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Free Download Songs for Your Exercise Activities on Running MP3 Download Websites

Author by Blues

Updated on July 20, 2023

Nowadays, a number of people like enjoying music when they are running as certain types of music will help make exercise more efficient. If you have the habit, there must be plenty of songs stored on your mobile devices and you may also want to collect some music-shared websites to get more running MP3 downloads. We have done this for you, so you only need to read this essay to gather the detailed information you desire.
To quickly download multiple music files, download and try this video/music downloader:

Running music covers various kinds of music types and these songs mainly involve RnB music, Jazz music, Rap music, and Hip-hop music. When you’re running or doing other fitness activities, listening to appropriate music can let you recover energy anytime and anywhere. I’m also a running music enthusiast like you. Therefore, I have looked through many free and paid music-sharing sites to explore songs for running. Today, I have collected 3 reliable music websites for you. On these sites, you can free download running music as you like. Here we go!

Disclaimer Notice: You must notice that the recommended running MP3 download methods in this article are only allowed to be applied to fair uses. Any copyright infringement action isn't permitted.

Part 1: 3 Free and Reliable Running MP3 Download Websites

Now, I will introduce these three dependable running music download sites one by one. On these websites, not only can you enjoy various categories of music online but also directly download them or have the aid of a third-party music downloader.

1. PUMPYOUUP ( Official: )

PUMPYOUUP - free running music download sitePUMPYOUUP - free running music download site

This free website is absorbed in streaming and downloading exercise music, workout music, and fitness music safely and legally. When you visit this site, there is considerable running music appearing on the webpage. By looking through the running MP3 download site, you can download running music directly in several easy operations.

Step 1. Open the PUMPYOUUP.

Step 2. Drag the scrollbar to find your favorite running music, then hit the play button beside each song to preview it.

Step 3. Click on the download icon on the right side of the music for download.

2. SoundCloud ( Official: )

SoundCloud - running music downloadSoundCloud - running music download

As a kingdom of music, SoundCloud assembles thousands of free and paid songs. It allows artists to post their personal or original music to share with the public, but out of the protection for the creative commons license, only if the creators endow the download copyright to the songs, netizens can download them freely. Therefore, the following part will emphasize how to obtain running music free downloads.

Step 1. Open the SoundCloud site with the URL above.

Step 2. Entry the keyword of "running music free download" into the search box on the top of the webpage. Then, all the findings of running songs will be revealed in a new page. You can choose one song to preview and download. Of course, you can also download music playlists.

Step 3. Hit the music title to come into the detailed page. Then, press the Free Download button below the playback window to start to download the running song. Please aware that the actual download action might need you to do some additional actions like following on SoundCloud. Once you are done, the download process will go on.

3. YouTube ( Official: )


As we all know, YouTube is an excellent one in the field of music and video sharing websites. You can gather lots of running music videos on this site, but there is a defect on YouTube. It doesn't provide a download option for users to download videos from YouTube directly, so you need to draw support from a third-party and professional running MP3 downloader. In the following part, I am going to focus on demonstrating the specific tutorial of downloading running songs from YouTube. Please continue.

Part 2: How to Download Running Songs from YouTube by Means of a Third-party Running Songs Downloader?

Hereinbefore, I have told that there is no opportunity to download running songs from YouTube directly. Now, I highly recommend a powerful and free downloader to help you achieve this goal - WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory. This is a multifunctional program that has the capacity of downloading videos and audio from websites by analyzing the files' URLs. What's more, WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory supports converting videos/audio to more than 500+ digital formats and devices presets so that you can play these files on any device, such as playing AVI files on PS3, playing WMV on Android, etc. Follow the simple steps to learn how to download running music from YouTube.

Free Download Free Download

Simple Guide of How to Download Run Music from YouTube

Download running music from YouTube

Before downloading running songs, please free downloadfree download and install the recommended software on PC.

Step 1. Copy the Running Music's URL

Open the YouTube webpage, find the running music you like and copy its link on the top of the window.

Step 2. Paste and Analyze the URL

Launch the downloader on the desktop, enter "Downloader". Then, hit the + New Download button to head to a new interface. Paste the copied URL into the analyze box, then click the Analyze button.

Step 3. Start to Download the Running Music

After the analysis is finished, choose M4A as the output format under the Download Audio section, hit "OK". Next, hit the triangle icon next to the Open Folder button to define the save folder. At last, press the Download All button to start to download the running music.

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If you need to download music in MP3 format yet can't find the MP3 download option, you can use the running MP3 downloader to convert the audio file to MP3 in its Converter tool. In case that you intend to change the audio parameter settings, for example, change Bit rate, convert stereo to mono, lower/increase the volume for audio files and more, you can hit the "Parameter settings" button below the output format image.

All in All

Now, I believe you have mastered the methods of downloading running music. And I guarantee these sites and methods are safe and workable. You can rest your heart and pick one you are interested in. In addition to downloading fitness music, you can download fitness videos as well.

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