How to Convert G64/G64X Files to MP4?

If you were sent some .g64 or .g64x video files but had no idea how to get them to open, play, or convert, this article may hit the pot. Here you'll learn what a G64/G64X file is, why you fail to access it, and how to convert them to MP4 in a proper way.

Kevincy Kevincy | Updated on Jan 19, 2024

What Is a G64/G64X File?

A G64/G64X file is a specialized surveillance video file format utilized by Genetec's Security Center software. While convenient for archiving surveillance footage and security, G64/G64X files can be difficult to share and edit due to their exclusivity.

The encrypted and proprietary nature of G64/G64X files poses a significant obstacle to seamless conversion. Unlike other common video file types, G64/G64X files are tailor-made for Genetec's software suite, making them resistant to third-party tools. This might seem like hitting a brick wall, but don't throw in the towel just yet. Here's your one-stop guide to G64/G64X to MP4 conversion - 100% working!

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How to Open and Convert G64/G64X Files to MP4?

Compared to G64/G64X file, MP4 is an industry-standard video format readable across devices and platforms, allowing you to freely edit, share, and view G64X file contents once converted. So, let's get down to brass tacks: how can you convert a G64X file to MP4? The answer lies within Genetec's own software - Genetec Security Desk and Genetec Video Player (formerly Portable Archive Player).

#1. Using Genetec Security Desk

As the creator of the G64/G64X file, Genetec Security Center software allows both creating and converting G64/G64X files through its tool. This requires access to the full Security Center deployment. If you have Genetec's Security Desk, the unified user interface of Security Center, already installed on your computer, you can open and convert G64/G64X files to MP4 by following the steps:

Step 1. From the home page of Security Desk, open any task that has a video canvas. You can also go to Tools > Vault to open a G64/G64X file.

Step 2. Choose a way to convert your G64/G64X files:

  • Select one or more items from the report pane, and click "Export video"
  • Open video in a tile, right-click the tile, and click Camera > Export video.
  • Click "Export video" in the Camera widget.

Step 3. When the "Export settings" window pops up, select "MP4" in the "File format" drop-down list. You're also able to change video file name, save location, and modify the date, time, and duration of the selected video sequences right there.

Step 4. Then click "Export" to render your G64/G64X file to MP4.

Convert G64/G64X to MP4 in Security Desk

#2. Using Genetec Video Player

In most cases, people need to view G64/G64X files on a computer that does not have Security Desk installed. That's where Genetec Video Player comes in. It's a standalone Windows-based media player you can use to view G64 and G64x video files exported from Security Desk. Additionally, it's also capable of G64/G64X to MP4 conversion. Here are the steps:

Step 1. Download the latest version of Genetec Video Player via THIS LINK.

Step 2. After download, run the executable file "Genetec Video Player.exe".

Step 3. Click "File" > "Open file", and then select the G64/G64X video file to view. You can also drag and drop G64/G64X video files for simultaneous viewing.

Step 4. When the G64/G64X video starts playing. You can control the playback using the commands at the bottom of the window.

Step 5. To export G64/G64X file(s) to MP4, go to "File" > "Save as".

Step 6. Choose "MP4" as export format and make other changes.

Step 7. Finally, click "Save" to export G64/G64X file to MP4.

Convert G64/G64X to MP4 in Genetec Video Player

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is G64X the same as G64?

A: Both are proprietary Genetec formats. G64X is the successor of G64, supporting higher resolutions. G64 files contain a single sequence for video and audio. G64X contains multiple sequences (video, audio, overlay, encryption, etc.), including multiple cameras. Each sequence has its own signature chains. Additionally, G64X is the only format that can be re-exported, if that option is selected during export. Now, the G64 format is deprecated and has been superseded by G64X. G64 only works with old versions of Security Center.

Q2: Can I convert G64/G64X file to MP4 online?

A: Unfortunately, due to the proprietary nature of G64X files, both online conversion services and other 3rd-party video transcoding tools CANNOT handle their encryption and structure. The only method is to use Genetec's Security Desk or Genetec Video Player.

Q3: Why can I not open G64/G64X file in Genetec Video Player?

A: If you cannot open G64 or G64x video files or the playback controls are missing, try to update your Genetec Video Player. You can always download the latest version from Genetec Download Center.

Q4: Can I convert G64/G64X files to other formats besides MP4?

A: Sure, by following the steps provided in the guide, you're also able to convert G64/G64X files to ASF besides MP4. If you prefer other options like MOV, MKV, etc., try to use another video transcoders to edit and convert the output ASF or MP4 files with ease.

Final Thoughts

Converting proprietary G64/G64X files into the more compatible MP4 format removes the limitations of the Genetec format - allowing you to get the most out of your surveillance footage.

Understanding the nature of G64/G64X files and the steps needed to convert them to MP4 can save you a lot of headaches in the long run. Remember, when it comes to proprietary formats like G64/G64X, the key is often found with the software that created them.

Hopefully, this tutorial is helpful to your need of G64/G64X to MP4 conversion. If there is any problem, feel free to let me know.

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