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How to Get Free Ringtones? Three Practical Methods without Cost

Author by Vita

Updated on Oct 13, 2023

We have come up with three good methods on how to get free ringtones. Scroll down and follow the instructions below. If you also need to turn your own music into a ringtone, you can try this free ringtone maker that offers optimized profiles for all kinds of mobile phones (easy to use for everyone):

Many users want to replace the monotonous default calling and text notification on mobiles. Fortunately, there are various ways to get new ringtones. For example, you can make iPhone ringtones with iTunes, convert music to ringtone formats, and download ringtone sources on the Internet. Many of these methods are paid while some people might not prepare a budget for that. Given this, here list three ways on how to get ringtones for free. You can refer to these methods and select the suitable option.

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Method 1: Download Free Ringtones on Websites

How to get free ringtones? You can search “Free ringtone download sites” on your browser and lots of related sites will be displayed. Visit them one by one until you find the website suiting your taste, or you can try the following ringtone download sites that are carefully selected by us.

Where can I get free ringtones for Android - FreeToneWhere can I get free ringtones for Android - FreeTone


FreeTone has a catalog of sound effects, classical music, animal sounds, funny music, kids melody, Bollywood and Hindi music, etc. On this site, you can listen to tones and download MP3 ringtones, RealTones, MP3 cutting for your Android phones. All ringtones are free of charge and don't require registration for downloading.

 Find Ringtones on Mobile9 Find Ringtones on Mobile9


Mobile9 is an integrative site that provides apps, ringtones, themes, wallpapers, and books free for both Android and iOS. There are many sorts of ringtones in MP3 and M4R audio formats, such as instrumental ringtones, theme music, sayings, sound effects, Tik Tok Flute ringtone, and Bollywood ringtone. How to get free ringtones from Mobile9? You only need to open the page of a ringtone, and click the Download button to save it. Mobile9 also has mobile apps that can be downloaded in Google Play and Apple App Store.

To find more ringtone download sites, visit this review >>Top 5 MP3 Ringtone Free Download Sites

Method 2: Use an Online Ringtone Maker

Many users are looking forward to finding a unique ringtone to stand out from the crowd and making ringtones using your own music is surely the best way to achieve the purpose. For convenience, an online ringtone maker is a good option as most online tools require no installation. Here is how to get ringtones for free using an online ringtone maker.

Make Ringtone to Get Free RingtonesMake Ringtone to Get Free Ringtones

Step 1. Visit this page:

Step 2: Upload a video or audio file you want to make ringtone from. The maximum upload file size is 300MB.

Step 3: Fill in the start time and end time or use the current position options to determine the starting point and ending point of the ringtone. You can use the fine tune options to set the time point more accurately. The length of the file will be displayed simultaneously.

Step 4. You can also add fade in/out effects and adjust the volume.

Step 5. Choose MP3 for Android or M4R for iPhone.

Step 6. Select Cut Now to start the process. When it’s completed, a download option will appear. Click it to download the ringtone.

30-seconds is recommended for Android ringtone. Apple ringtone files are limited to within 40 seconds, and SMS ringtone within 20 seconds.

Method 3: Create Ringtones with Ringtone Maker Program

Many programs come with ringtone creator features, for instance, iTunes is the commonly used tool for many Apple users to make free ringtones. But here we want to recommend another new tool to you, which offers a quite simple way to create ringtones for both Android and iOS and supports downloading music online and convert videos to ringtone. It's Free HD Video Converter Factory, a well-acclaimed multiple-purpose video converter. We will discuss how to get free ringtones with this program in the following part.

Free Download Free Download

Get Free Ringtones with HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Add a File by Clicking Add Files

Before start, please free downloadfree download and install the software on your PC.

Step 1. Add an Audio or Video File

Open Free HD Video Converter Factory, enter Converter, click on Add Files to import the video or audio file you want to make a ringtone from or directly drag it into the Video Converter window.

Cut the File

Step 2. Cut the File

Click the scissors icon on the toolbar below the imported file, and the Trim window will appear. Drag the sliders to set the start time and end time or fill in the accurate time. The cutted time will be displayed synchronously. Click the triangle icon on the left side to preview the ringtone. If you're satisfied with the segment, click Trim, and OK to save the changes.

Choose an Output Format and Run

Step 3. Choose an Output Format

Click the output format icon on the right side of the window, go to Audio and choose Ringtone for Apple or Ringtone for Android based on your device.

Step 4.Start Making Ringtone

Click the triangle icon on the bottom and choose a folder for saving the ringtone. Now click on Run to finalize the process.

Tips. How to get free music for ringtones? Its built-in downloader enables you to save music from YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, etc.

In Summary

How do I get free ringtones? We hope you have got the answer after going through the three methods above. If you think this article helps you in some ways, please share it with more friends.

Free Download Free Download

The Advanced Ringtone Maker Studio

The Advanced Ringtone Maker

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

The premium version equips a specific ringtone maker, which makes the whole process simpler and offers more options. Meanwhile, more advanced profiles and encoders are supported.

Free Download Free Download

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