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A Quick and Easy Guide on How to Rip CD to FLAC

Author by Vita

Updated on Aug 17, 2023

In this article, I will show you how to rip CD to FLAC file with the EAC FLAC ripper so you can store the treasured tracks on hard drive and also listen to your favorite music on mobile devices. Read on if you're interested.

As an audiophile, you must have a lot of CD collections, but it’s always a headache to keep the original disc content safe. Inevitably, CD discs can suffer from dust, stains and scratches in the process of usage. Even if you seldom play some CD discs, improper preservation can also cause data corruption. Similar to scratched DVDs that can cause blurred screen and even playback failure, a damaged CD disc always results in poor sound quality, jitter and so forth. So it’s advisable to convert CD to a lossless audio format for CD duplication. Among all the lossless audio formats, FLAC is highly considered for its fast encoding speed, good error robustness and good compatibility. Therefore, many people choose to rip CD to FLAC with a FLAC CD ripper.

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Exact Audio Copy - An Excellent Solution for CD to FLAC Conversion

There is no doubt that a good FLAC CD ripper is a must-have. EAC, short for Exact Audio Copy, is a useful CD ripper application popular with many audiophiles. It’s simple and light. Different from most other audio grabbers, EAV has powerful error correction capabilities, which benefits from its mature technologies, like multi-reading with verify and AccurateRip. What’s more, if there are uncorrectable errors, the software will report the error location. You can follow the guide for EAC FLAC, namely Exact Audio Copy FLAC processing below.

How to Rip CD to FLAC with EAC

Check the box before FLAC

Step 1. Install the latest EAC from:

Step 2. During setup, please tick the FLAC encoder.

Step 3. Launch EAC and insert a CD disc into the DVD-ROM drive of your computer. If the EAC Setup window pops up, click on the Cancel button.

Step 4. Click on the EAC menu on the top left corner and select “Compression Options”.

Adjust the settings

Step 5. Go to the “External Compression” section and tick the “Use external program for compression” option.

Step 6. Open the "Parameter Passing Scheme" drop-list and select "User Defined Encoder". Then change the "Use file extension" as .flac.

Step 7. For EAC FLAC ripping, you also need to click on the Browse button and select the flac.exe under the installation directory of Exact Audio Copy.

Step 8. Copy and paste the code to the “Additional command line options” box: -T "artist=%artist%" -T "title=%title%" -T "album=%albumtitle%" -T "date=%year%" -T "tracknumber=%tracknr%" -T "genre=%genre%" -5 %source%

Choose the output folder and start the processing

Step 9. Uncheck "Use CRC check" and "Add ID3 tag". Mark "Check for external programs return code". Then click OK.

Step 10. Step 10. Click on the CMP icon on the right and specify the output folder. Finally, click on Ok to rip CD to FLAC.

Have you got the idea of how to rip a CD with EAC? Generally, EAC is easy to operate for new users as FLAC CD ripper, but if you’re versed in audio parameters and encodings, you can check the link to adjust the settings manually for better output quality:

Since we can easily rip CD to FLAC with the EAC FLAC ripper, a high-quality media player is necessary for playing the FLAC files. Foobar2000, Winamp and VLC are good options. Especially, Foorbar 2000 supports components installation to play all kinds of files. Besides converting CD files to FLAC, many people also want to know how to copy a DVD to digital files. Therefore, You can also install the program below and follow the tutorial to learn how to digitize DVD movies>

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