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How to Address OneDrive Videos Not Playing Issue with 5 Accessible Methods?

Author by Kevincy

May 21, 2020

You're not alone if you've ever experienced OneDrive videos not playing problem, same here. It's indeed an annoying issue when you want to stream videos on OneDrive directly. In the following content, I have summed up 5 methods to fix OneDrive videos not playing issue based on my own practice experience, which would really work for you.

Why OneDrive Won't Play Video?

OneDrive Videos Won't PlayOneDrive Videos Won't Play

Well, as you know, Microsoft OneDrive provides a native media player that allows you to stream the saved video files from any device anywhere without downloading. To be honest, despite being a great feature, it often produces various playback problems. Quite a lot of people have confirmed and complained the unintelligible OneDrive videos not playing.

For my own part, whenever you play the uploaded videos or shared videos, it's definitely a pain to see two errors: "Hmm... looks like this file doesn't have a preview we can show you.", "Sorry, there was a problem loading the video.". After some investigation, the reason may vary in different cases. I have compiled 5 solutions below for your reference.

5 Handy Solutions to OneDrive Videos Not Playing

Solution 1 - Troubleshoot Network Connection

This is the primary diagnosis task when you run into OneDrive videos won't play issue. The video streaming cannot work without network connection - it’s crap! You can browse other websites or run other apps to see if they work normally.

If not, check your network adapter on PC or try running Network troubleshooter. For mobile devices, make sure Wi-Fi or mobile data traffic is turned on. Restart your modem and router, and even a network reset if possible.

Diagnose Network Connection

Solution 2 - Update Browser and OneDrive APP

We could not rule out the possibility or fact that the OneDrive videos not playing results from outdated browser or OneDrive app. At least for me, I did make the videos play again somehow at one point by updating my Chrome. While that process is not absolute, it ensures a prerequisite that is required by some experts on Microsoft forum, so keep your browser and app up to date.

Update Browser & OneDrive APP

Solution 3 - Clear Cache & Cookies or Play Video in Incognito/Private Window

You know, OneDrive video playback problem sometimes is caused by caches & cookies or certain browser extension/addon/plugin. Although caches & cookies are convenient for a quick access to visit website or load app information, they also give rise to a load of inexplicable issues. So the problem is likely to be fixed through clearing caches & cookies. On computer, you can also play video in incognito/private mode so that browser will invalidate extension/addon/plugin and won't save any browsing history, cookie and site data, etc.

Fix OneDrive Can't Play Video

Solution 4 - Remove DRM from Video and Repair Damaged Video

There is another thing that I think you should know, video files with DRM (Digital Rights Management) can't be played on OneDrive. That should make sense, right, because they're DRM-protected. You may try to remove DRM from these videos with some DRM removal programs for personal fair use only.

In addition, if the video is corrupted or damaged due to some glitches in the course of uploading, with no doubt, it won't play in any case. You're supposed to download the video file and play with other media players to check if it's playable, and you have to re-upload the original video, otherwise, try to repair the video to make a last stand.

DRM-protected Video and Broken Video

Solution 5 - Convert Videos to OneDrive Supported Format

Video format incompatibility is the most common cause of OneDrive videos not playing issue, although Microsoft officially claims that OneDrive natively supports the following video files playback.

3G2, 3GP, ASF, M2TS, M4V, MOV, MP3, MP4, MP4V, MTS, TS, WMV

However, you should know that, these formats are just container formats, video file still won't play if a certain codec like HEVC, VP9 or ProRes is not supported by OneDrive. It's fairly simple to address this problem, some free video converter programs are always ready for this situation, such as Handbrake, VLC Media Player, Free HD Video Converter Factory, etc. In my opinion, MP4 (H.264 video / AAC audio) is the most universal format for almost all devices and programs.

Solve OneDrive Video Playback Error by Video Transcoding

At last...

Sincerely hope these verified solutions are helpful to fix your OneDrive videos won't play issue. If you have other useful workflows that are proven to work, don't forget to share with me, I'll sort it out and make a timely update in this post. Also, if you're lucky to run into some hiccups that are not mentioned above, I would be willing to learn the details and do my best to give you a hand.

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