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Simple Two Methods-How to Make a GoToMeeting Recording

Author by Penny

May 7th, 2020

How to record GoToMeeting session when I attend or host an online meeting in GoToMeeting? Many people have no idea about the proper way. For your sake, there are two ways to make a GoToMeeting recording perfectly. By following this article, you can easily save any real-time meetings on your devices. Besides, if you want to save the recording in more formats, this video recorder is your best choice.

How to Efficiently Record GoToMeeting Session

GoToMeeting is a noted web online conferencing software that allows you to conduct remote meetings with clients or colleagues in real-time. Apart from online meeting, it can be used as a vehicle to record a full-length meeting, functioning as a video recorder, so that you can watch the content repeatedly after a meeting without missing any details or important moments. But a number of people still don`t how to record GoToMeeting. In view of this, the following is to introduce the detailed method on how to record GoToMeeting session. In addition, we will recommend a recorder to record GoToMeeting videos into more formats-WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Now let`s get started with these two recorders.

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Method One. How to Record a Session with GoToMeeting`s Built-in Recorder

Run GoToMeeting and open GoTo opener

When you use GoToMeeting for online meetings, it's convenient to use GoToMeeting's built-in recorder.

Step 1. Go to GoToMeeting official page, and sign in. (If it is your first time to go GoToMeeting, you need to register.) Once you get to your account page and start an online meeting, you'll be taken to an interface that reminds you to download the GoToMeeting app, then you just need to click "Open GoTo Opener".

Star to record and set the preferences

Step 2. Launch the GoToMeeting app and click the button “REC” to start recording the GoToMeeting session.

Step 3. Click the settings and open preferences, you will enter into a new page in which hit “Recording”.

Step 4. When you go to the recorder manager interface, you will see “Audio, Cloud Recordings, and Local Recordings”. Modify the setting depending on your demand.

Step 5. Set the location of your file so you can find your recorded GoToMeeting video. When all is done, click "OK" to start recording GoToMeeting session.

Tips1. Setting the location is very important because it always happens that I recorded GoToMeeting sessions but I couldn't find it.

Tips2. If the hard disk space drops to 100MB, the recording will stop automatically, and converting the recorded session to Windows format requires 1GB or twice the size. Additionally, the recording format of GoToMeeting recorder is G2M, if you do not convert the format, you will not be able to successfully watch the recorded GoToMeeting video. Most importantly, GoToMeeting supports very limited video formats, only MP4, WMV, MOV. So if you want to record GoToMeeting session in other formats, scroll down and follow the second method.

Methods Two. Make a GoToMeeting Recording with A Full-featured Video Recorder

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a video recorder that always surprises you. You can easily record a GoToMeeting session in just a few steps, and also you can define the recording area - Custom or Full Screen. Your recoding videos are ended with .MP4 extension that is a common format that almost every player can recognize. Above all, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro supports 500+ formats and devices, so you can change video formats as you want. In addition, the video recorder also supports cropping, trimming, rotating, adding watermark, and so on.

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Detailed Steps to Record a GoToMeeting Session

Launch the video recorder and set parameters

Before you begin to record, please free downloadfree download this software on your PC.

Step 1. Run the video recorder and click the button “Recorder”

Step 2. Set Recording Parameters

Before the recording, you need to set parameters so as to export a satisfying video. First, you need to choose a recording model from Custom or Full Screen. Custom means you can record a specific area, and Full Screen refers to whole computer screen. Second, active audio recording, right-click the Audio icon located in the bottom right corner of your computer, select “Recording devices”, right-click on the blank area of the new window and choose both "Show Disabled Devices" and " Show Disconnected Devices" and enable Stereo Mix. Third, click inverted triangle mark to select an output folder.

Video recording in progress

Step 3. Start to Make GoToMeeting Recording

Hit the button “REC” and start recording in 5 seconds. During the recording process, you can click the upper square symbol or directly press the “Ctrl+F1” quick shortcuts to stop recording.

Tips. This program will export MP4 files. If you want to covert MP4 format, you can back to the main interface of this video recorder to click “Converter”. It enables you to convert  MP4 to MKV, MP4 to MOV, and so on. In addition, it provides bath conversion to save your time.


So far, I am convinced that you must know how to record GoToMeeting with these two video recorders. Although the GoToMeeting built-in recorder is easy to use, it has no more output formats and frequently causes a lot of troubles when recording. But the HD Video Recorder will make your recording smoothly without any hassle. Not much to say, go and have a try.

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