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DVD VS Streaming – How to Choose the Best Way to Watch Movies

Author by Vita

Updated on Jul 23, 2020

Video streaming services have skyrocketed in popularity and streaming videos online has become the mainstream way to watch movies. Has DVD become a thing of the past? This review of DVD vs streaming can give you the answer. Meanwhile, if you want to play DVD movies on your portable devices, you can use this DVD ripper to digitize your DVD discs:

Should I Buy DVDs Anymore?

Since Blu-Ray, digital download via the Internet and video streaming services are popular methods to access high-quality video content these days, some people think that DVDs are obsolete and the future of DVDs is rather dim. Will DVDs be worth nothing in the future? DVD vs streaming, which one is the better choice? Let's discuss it in depth.

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DVD VS Streaming

Is DVD DeadIs DVD Dead

Despite the complex playback setting, DVD disc is cheap and it is the choice of many movie fans to collect movies. You can play DVDs on a big screen without any download or loading process. Besides the complete plot, a DVD movie always contains commentary, highlights, bonus, behind the scenes, interviews and so forth. What's more, viewing a DVD movie with family members and friends is a long-held habit of many people. On the other hand, although movie streaming services are flooding in, due to the varied technology standards, the quality of streaming content differs. Of courses, streaming also has its own merits like low prices, rich resources, convenience, small size, etc. With the rapid development of related technology, streaming will meet people's demands fully and DVD will inevitably fall by the wayside like VHS/cassette tape, but not now. Therefore, you can choose DVD or streaming based on your own needs.

Should I Keep My DVD Collection?

Experienced collectors know how to manage bulky DVD collections. And some people may sell old DVDs for cash withdrawn and free up more room. In fact, DVD vs digital, digital files are more convenient and small. To save much room and order your DVD collections, digitizing DVDs is a good option for both sides. Just convert your DVD disc to digital files and build a digital library on your computer or cloud service. Next time when you want to watch a movie, you only need to open your computer and search for the title, rather than rummage through your physical DVD library. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro can remove DVD copy protections and convert DVDs to videos easily. Here is how to convert DVDs to MP4 with the software. 

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How to Digitize a DVD

Select the DVD Source

Before start, please free downloadfree download and install the software on your PC.

Step 1. Import the DVD Source

Insert a DVD disc into your computer. Open WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro. Click on DVD Disc, choose the drive letter, and click OK. The software will analyze the DVD and automatically choose the main title.

Choose an Output Format

Step 2. Choose Output Format

Click on the Output Format button on the right, and choose MP4 under the Video tab. You can also choose to convert DVDs to other formats. Over 500 formats and profiles for devices are offered. Besides, it allows you to create ISO image from DVD.

Start the Conversion Process

Step 3. Initialize the Process

Select the needed audio and subtitle track. Then hit the three-dots icon to choose an output path. After that, click on Run to start the ripping process.

The "Settings" option enables you to change the DVD resolution, bit rate, aspect ratio, deinterlace a DVD, etc.

At last

DVD vs streaming, streaming is surely more convenient and popular, yet DVD isn't replaced by streaming at present and there is strong market demand for DVDs. However, the digital trend is inevitable and irresistible. DVD digitization is a good way to backup and view movies.

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