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Import DVD to iTunes to Play DVD on Your iPhone, iPod, iPad and Apple TV

Have you ever thought of importing your DVD video or movie to iTunes, so that you can play them on your iPhone, iPod, iPad or Apple TV randomly and conveniently? However, it may not be an easy job for you to do that. So today we will talk about the solution on how to import DVD to iTunes.


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Part 1: Quick Solution on How to Import DVD to iTunes

For many Apple users who have a large collection of DVDs, it would be great to enjoy these DVDs on Apple devices, like on iPad, iPhone or iPod. To play DVDs on Apple devices, you need to convert DVDs to digital movies first and then import them to iTunes. Once the digital DVD movies are in iTunes, you can sync them to your Apple devices easily. Or you can directly convert DVD to the format that your Apple devices supported.

DVD to iTunes

DVD to iTunes

However, the process for you to import DVD to iTunes can be complicated. You must convert your DVDs to the format that iTunes can compatible with. If you don’t know which format is suitable and you are desperate to seek a solution in playing DVD on iTunes, you come to the right place. This article is aimed to provide you the simplest way to fix this issue. Just keep reading.

Rip DVDs to iTunes Supported Format

The quick solution to add DVD to iTunes is to rip it to the format that iTunes can read. Considering that you have some homemade DVDs and copy protected DVDs, you need a professional DVD ripper to help you. In this case, I would recommend you WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro – The most effective DVD ripper that programmed with advanced DVD decrypting technology. It can help you to remove any DVD copy protection and convert all types of DVD to digital format easily, fast while without quality loss. When you finish the DVD ripping and get the digital file, you can easily add movies to iTunes. Please follow my steps to do this.

Preparation: Free download this ripper to your computer.

Convert DVD to iTunes Format with Three Steps

Step 1

Please insert a DVD to the DVD-ROM before you launch this software. Then choose the DVD Disc icon. Also, you can rip ISO file and DVD Folder just by clicking the right icon. When the software finishes the reading of the disc, it will smartly check out the main movie.

Add a DVD Source to Ripper

Add a DVD Source to Ripper

Step 2

After that, press “Output Format”, here are two choices to rip DVD to iTunes movie format.

1. You can directly go to the device part, press Apple and choose the iTunes icon. And this choice is the most convenient one.

2. But if you want to play the DVD on other devices, you are also able to directly choose a format like recommended iTunes video format: MP4, or MOV and M4V. And you can select them in the format section.

Both the above two choices are OK. Just take what you prefer.

Two Choices on How to Put DVD on iTunes

Two Choices on How to Put DVD on iTunes

Step 3

Click the “Run” button on the lower right part of the interface to start to rip DVD to iTunes. When all is finished, you can find your ripped DVD digital file on the output folder.

Besides rip DVD to iTunes, you are also allowed to convert DVD to other Apple devices directly, for instance, DVD to iPhone 7/ 7plus, DVD to iPad, DVD to Apple TV and more.

Tips: Please make sure is it legal to rip a DVD for backup and private use in your country.

Part 2: Add Ripped DVD Movies to iTunes

Since you have followed the steps to rip DVD to the digital movie, then it would be super easy on how to add movies to iTunes. Now the video files are on your computer, you can put them into iTunes and they will appear in your iTunes library.

Importing DVD to iTunes

Importing DVD to iTunes

Here is the detailed way on how to put movies on iTunes, just take one of the following:

1. Drag the ripped file from the output folder or drag the whole output folder to the iTunes window, then the file will add to your library.

2. In iTunes, choose File > Add File to Library/ Add Folder to Library, locate a file or folder, and click Open.

With WonderFox DVD Ripper, how to import DVD to iTunes will not be a problem again. And now you can enjoy your DVD on your iPhone, iPad, iPad as well as the Apple TV freely since you have first imported it into iTunes. Just manually add movie/ video to your device and then enjoy it as wish.

Now, please download the DVD Ripper Pro to complete your jobs.

More Special Features on WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

  • Acting as a powerful Ripper able to decode any DVDs fast and safely
  • Performing as an excellent DVD Player with high-quality output
  • Back up damaged old DVD to fix scratched DVDs
  • Fastest DVD-to-digital Conversion Speed
  • A Video Compressor to save space for your storage
  • Full support DVD Folder and ISO image as well
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Can easily import DVD to iTunes.

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