Best Ways to Convert AIF Files to MP3 on Windows

Updated on Aug 23, 2022
  • Download Download the best AIF to MP3 converter and
  • Step 1. Add all your AIF files.
  • Step 2. Choose MP3 as the output format.
  • Optional Step. Modify audio settings – bitrate, sample rate, etc.
  • Step 3. Start all AIF MP3 conversions at once.
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“I have a large music database of AIF files I want to convert to MP3. It's about 10,000 songs but all of them are in AIF format and I'd like to convert them to MP3 to save space. Any program I can use to convert them all in one go? Thanks so much!!!”

AIF files (or AIFF files on Mac) are Audio Interchange File Format files developed to store uncompressed audio data. They have CD-like audio quality but take much more disk room than other compressed files like MP3. Converting AIF to MP3 is hence a good way to free up space and at the same time, make distribution easier. In the following article, we will share the best ways to convert AIF files to MP3 on Windows efficiently. Read on if you’re interested.

How to Convert Multiple AIF Files to MP3 at Once?

If you got more than ten AIF files to convert to MP3, you’d best find an efficient batch audio converter to help with the conversion. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a powerful audio converter that can deal with AIF to MP3 batch conversion easily. It can batch convert audio up to ten files at a time. And backed by hardware acceleration technology, it can even speed up the conversion 50x faster. There are no complex buttons and only three simple steps to finish the conversion.

Now, just free download free download this software and try to batch convert your AIF files to MP3 with it.

Batch AIF to MP3 Converter

HD Video Converter Factory Pro is the quick solution to help you convert multiple AIF files to MP3 in one go. With this batch converter, you can also bulk convert WAV to MP3, WAV to Ogg, MP4 to MP3, MKV to MP4, etc.

Download for Free
Download for Free

Step 1. Add AIF Files to the Program

Run HD Video Converter Factory Pro on your PC and click Converter to enter the conversion program. Next, drag and drop all your AIF audio files into the blank interface. Or you can click the add buttons to import the source files from your local folder.

Step 2. Choose MP3 as Output Format

On the right side of the program, click on the format image to open the output format page. Then, go to the Audio category and select MP3 from the profiles below.

Optional Step. Change Audio Output Settings

For advanced users, you can also modify audio output settings to get more customized results: open the Parameter settings > navigate to the Audio settings > change any parameter you want, e.g. bitrate, channel, sample rate, and volume. Then click OK to save the changes.

Tips. To get higher-quality audio output, I always change the MP3 bitrate to 320 kbps and keep the sample rate at 44100 Hz.

Step 3. Convert AIF to MP3 at Once

Now, hit the bottom triangle button to set an output folder for your files. Finally, click the Run button to start the conversion immediately.

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Download for Free

If you only have several AIF files for conversion, you can also try the following two methods to convert AIF to MP3 efficiently.

How to Change AIF to MP3 in iTunes?

iTunes can serve as a decent audio converter to convert AIF file to MP3. It’s a simple process and here is the how-to:

1. Open iTunes on your computer. If you haven’t got one installed, download iTunes from

2. In the Library, click to select the AIF files you want to convert.

3. Go to the File menu > Convert > Create MP3 Version.

4. iTunes will start to convert your AIF files to MP3 one by one.

Tips. Can’t see Create MP3 Version? Go to Edit > Preferences > Import Settings from General > switch Import Using to MP3 Encoder > OK.

How to Convert AIF to MP3 Online?

Besides using offline software, you can also try online converters, such as Zamzar. It is very convenient to use Zamzar to convert between files. Simply upload, convert, and download, it’s done. Check how you can convert AIF file to MP3 with Zamzar in detail below.

1. Visit

2. Click Choose Files to upload your AIF file to the website. You can also drop files there.

* Note that the maximum file size for upload is 50MB.

3. Click Convert Now to start the conversion.

4. When the file is ready, click Download the download the converted file.

Tips. Due to security concerns, do not upload any private files to online services.


These are all the three methods I want to share on how to convert AIF to MP3 most efficiently. Obviously, we can easily change AIF format to MP3 with the latter two free options. But HD Video Converter Factory Pro is the best solution if we want to save time and batch convert files at one go. By the way, the free version of HD Video Converter Pro can also free convert AIF files to MP3 without batch mode. And I think I just came up with the fourth method. Hooray!

Anyway, I hope you got your wanted MP3 file finally. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!

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