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[Completely Free] Hearthis Downloaders – Get Songs in No Time

Author by Oswald

Updated on July 07, 2023 is an online audio distribution platform that allows artists and creators to stream, upload, share and promote their original music, DJ sets, mixes, tracks and sounds to interact with one another and their fans. All uploads have been categorized in order. As an audience, it is very convenient to find any genre you like. But it’s tricky to download some of the music on, here comes the rescuer – Hearthis downloader.

Can I Download Something I'm Interested in from for Free?

Sure Thing! lets the music uploaders to decide in which way the download links of their works are provided to the audiences – A free one or the paid one that leads you to payment platforms.

Here comes what matters: For those songs that don’t provide free download link, there is a chance for us to take a peek before forking out – Save them with a third-party Hearthis downloader for a full try-out.

Next, I’ll introduce three FREE downloaders and show you how to use them. No worries, they are all clean, safe and plugin-free.

Personal fair use only. Distribution or commercial purposes are not allowed and make sure your behaviors are legal in your country. Purchase the high-quality version to support the creator you fancy after the auditions.

Method 1. Desktop Hearthis to MP3 Converter: Free HD Video Converter Factory

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is an easy, practical and efficient URL to MP3 downloader. Software installation brings about powerful URL recognition and download stability. By simply copying and pasting URLs, you can get good quality music from 500+ sites without a hitch.

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Free Download Free Download

Get Download with Free HD Video Converter Factory

Convert Hearthis to MP3

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1. Copy the URL of the Hearthis Music You Want

Enter the main music page of the song you want to download, where there are Social, Embed, Download Button and song’s detail. Copy the page’s URL.

Step 2. Convert Hearthis to MP3 with URL

Install & launch Free HD Video Converter Factory. Go to "Downloader". Click “+ New Download” button. Paste the URL you just copied from to “Paste URL” box. Click "Analyze". Choose an MP3 option under Download Audio, hit "OK" and click “Download All” button to download Hearthis music to MP3.

Hint: As you may notice, the program is an URL to Video downloader also.

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Method 2. Browser Extension Hearthis Downloader: Video DownloadHelper

You’re certainly familiar with browser extensions if you are a Chrome or FireFox user. For those who aren’t, browser extensions are similar to APPs, they are based on a certain browser and work cooperatively with it. You’ll find these little gadgets handy and useful once you’ve tried some. Let’s start with this one, a useful downloader: Video DownloadHelper

Hearthis to MP3 Downloader Browser ExtensionHearthis to MP3 Downloader Browser Extension

Step 1. Add Video DownloadHelper to your browser (Chrome or FireFox), restart your browser after the addition to make sure it functions properly.



Step 2. (I’ll take Chrome as an example, the operations for FireFox are pretty much the same.) Navigate to the page of the Hearthis music you want, click Video DownloadHelper icon from the toolbar at upper-right of the interface. Select an MP3 media source to start the download.

See also: Video DownloadHelper not Working

Method 3. Hearthis MP3 Downloader Online: 9XBuddy

9XBuddy is a handy tool whenever you want to download media sources from websites. It performs a great job in small size MP3 downloads. Now, let’s try it on Just…watch out the ads and make sure you don’t be misled to other fraudulent links.

Hearthis Downloader OnlineHearthis Downloader Online

Step 1. Copy the URL of the Hearthis Music You Want

Step 2. Navigate to, paste the URL you just copied to the URL box

Step 3. A download button will be generated below, click it to start the Hearthis music download.

Here is a channel for music free download, songs within provide auditions and free download links to us:

What else…

Well, here are somethings more about the desktop Hearthis downloader: Free HD video converter Factory. I’m sure you’re going to need this – Crop music, merge multiple songs into one, make your music louder, etc. All doable with this all-in-one versatile audio downloader! Above all, it’s totally FREE. So don't hesitate to give it a try!

Free Download Free Download

Pro-level Audio Downloader as well as Converter

Pro-level Audio Downloader as well as Converter

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

As a music enthusiast, I guess downloading audio from sites to MP3 music is somewhat unsatisfactory. Download lossless audio from almost any sites in the original quality; Convert lossless audio format (ALAC, FLAC, WAV, etc.) to one another; Utilize advanced encoders, adjust audio parameters to enhance audio quality; Lightning-fast & batch download/conversion, a genuine time-saver. And there are more for you to find out.

Free Download HD Video Converter Factory Pro Free Download HD Video Converter Factory Pro

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