Want to convert MCPR to MP4? With Minecraft Replay Mod, you can do this easily. Please follow this article to learn more.
Michelle Michelle | Updated on Dec 21, 2023

What is an MCPR File?

Q: “Hello! I'm new to Replay Mod and I don't know how to convert the .mcpr recordings in the replay recordings folder to MP4 files or anything that will allow me to open the recordings. Any suggestions?

A: To solve this problem, we first need to understand what an MCPR file is. In fact, an MCPR file is a zip file created by Minecraft Replay Mod after you've recorded your gameplay, and it doesn't contain any video or audio data other than replay instructions. MCPR files can only be used in Minecraft Replay Mod. If you want to play MCPR recordings on other platforms, you have to convert MCPR to common video formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, etc. Luckily, Minecraft Replay Mod allows you to edit and export MCPR files to MP4. In the next part, I will show you in detail how to convert MCPR to MP4 using Replay Mod.

Replay Mod

How to Convert MCPR to MP4 using Minecraft Replay Mod?

Step 1. Load MCPR into Replay Mod

Open Replay Mod. From the Main Menu, click Replay Viewer and select the MCPR recording you want to convert. Then click “Load.”


Step 2. Edit the MCPR File

You can now watch replays from a third-person perspective. Then, take advantage of the replay timeline and keyframe timeline to edit your video. This is the trickiest part and involves a lot of details. You can check out this post How to Edit Replay Mod? to know more information.

Note: You must add two or more time keyframes during editing or the video will not render.


Step 3. Export MP4

Once you’ve made the necessary edits, click the Save/Render button in the upper left corner (loacted between the Play and Stop buttons). You can then adjust the Encoding Presets, Video Resolution, Video Bitrate, Video Framerate, and Output File to your liking. Or you can leave them as default and click Render to start exporting the file to MP4.

Export MP4

Once rendered, go to .minecraft > replay_videos and enjoy your video.

Tip: Replay Mod can only render videos to MP4. If you want videos in other formats such as MKV, MOV, and AVI, you can use a free video converter to help you convert them to your preferred format.

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