanted show, you have to search for it since it does not offer a filter option. And once you've found your title, you can watch TV series online free full episodes without downloading from the first to the latest aired episode on Vumoo. These shows are all in gorgeous video quality.

User Experience: The whole site is designed in an intuitive style with everything displayed in a simple plain way. The best part about Vumoo is that it is completely free of ads and it only takes two simple clicks to play your favorite videos. The CC caption is also available and is automatically on when you play the video.

Solarmovie.sc - Stream TV Series Online Free

General Introduction: Solarmovie.sc is one of the worthy sites to watch TV shows online free without signing up or downloading.

Resources: It offers a wide selection of TV series ranging from anime to sitcom. It also keeps an up-to-the-mark database covering the latest released shows and episodes in HD quality.

User Experience: Solarmovie.sc has relatively more ads than other sites. Every first click on this site will open up an ad page. Apart from this annoyance, it’s great place for us to relax and enjoy the show.

Free Project TV - Watch TV Series Online Free

General Introduction: Free Project TV is one of the free websites to watch TV shows without signing up or downloading.

Resources: It has massive resources of TV shows and TV series of all kinds and it updates its database regularly. You can find the newest released TV series as well as the remote old shows by using the search engine. The videos are all in HD quality.

User Experience: The first impression that Free Project TV gave me is its excessive ads. A single click on a new spot of the page will redirect you to other spam sites. But once the video started to play, you can fully enjoy it without further ad interruption.

Watchepisodes.com - Watch Full Episodes Without Downloading

General Introduction: Watchepisodes offers TV content solely and it is an overall nice place to watch TV series online free full episodes without downloading or signing up.

Resources: It hosts mainly American TV shows and series of all types since the 2000s. However, the updating rate falls short of expectations as it generally takes several days to add a new episode.

User Experience: Accessing content on this site is no hassle. But there are loads of distracting ads pop up now and then. Commercial breaks are also inserted into the video playing. In spite of that, you’ll get a quality video watching experience.

13. Watchseries (Not Working)

Watchseries - Watch TV Series Online Free

General Introduction: The original Watchseries is down and this is a mirror site. Nevertheless, it streams TV shows online free with no strings attached.

Resources: Like the original Watchseries, this site has pretty much every TV show and series you want, from the classical gems to the latest popular shows with a fast updating rate. It also provides a TV schedule showing you the airing date of the upcoming programs so you can keep up with your favorite shows timely.

User Experience: However, the whole user experience is unsatisfying. For every a few seconds, the page will generate new pop-up ads and it takes patience to close these ads and reach your wanted shows.

14. Retrovision TV (Not Working)

Retrovision TV - Watch TV Shows Online Free

General Introduction: If you want to watch classic TV shows from the last 50s and 60s, then Retrovision TV is your go-to place. All the content is under the public domain and is completely legal, safe, and free to watch. No registration and no downloading is needed

Resources: Since it focuses on only classic TV shows from the last mid-century, it has a narrow collection of TV series. Yet in addition to the TVs, it also showcases a good number of classic movies and cartoons.

User Experience: Retrovision TV is the best site to stream free classic TV shows online. It has a neat interface and all things are made very easy within this site. Also, there are no pop-ups.

Sum Up

The above sites are the best free TV streaming sites to watch series for free. Now you’ve got ideas about where to watch TV shows for free, go and fully enjoy your favorite shows. If you find this article helpful, please feel free to share it with others. Thanks for reading!

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