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How to Post a YouTube Video on Twitter?

Author by Vita

Updated on Aug 4, 2023

You can take advantage of the YouTube built-in share feature to post a YouTube video on Twitter just in one simple click. There are also other ways to achieve this purpose. If you’re interested, follow this post to learn how to post a YouTube video on Twitter while providing detailed procedures.

YouTube is definitely a perfect and essential network to advertise video products. It powerfully supports all kinds of video formats and resolutions including 4K and 8K, enables YouTubers to upload long-length YouTube videos and also gives an array of extra features, for instance, Auto subtitles. While YouTube is one of the largest video hosting platforms globally, it can’t reach all groups and individuals so many people like to post YouTube to other social platforms. Twitter, used as a part of daily life, is many people’s preference for the repost. So how to post a YouTube video on Twitter? First take a quick look at the three methods we will introduce today, then hit and jump to the method you like though we advise you to go through all the methods to select the one fitting you best.

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Part 1: How to Post a YouTube Video on Twitter via "Share" Button

Like posting YouTube videos to Facebook, you can post a YouTube video on Twitter by utilizing the YouTube share function. First, make sure you have logged into both YouTube and Twitter.

Step 1. Open the YouTube video.

Step 2. Hit the Share button below the video.

Step 3. A new dialog appears. Click on the Twitter icon.

Tips. If you want to share the YouTube video at a designated time point, just drag the time bar to the point, and check the Start at box below before you choose the Twitter option.

How to tweet YouTube video

Step 4. You will be taken to a new page in which the video title and URL are filled into the text box. Type in any text if you want.

Step 5. Click Tweet to repost the video.

Post YouTube video on Twitter

Method 2: How to Embed YouTube Video on Twitter Using YouTube Video URL

Moreover, you can directly share a YouTube URL on Twitter. After posting, Twitter will automatically scrape the video information and display it as a video.

Step 1. Open the target YouTube video and copy the URL on the address bar.

Step 2. Open your Twitter home page, click the “What’s happening” box and enter the YouTube video URL.

Step 3. Type in any text you want to tweet with the YouTube video.

Step 4. Hit Tweet.

Share YouTube video on Twitter with thumbnail

Method 3: How to Tweet a YouTube Video with the Help of Video Downloader

“How do you tweet embedded YouTube videos with auto-play on Twitter?”

If you have the same demands, we recommend that you download the YouTube video, cut the needed part, and upload the clip to Twitter directly from your computer as the embedded video from YouTube doesn’t support auto-play but the uploaded video does. The other advantage of uploading video to Twitter is that once you tweet the video, it will be always there unless you delete the tweet. Next, you need a good Twitter video downloader. WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is my recommendation. It’s a solid and easy desktop video downloader that is capable of downloading videos from 1000+ websites. Since it also includes a video converter for converting videos for social media platforms, you won’t other tools for this task. Let’s see how to put a YouTube video on Twitter with the help of Free HD Video Converter Factory.

Free Download Free Download

WonderFox doesn’t advocate any illegal download action. This guide is only for your own YouTube videos. Please do not download any copyrighted content online without the permission of the original owner.

Guide on How to Download a YouTube Video and Upload It to Twitter

Before start, please free downloadfree download install the application on your computer.

Step 1. Download YouTube Video

Open the target YouTube video, copy its URL; then open "Free HD Video Converter Factory", select "Downloader" on the start-up window; click "+ New Download", hit "Paste & Analyze". The software will quickly scrape video information and display all video download options; choose a resolution, and hit "OK"; finally, click on "Download All" to save the video to your computer. After the download is finished, click on the folder icon on the bottom to check the downloaded video.

Download the Twitter video

Step 2. Convert Video for Twitter

You’d better firstly check out the best Twitter video specs and convert the video in Free HD Video Converter Factory via its built-in YouTube to Twitter video converter. Put simply, we suggest that you cut the video length to within 140 seconds, 512MB; encode the video with MP4 (H.264/AAC); And also, here shows you the overall guide: How to Customize Video Parameters for Uploading to Twitter>>

Check out the video parameter information

Step 3. Upload Video to Twitter

Open your Twitter home page, click the first icon below the text box, select and add the video you want, type in any text you want to tweet, and finally click on Tweet. Depending on the video file size and network connection, it may take a while for uploading.

How to embed YouTube video on Twitter

In Summary

The organic connection of social networks makes it fairly convenient to share media content these days. No matter you’re going to advertise your video production on more platforms, or simply share some good content you found online to your social media page, there are usually sorts of ways for you. After following the methods above, you must have learned how to post a YouTube video on Twitter. Now try them yourself.  

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