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Get My Favorite Ringtone from MP3 Ringtone Free Download Sites
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How to Get My Favorite Ringtone from MP3 Ringtone Free Download Sites

Author by Rocabella

Updated on July 14, 2022

Your ringtone explains a lot of your personality. Yes, this is true, just like your favorite color, book, movie or food, the ringtone you choose can be used to reflect your character and personality. In this article, I will show you the top 5 MP3 ringtone free download sites and how to download and convert YouTube to ringtones along with the recommended software below.

MP3 Ringtone Free Download for Your Mobile Phone and Tablet

Will you want to set a ringtone that represents your style and personality? Do you know how to free download MP3 ringtone to your phone or tablet? Actually, it becomes a bit difficult when we don't know the right location to download free or paid MP3 ringtones. Some websites claim to be able to get mobile ringtone MP3 free download, but when you choose to download, it will prompt you to pay. You may also find that some websites redirect you to third-party websites to download ringtones. Therefore, after a lot of testing and screening, this article has chosen some reliable MP3 ringtone free download sites for you. Let’s go!

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Part 1: Top 5 MP3 Ringtone Free Download Sites

Mobile Ringtones Free Download MP3 on ZEDGEMobile Ringtones Free Download MP3 on ZEDGE


The first MP3 ringtone free download site you can visit is ZEDGE. The site is one of the most popular sites for users, as the choices are absolutely free. You can find theme music, rock, classical, pop, electronic and other musical styles that match your taste. For easy searching, the page provides a direct search box to quickly find the ringtone you want. Not only can you download ringtones, you can also get themes and wallpapers for free.

Free Download Ringtone on ProkeralaFree Download Ringtone on Prokerala


Prokerala is one of the best and most popular mobile ringtones free download MP3 sites in the world. Most of my MP3 ringtone collections come from this site. There are a variety of ringtones including Bollywood/Hindi song, Malayalam, Tamil, and more. It's worth noting that they are still looking for the best free MP3 ringtone resources.

Mobile Ringtone MP3 Free Download on itunemachineMobile Ringtone MP3 Free Download on itunemachine


itunemachine is an interactive library of high-quality and royalty new MP3 ringtone download free. It can convert your favorite music into iPhone ringtones for free. Explore and download a variety of free ringtones for any phone. This station searches for different music with different ringtone classifications such as Bollywood ringtones, instrument music ringtones, country ringtones and is available in multiple languages.

New MP3 Ringtone Download Free from Mobiles24New MP3 Ringtone Download Free from Mobiles24


We can find over 10 thousand free MP3 ringtones on Mobiles24. It contains a rich genre from country to pop and rock. The obvious advantage of this site is that you can optimize your search by entering keywords in the search bar, making it easier to find the keywords you need. As for grabbing the ringtone you want, you can enter the "Free Ringtone" menu and easily enter the track you want.

Free MP3 Ringtone Download on Online RingtoneFree MP3 Ringtone Download on Online Ringtone


You can also go to Best Ringtones Net because this website is more than capable of giving you free ringtones. You can certainly find lots of great MP3 ringtones here. The great thing about this page is that you can see other people's favorite MP3 ringtones, the most popular ringtones and very detailed ringtone classifications. Of course, it’s also available to search for the ringtone you want directly.

WonderFox never advocates any illegal downloads, please make sure your actions are legal in your country. The downloaded file must not be used for any commercial activities.

Part 2: MP3 Ringtone Free Download from YouTube

There is no doubt that we will rely on YouTube when we want to get the latest videos and music. Converting YouTube to MP3 ringtones is a cool thing. With the help of WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory, you can easily download YouTube songs and cut audio clips to create your favorite MP3 ringtones. Now, free downloadfree download this software to get started!

Free Download Free Download

Tutorial on How to Get MP3 Ringtone Free Download from YouTube

Copy and Paste YouTube URL into Program

Step 1: Copy and Paste YouTube MP3 Ringtone Free Download URL

First of all, you should enter the YouTube official website and choose the YouTube music that you want to download.

Free downloadFree download, install and open WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory on your PC. Select "Downloader", then click on "+ New Download" button on the menu bar. And then enter the YouTube music URL in the address box.

Download YouTube Music

Step 2: Download YouTube Music

Click the Analyze button to get YouTube music information. This software can provide you with other options for downloading YouTube music including output format, file size and more. Choose one and click "OK". After that, set the output path and click on "Download All" button to start the downloading process.

Make MP3 Ringtone by Cutting Downloaded YouTube Music

Step 3: Make MP3 Ringtone by Cutting Downloaded YouTube Music

After you’ve downloaded YouTube music, back to the start-up window and select "Converter". Find the downloads in the output folder and import them into the window. Click on "Output Format" section on the right side of the interface, choose MP3 under the Audio tab.

Back to the Video Converter interface and click on scissor icon. Now, you can simply adjust the start and end of the piece by dragging the two blue sliders. Or you just need to enter the exact time parameters of "Start Time" and "End Time" directly into the blank. Then press "Split" > "OK" to save your settings.

Finally, click on the triangle icon to set your output path and click the "Run" button to complete all the conversions.

Now, you can get the MP3 ringtone you want.

At last...

With MP3 ringtone free download sites and the help of WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory, you can pick a ringtone that you really like and enjoy. Finally, you are free to share this article to more people.

Free Download Free Download

Make a Ringtone for Your Phone and Tablet

Make a Ringtone for Your Phone and Tablet

HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Compared with the Free HD Video Converter Factory, HD Video Converter Factory Pro has an obvious feature that it can directly create Ringtone for Android with Ringtone Studio. In addition, it can also convert files to other formats in batches. Download it to have a try!

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