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How to Play WMA on iPhone with Two Easy Ways?
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Two Methods for How to Play WMA on iPhone with Ease

Author by Hales

Updated on April 29, 2020

WMA, like MP3, is a common audio format in our lives, and many devices can play WMA music. However, for many Apple users, they have often encountered the situation that when some WMA format audio files are placed on other Apple devices such as iPhone, they cannot be played, which makes many users upset. Therefore, we recommend you to download the best audio format converter to play WMA on iPhone, which will bring you more comfortable enjoyment.

Can iPhone Play WMA Music Files?

WMA (Windows Media Audio) is a common audio format in Windows, and it was also found by Microsoft Corporation (Apple's biggest competitor). For Apple users, however, since most WMA audio files are DRM-protected, it is unrealistic to play WMA file on iPhone. Sometimes, even if you can put WMA audio files on the iPhone, the iPhone will not play them properly in its application. Even if you put the WMA file in iTunes, it will not play properly. This is because WMA is not compatible with iOS devices. If you still want to play WMA music on your iPhone, you can only use a professional format conversion tool to convert WMA files to other iPhone compatible audio formats. For this we recommend you to download the best audio format converter to help you.

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How to Play WMA Files on iPhone and iOS Devices?

The way we know about now how to play.wma files on iPhone is just to convert them to other formats, so it is recommended to use WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, which can help you directly convert and import WMA to iPhone device as well as help you convert WMA to MP3, convert MP4 to WMA and other formats. Now let's start learning the guide of playing WMA files on iPhone successfully.

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Convert WMA Files to Play on iPhone

Import Some WMA Files

Before start, please free downloadfree download and install HD Video Converter Factory Pro on PC.

Step 1. Import WMA Files to the Software

You first should launch the WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro and select "Converter" on the start-up window. Then add WMA file by clicking “Add Files” box on the top to import WMA files or you can drag and drop WMA files to the interface directly. You will see the WMA files on the interface and you can check some details about source and output files. Before that, you also rename the WMA output files by clicking the “Rename” button. Then go to the most important next step.

WMA on iPhone

Step 2. Convert WMA to the Formats Supported by iPhone

Hover over the Output format icon on the right side, go to Audio tab, and choose an audio format supported by iPhone, such as AAC and MP3.

If you want to convert a video for iPhone, find the device section, select the Apple Logo icon, and then select the same device as your device in the drop-down box. If you want to convert video files directly to your iPhone or other Apple devices such as iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPad Pro, etc. If you want to adjust some parameters, click Parameter Settings to select and adjust the parameters.

Choose the WMA Audio Format

Step 3. Start the Conversion

Finally, choose the output file address and click the “Run” button to start the process.

Note: In the end, you need to connect your iPhone device to your computer and transfer the converted files directly to the iPhone for free playback on the iPhone.

Convert WMV for Playing on iPhone by Means of iTunes

Import WMA to iTunesImport WMA to iTunes

Before start, please install and launch iTunes on PC. iTunes also can convert WMA files to other formats but WMA audio cannot be played on it.

Step 1. You should connect iTunes with iPhone or iPad devices together.

Step 2. Choose “File” to click “Add Folder to Library”, you will see the WMA file is in the library on the interface. Then click Convert under "File" again, select Create Apple Lossless Version to convert WMA audio into Apple compatible format and play and listen directly on the iPhone.

Step 3. Click the right mouse button and you will find "Add to Device" in the Drop-down window, select your Apple device and click it. Now a full WMA files are already on your iPhone. At this time, you can play WMA files on your iPhone via iTunes smoothly.

All in all

The two methods we offer about how to play WMA files on iPhone are to quickly and efficiently solve the problem that WMA can't be played on iPhone. If you would like to learn more about WMA, please read WMA converter and continue to follow our website for learning more detailed audio and video tutorials.

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