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Guide on Putting a DVD on Your iPad Pro
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Excellent DVD Player for iPad, iPad Pro, iPad mini, iPad air

Author by Hales

Apr. 23, 2019

DVD, as a special type of media, is a very common digital disc storage format and can store any type of digital data. The DVD player which is used in computer field widely can read DVD-Video and DVD-Audio discs. Nowadays, some devices are still not compatible with DVD format video, which makes a large number of people annoyed. This article aims to teach you how to get a DVD player for iPad. Keep reading now.

Can DVD Be Played on iPad (iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini)?

Q: I often need to spend much time on the plane, since I always go for a business trip with my work, so I need to watch movies on the iPad to count my thumb on the plane. But I have a lot of DVD movies to watch on the iPad. On the forum, I also found some related questions about how to play DVD on iPad, but none of them answered me with satisfaction. I am wondering what if there is a DVD player available for the iPad. Therefore, I am eager to find an effective way to put movies from DVD on iPad. I hope that a perfect answer will be given to me, thank you here.

A: As an exquisite and compact portable tablet, iPad has many outstanding features, which can bring us a great HD movie experience. But it can't play DVD movies directly because no DVD drive, so for these iPad users, it is inconvenient to watch DVD movies on the iPad. Many users have been trying their best to find simple and practical methods about portable DVD player for iPad Pro, such as play DVD on laptop.

Nowadays, the more users are using iPads, who want to pursue an UHD movie experience. While there are no DVD slots in iPads & iPhones and it is not so simple to play DVD movies easily on these devices for free. How to get DVD player on iPad, including iPad Pro, iPad mini, iPad Air? You need to transfer the DVD movies to your computer for playing DVD on PC in advance and rip them into an iPad-compatible video format for playback or you need an advanced and professional, more importantly, a totally free DVD format converter.

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The DVD ripping feature is for personal use only and should not be used for any commercial activities. Please make sure your actions are legal in your country.

How to Play DVD Movies on iPad (iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini)?

Although you can't play DVD movies on your iPad directly, you can try to play DVD by transferring the DVD to your iPad and enjoy it comfortably. You can import DVD movies from your computer to iPad & iPhone without worrying about the compatibility of iTunes. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is a professional and multifunctional DVD capture software that you can convert DVD discs to digital video formats that can be compatible with iPad. Let's learn the tutorial below.

Steps to convert DVD to iPad

DVD Ripper Pro for External DVD Player for iPad

Before start, please free download and install DVD Ripper Pro on PC.

Step 1. Import DVD Movies to DVD Ripper Pro

First you need to put the DVD to DVD-ROM in advance to read it. Then you should launch this software and add DVD movies by clicking “DVD Disc” box on the middle of the interface. After that, you will see a small frame that says “Drive Letter” and shows the DVD files are there and click “OK” to go next.

Find the Main Movie

Step 2. Find the Main Movie of DVD

In the new interface, you can see multiple clips in a DVD movie clearly and intuitively. One of the clips is the main movie of DVD movie that is recognized by the software which also contains other DVD contents automatically. In the DVD, it also includes story introductions, character interviews and ads, except DVD main movies. Then we will enter the third step.

Choose the Output Format of DVD Player for iPad Mini

Step 3. Convert DVD Files to the Formats Supported by iPads

In this step, users can simply select the DVD file output format in the "Output Format" list on the right side of the interface. Selecting the Apple logo in the device bar, you will see a lot of Apple devices, choose a device you own. In addition, you can also select the video option in the "Format" column and choose the MP4 format or MOV format in the drop-down box that supported by iPad compatible format. Next, you can set the “Output Folder” to save the new movie played on iPad.

Finish Converting Process of DVD Player for iPad Air

Step 4. Convert DVD to iPad and Finish Converting Process

After completing the above three steps, you have successfully completed the most important part. The next step (the last step) is that you will get the final movie file and can be played on iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Mini completely and smoothly to watch. But you need to wait patiently for some time.

At last

I believe that the above method for playing DVD on iPad is the easiest and most convenient way for you. With this method, I hope that you can enjoy DVD movie files on the iPad. Don't wait and get a DVD Ripper Pro software that can play DVD on Chromebook and play DVD movie on Your Nintendo Wii U.

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