10 Best Free Live TV Streaming Sites to Watch Sports, News, TV Shows, etc.

When you are not at home but want to watch a live sports event, keep abreast with the news, or track your favorite TV shows timely, the online free live TV streaming sites could be your temporary remedy. Yet among the various live TV websites, it’s not always easy to find the best free TV streaming sites. So here in this post, I’ll give you what I think are the best sites to watch live TV streaming online free for your reference. Hope some of these sites could really help you out!

Michelle Michelle | Updated on Jan 25, 2024

Best Free TV Streaming Sites to Watch Sports, News, TV Shows...

1. Pluto TV

2. YuppTV

3. FreeInterTV

4. USTVGO (Down)

5. 123TV (Down)

6. Time 4 Tv

7. OKLiveTV

8. LiveNewsMag

9. WwiTV

10. Squid TV

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The List of 10 Best Free Live TV Streaming Sites to Watch Live TV Streaming Online Free

1. Pluto TV - Explore Live Channels of Different Categories

Visit Site: pluto.tv

Pluto TV – Streaming Live Match

Pluto TV is millions of cord-cutters favorite TV alternative for live channels. And that’s not because it’s got a traditional TV interface, but for the content it serves. It features over a hundred of live TV channels and categorized them into 13 channel tiers for various viewing needs, including movies, entertainment, news, reality, comedy, sports, etc.

Besides the live section, it also boasts a decent selection of on-demand content that will give pleasure to the eye.

Though Pluto TV is ad-supported, it won’t require registration or subscription at all. Just drop in and watch free.

2. YuppTV - Greatest Place to Watch Indian-related Live TV Shows and Movies

Visit Site: www.yupptv.com

YuppTV - Live TV Websites

I know there are lots of Indian friends out there, so this one is for you.

YuppTV provides more than 250+ TV channels ranging from entertainment to spiritual. For South Asians living abroad, you can have easy access to many popular TV channels. You can also watch regional TVs categorized into Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, and Punjabi sections. The best part is the Catch-Up TV technology that you can catch up watching any show and channel for up to 10 days.

Besides the live TV streaming, it also hosts a huge collection of VOD (video-on-demand), covering 5000+ Movies and 100+ TV Shows in 14 languages. However, all these channels and features are available only after you signed in (and for some content, subscribe to their plan).

3. FreeInterTV – Best Free Internet TV Provider Covering Worldwide Channels

Visit Site: www.freeintertv.com

FreeInterTV - Best Free Live TV Streaming Sites

Not satisfied with the US-only programs and want to watch live TV broadcasts from other parts of the world, say, UK, Russia, German, Italy, India, and so forth? Give your shot at this free live TV streaming site - FreeInterTV, which catalogs approximately 2800+ TV channels from all over the world. You can not only watch mainstream national TV channels but also regional TV services with easy access.

FreeInterTV places fewer ads on its site. However, the thing with FreeInterTV is that it has the least-charming web design that looks like it was from the 90s. But once you got into its content, you’ll grow to love it.

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4. (Down) USTVGO – Watch Exclusively Quality US TV Programs for Free

USTVGO - Watch Live TV Streaming Online Free

If all you want to watch are US television programs, then USTVGO is your go-to-service since it streams exclusively the US TV channels. It provides over 90 live TV channels on its sites, covering news, sports, and even some premium shows. All these channels are presented in a channel list following alphabetic order on the homepage for easy navigation.

USTVGO uses few to none ads or pop-ups on its site. And it offers smooth loading of the live TV programs under a strong internet. You can access USTVGO on any browser through your computer, mobile, tablet, and even smart TVs like Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV.

5. (Down) 123TV - An USTVGO Alternative to Access More US TV Channels

123TV - Watch Live TV Streaming Online Free

123TV makes another highly recommended live TV website to watch live TV streaming online free.

A bit like USTVGO, 123TV also dedicates to stream US TV channels solely but features more channels than USTVGO. It has over 100 TV channels currently, from the news channels to entertainment channels. A quantity of sports channels and premium channels are also available here. However, some of the channel streams seem to be broken and many of the streaming quality is far from expectation.

6. Time 4 Tv – Ideal Site to Watch USA & UK Sports, News TV Channels

Visit Site: time4tv.online

Time 4 Tv - Best Free Live TV Streaming Sites

Time 4 Tv is one of the best live TV websites to watch live TV programs from the USA and the UK in high streaming quality.

It has an extensive content library, about 180 quality channels available now (mainly from the USA and the UK). And it focuses its content largely on sports and news. Besides that, it also features a limited amount of entertainment channels. All channels are easy to play with multiple backup streams.

The downside of Time 4 Tv comes yet with the annoying ads. Even with an ad-blocker functioning, you can still be misled easily to click on ads and pop-ups.

7. OKLiveTV - Discover All Types of Live TV Channels in the Best Streaming Quality

Visit Site: oklivetv.com

Caution: Adult 18+ Content Included

OKLiveTV - Watch Live TV Streaming Online Free

OKLiveTV offers comprehensive content across various fields, from news, entertainment, sports, to even adult content.

It provides TV channels from all over the world. Apart from adult content which in fact takes up the most viewed category, you can find a variety of regular TV channels as well. But these channels are not separated from the adult content. And you can only filter the content by country or search a TV channel specifically.

All the channels have multiple stream sources and streamed in the best quality. Another benefit of this site is that it has fewer ads than most other sites.

8. LiveNewsMag - Watch Nothing but News Network from American and the United Kingdom

Visit Site: www.livenewsmag.com

LiveNewsMag - Watch Live TV Online Free No Downloads

For people who want to find a quiet place to watch nothing but live TV news channels, I present you LiveNewsMag, a news-only TV platform covering channels from mainly the US and the UK.

The whole site is designed in a simple style to a point of crudeness. Yet it gives you much convenience to find your preferred channels in return. And all the content follows a click-and-play order without any ads disturbing, the biggest strength that LiveNewsMag has over the others.

9. WwiTV - News Focused Free Live TV Streaming Site to Stream News TV Channels From All Over the World

Visit Site: wwitv.com/portal.htm

WwiTV - Free Live TV Streaming Sites No Sign Up

If you want to watch the news from all parts of the world, then try wwiTV this time.

WwiTV is one of the best news-focused live TV websites. But unlike LiveNewsMag, WwiTV supplies you with news channels across the world, though still US-based. Yet, this site attracts most views from places outside the US, such as Sri Lanka, India, Qatar, and many more. And the news channels are divided into English and non-English speaking sections. Besides the news channels, wwiTV has also added religious TV and webcam streams onto its site, offering more flexibility for users to choose the content they like.

It has listed over 860 online channels on its site, and it is continuing to add more. All the channels are easy to access (though some need you to watch on the official sites) and streamed in medium quality. No ads are disrupting as well.

10. Squid TV - A Complete Guide to Streaming Media Available on the Internet

Visit Site: www.squidtv.net

Squid TV - Watch Live TV Online Free No Downloads

Squid TV is the last one on the list but is the must-have site if you want to simplify your search for streams from all around the world on the web.

Technically speaking, Squid TV is not a live TV streaming site for it does not allow you to watch any TV channels directly on its site. Instead, it gives you links, the portals, to watch the TV channels on the official sites that own the channels. So, Squid TV is more of a guide to live streaming TV channels, and it is designed to help users easily find and access media content over the Internet. And this also means that all the channels are legal-sourced.

Yet, on the other hand, you’ll get the most complete and well-organized directory of free legal TV channels from across the world. The straightforward layout of the web allows for smooth navigation to the channels you need. The only inconvenience is that you have to leave the site to watch the content.


That’s all the free live TV streaming sites I think are the best and safe to use. What is the best free TV live streaming sites for you? If you have any other good recommendations, please feel free to contact me at any time. Thanks for reading!

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