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Windows Movie Maker Rotate Videos: Simple Steps to Rotate Videos Permanently in Windows

Author by Vita

Updated on June 7, 2022

Windows Movie Maker is a favored choice to create and edit videos for many Windows users though it’s officially discontinued. There are plenty of features users can use to polish videos and this tutorial mainly tells you how to let Windows Movie Maker rotate videos. Meanwhile, a good alternative method of rotating videos will be introduced:

The Simple Approach of Rotating Video in Movie Maker

Many people have faced with that the recorded iPhone or Android videos play normally on mobile phones, yet after transferring them to PC, some of the videos would be upside down or in other wrong orientations. In this case, video rotation software is a good practice to solve such problems. If you have installed Windows Movie Maker on your computer, you can directly take advantage of its video rotation features to rotate a video to any needed degree and save the setting permanently. The method of rotating video in Movie Maker is fairly easy. We will explain the steps in the following part.

Tips. Despite the fact that Windows Movie Maker is not available on the Microsoft store, it still can be downloaded from third-party resources. Thus, if you have not yet installed Windows Movie Maker but want to use it to edit videos, please check whether the download source you find is reliable. This website is workable so you can try it. Moreover, the Photos app included with Windows 10 also has the ability to rotate videos.

How to Rotate a Video in Movie Maker?

How to Rotate Video in Windows Movie Maker?How to Rotate Video in Windows Movie Maker?

Step 1. Open Windows Media Maker: Go to the Start menu, type Movie Maker, and press Enter on your keyboard.  

Step 2. Click on the right blank section or “Add videos and photos” on the top toolbar, locate the folder saving the video you want to rotate, import it into the window.

Step 3. Move to the top right rotation options. You can select from “Rotate left 90°” and “Rotate right 90” and preview the exported video on the left video player.

Step 4. Click on the Movie Maker button on the top left corner, head to “Save movie”, then choose a setting for the export. It will usually save the video in MP4 or WMV format. Besides, you can choose “Publish movie” to upload the video to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, One Drive, Flickr, etc. Next, wait for the Movie Maker Rotate Video process to finish, which may take seconds to minutes depending on the file size and output settings.

Optional Method: Rotating Video in Movie Maker Alternative

If you’re seeking a new approach to rotate videos or also want to change more parameters of videos for playback, sharing, compression, etc., I recommend that you use WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. It features user-friendly UI and process yet powerful functions. You can use it to rotate videos and apply other basic video editing effects to videos, change video formats, reduce video file size via its quick compression settings, adjust aspect ratio, resolution and other parameters to cater to the standards of video-sharing platforms and so forth. Let’s learn about how to make the alternative to Windows Movie Maker rotate videos. Other features are also easy to use and self-explanatory.

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How to Rotate a Video in Windows Movie Maker Alternative?  

Select “Converter” and Add Files

Before start, please free downloadfree download and install the software on your PC.

Step 1. Add the Video You Want to Rotate

Run HD Video Converter Factory Pro, select the “Converter” icon on the main window, and a new “Video Converter” window appears. Click on “Add Files” to import the video or directly drag and drop it into the window.

Enter the Rotate Video

Step 2. Rotate & Flip Video  

Under the imported video, you will see the video editor toolbar, select the Rotate button to open the video rotating panel. There are four options for flipping and rotating videos. Simply, you can choose to rotate a video left 90° or right 90°,horizontally or vertically flip the video. It also offers the preview feature and displays the original and output resolutions. Select “Ok” to save the changes.

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Choose an Output Format and Start the Process

Step 3. Choose an Output Format  

The out-of-box output format is MP4, yet you can convert the video to other formats, such as MKV, AVI, MOV, MPG, WMV, and so forth. Just click on the output format icon on the right side of the window and choose a format.

Step 4. Start Processing Videos

Move to the bottom of the window, hit the inverted triangle to specify the output path. Finally, click on Run to export the video.


The market is filled with various types of video editors but some of them have long-lasting popularity for their easy but useful features. Windows Movie Maker is such one case in point.  You can let Windows Movie Maker rotate videos in a quick and direct way. What’s more, the replacement of Windows Movie Maker – HD Video Converter Factory Pro can also do excellent tasks and further gives you more features. Get it here:

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Recommended Software: A Quick DVD Copy Program

DVD Ripper Pro

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

The program will help you convert DVD movies to digital files, ISO images, and DVD folders quickly while keeping good quality. You can use it to copy both homemade and copyrighted DVDs. Additionally, it has basic video editing features, such as crop, post effects, cut and rotate.

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