How to Clone a DVD on a Computer

One of the common ways to back up DVDs is to clone them into blank discs to create 1:1 new DVDs in case that the original discs get scratched or become unusable one day. How to clone a DVD? This could be a piece of cake if you use the right DVD ripper. Follow this article to get the useful way and some tips for DVD backing up. Quickly get the ripper here:

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Part 1. Best Solution to Clone Copy Protected Discs

Part 2. Common Ways to Clone Usual DVD Discs

Part 1. Best Solution to Clone Copy Protected Discs

If you insert a copy protected one, an error message will appear and tell you it can’t read copy protected discs, which is a case for all free DVD burning software. To get rid of such a failure, a DVD decrypter is essential. 

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is a good program for removing DVD copy protection. It powerfully supports decrypting all common and advanced copy protections in DVD movies & TV shows and convert DVD to ISO image/DVD folder/video. You can use it to clone your DVDs as digital ISO image files for later ISO to disc burning. Here is how to operate it:

Backup Copy-protected DVDs

Fail to clone a copy-protected DVD movie? Acutally almost all free DVD burners don't support copy protection removal. Fortunately, WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro comes to help you deal with any copy-protected video DVD, and clone 1:1 ISO image and Video_ts folder from a disc.

Please use the following method for personal fair use only. Don’t copy any encrypted DVDs for distribution, profitability, and other illegal purposes. WonderFox stands firm against copyright infringement.

Clone Copy-protected DVDs with the Help of WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

Before start, please free download free download the software and install it on your Windows computer.

Step 1. Import the DVD Source

Insert the copy protected DVD into your computer. Start WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro, click DVD Disc on the screen, select the drive letter of the DVD, and click OK. This software will quickly remove all encryptions.

Load the DVD source

Step 2. Choose ISO Image as the Output Format

Click the format icon on the right side of the screen, head to 1:1 Quick Copy, and select ISO.

Choose ISO format

Step 3. Export the ISO Image

Click the three-dots icon at the bottom of the software and designate the folder for saving the ISO image. Next, click Run.

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro supports hardware acceleration that can evoke much faster performance.

Click Run to finish the conversion

After getting the ISO image file from the copy protected DVD, go back to ImgBurn and use its image file to disc writing feature to finalize the DVD clone.

DVD discs can be used for saving various types of media content, from common videos and audio to applications, games, systems, etc. Over time the frequent use would cause inevitably scuffing and abrasion of DVD discs, therefore, it’s a wise action to clone some precious DVDs for backup. Typically, the DVD clone process can be finished simply since there is no dearth of good DVD cloner software in the market. If you have ever done some digging, you should not be unfamiliar with ImgBurn, Anyburn, CloneDVD, or DVDStyler. They all can handle the task easily. This time we will expound on how to clone a DVD in ImgBurn. But the method below is useful to cope with non-copy protected discs. Therefore, the program used in part 1 is more recommendable.

Part 2. Common Ways to Clone Usual DVD Discs

The whole process of cloning a DVD in ImgBurn is divided into two parts. Firstly, you need to create an ISO image from DVD, then burn the ISO to DVD. By the wasy, if your computer system comes with multiple disc drives, you can also choose to copy DVD to DVD directly and AnyBun is a good choice for it.

Install ImgBurn: There are multiple servers for downloading the ImgBurn installer. Please carefully select a reliable source for the download, for instance, and

Step 1. Insert the DVD disc into your computer, then open ImgBurn, select Create image file from disc.

Create image file from disc

Step 2. Choose the source DVD drive letter that you want to create an ISO image from, hit the folder icon next to Destination, and specify the output file name and path. After the settings, click the Disc to ISO Image (Read) icon. It may take a while before the ISO image is exported completely.

Export the ISO image

Step 3. Eject the DVD disc and insert a blank DVD disc you want to clone the ISO image into.
Have no idea which type of disc you should use to burn a DVD? Check out the information of the main DVD disc types: DVD-R VS DVD+R l DVD5 VS DVD9

Step 4. On the ImgBurn home screen, select Write image file to disc.

Write image file to disc

Step 5 . Click the Browse for a file… button next to Source and select the ISO image created at step 3. Make sure you have selected the blank disc as the Destination. Finally, click the ISO image to disc (Write) icon to clone a DVD.  

Clone DVD

In Summary

We have completed how to clone a DVD. Generally, a free DVD cloner works for all home-made discs but if what you need to handle is a copy-protected DVD, we recommend you turn to a tool like WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro. You can also download it via this button:

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Why We Use WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro for DVD Backup
WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

Digital media content features versatility, accessibility, as well as portability so more people like to digitize DVDs to MP4, MPG, AVI, MKV, and other video formats. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro helps to achieve the purpose in an incredibly good way. It supports over 500 presets, provides a wide range of setting options for the output files, and can perform at up to 50X faster conversion. A good tool for movie buffs with large DVD collections.

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