How to Find Music Videos Without Knowing the Names

All of a sudden, a tune or certain fragment from a music video swirls around in your mind so you feel an irresistible impulse to view the video again. However, the challenge is, you don’t even know the basic information (e.g. the name of the music video). Under such a circumstance, how can you find the desired content? In this post, we will share with you several good ways to find music videos. Just read on.

Vita Vita | Updated on Jul 18, 2023

Method 1. Do Searches on a Browser

Method 2. Search on YouTube

Method 3. Use a Music Video Finder

Method 4. Ask for Help on Forum and Social Media

Can You Find the Music Video?

Most people like to utilize the search function of a browser for what they want to find or know online. But if you only have a hazy memory of the wished music video, it can be a huge undertaking to find out the video via the general keyword of "music video". Fortunately, with the methods below, you will be able to get satisfying results with half efforts. Based on the information that you have known, choose the most favorable way to describe and find music videos.

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How to Find a Music Video without Knowing the Name?

Method 1. Do Searches on a Browser

As mentioned above, we always start with a basic search on a commonly used browser, which is certainly the simplest method for finding out information and resources. For more accurate search results, your queries are supposed to be more specific. There are several key points helping increase the possibility of finding the exact music video: the song title, the artist, the release time of the song, the music genre, the lyrics, and some scenes in the music video. You can type in any information on the music video you want to view onto your browser search box to see what you will get. Meanwhile, based on the keywords you submit and whether the video you’re looking for is rare or not, the number of search results is varied so you need to identify the right video manually. Take Google Chrome as an example, here are some tricks to find music videos:

Find that music video

1. Use the tabs. There is a list of tabs on Google search. For music video, you can select the Video tab to search for video only.

2. Use quotes. Quotes in Google search is for searching for the results containing the keywords as exactly the same as you type in, which is useful when you want to find a music video via lyrics. E.g. “Like a complete unknown, like a rolling stone”.

3. Use the asterisk wildcard (*). If you want to search for a music video via its lyrics yet don’t remember all the words, you can add an asterisk on the missing position, for instance, Gotta leave you * behind and * the truth”.

4. Use “Or”. You’re able to search for multiple words at the same time using Or. E.g. Queen or Rock band or British rock band.

5. Use “And”. Contrarily, you can use And among keywords to search for results only containing all your descriptions.

Method 2. Search on YouTube

YouTube owns the largest music video library in the space. Using it as a music video search engine may bring you surprising results.

Search for music video

There is a filter panel on which you can search for music videos based on updated data, type (video, channel, playlist, movie, and show), duration (shorter than 4 mins or longer than 20 mins), feature (live, 4K, HD, subtitles/CC, etc.), and other four classifications.

Method 3. Use a Music Video Finder

If you have no good luck with the two methods above or you only remember bits and pieces of the music video, using a specific music identifier is a good way to go. is an online music finder that enables you to discover, search and play music. No installation required. You only need to visit the website, click the big button on its homepage, hum the tune at least 10 seconds, then click the button again to search for the results.

Soon it will display all matching music. Click to find the one you are looking for. Then it becomes much easier to search for the music video.

Moreover, the Midomi app is available on Android and iOS devices.  


How to find a music video

Method 4. Ask for Help on Forum and Social Media Platform

Fail to find a music video by yourself? You may ask for help from other music enthusiasts by describing the music video. There is a big chance that someone happens to know the song. You can visit any of the following platforms to post your question:

In order to get the proper answer, you’d better describe the music video in as many details as possible.

Bottom Line

We have introduced four ways on how to find music videos. In summary, you can directly search for the music video on a browser search or YouTube if you know some information on this music video, otherwise, learning how to find a music video by describing it on the likes of or how to use a music finder app, should be more effective.

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