Two Ways to Fix DVD Decrypter Error: Failed to Set Data For

People are frequently meeting DVD Decrypter not working problems when using this Windows DVD copy software to rip or burn DVDs, and DVD Decrypter Failed to set data for is the most commonly reported error. If you also run into this error, here are two useful fixes to cope with it.
Because DVD Decrypter were discontinued a dozen years ago, it fails to handle many new DVDs and has some unresolved bugs, thus, an up-to-date DVD copy alternative is the better way to go. You may try WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro to rip DVDs. Get it:

Vita | May 20, 2021

Part 1. The Two Ways to Fix DVD Decrypter "Failed to Set Data For" Error

Method 1. Change the Registry Settings

Method 2. Run DVD Decrypter as an Administrator

Part 2. DVD Decrypter Alternative to Copy DVDs without Hassles

Part 1. The Two Ways to Fix DVD Decrypter “Failed to Set Data For” Error

The DVD Decrypter "Failed to Set Data For" error usually occurs when one tries to exit the software. When you click the close (X) button, a DVD Decrypter error message pops up saying Failed to set data for. After you click the Close (X) or OK button on the dialog, a new error of Failed to set data for 'DVDDecrypterPlayDVDMovieOnArrival' will appear. Then, you have to repeatedly close the Failed to set date for message for several times before the program is shut down. It is rather exasperating when you have to close these error dialogs over and over again. Fortunately, two proven solutions are ready to settle this problem. The following parts are the specific steps.

Method 1. Change the Registry Settings

Step 1. On the top menu bar, go to Tools > Settings.

Step 2. Head to the Registry tab.
Step 3. Uncheck all options on the window.
Step 4. Click OK.

Now you can check whether the DVD Decrypter Failed to set data for message appears.

Method 2. Run DVD Decrypter as an Administrator

You can either run DVD Decrypter as an Administer to tackle the DVD Decrypter error. Just right click on the DVD Decrypter short icon and select Run as administrator. To save the setting once for all time, you need to further do the following:

Step 1. Right click on DVD Decrypter short icon, select Properties.
Step 2. Go to the Compatibility tab.
Step 3. Check Run this program as an administrator.
Step 4. Click Apply.

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Part 2. DVD Decrypter Alternative to Copy DVDs without Hassles

Besides "DVD Decrypter Failed to set data for", users also often meet the “InterfaceThread Runtime Exception! Message = EAccessViolation” error when ripping a new DVD in DVD Decrypter. The cause is primarily that DVD Decrypter is not able to handle the copy protection adopted in the DVD. An outdated application like DVD Decrypter always lead to various problems. We highly recommend that you change to a DVD Decrypter alternative. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is regarded amongst the best DVD ripper for Windows. It has robust DVD ripping process and a wealth of basic and cutting-edge features. The demonstration below is on how to use the alternative tool to implement DVD ripping task. You will find the software is rather straightforward.

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Step 1. Add the DVD Source

Insert your disc into the computer optical drive letter, launch WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro, and select DVD Disc. Usually, it will automatically select the DVD as the source. Click on OK to load the source. However, if you have multiple DVD drives on your computer, make sure the needed one is selected.

Step 2. Choose an Output Format

Go to the output format window by clicking the big format icon on the right side. Then, select the desired output format or device. There are over 300 output presets. You can convert DVD to MP4 or other video formats, convert DVD to ISO or folder, convert DVD to specific devices like iPhone 12, Huawei 40, and so forth.

Step 3. Start the Ripping Process

Click the three-dot button below and select the place where you want to save the exported file in. When you get everything ready, click Run.

Bottom Line

The article has shown you two solutions to fix DVD Decrypter Failed to set data for error. They are well-tested. However, a DVD Decrypter replacement is still required if you want to deal with new DVDs or want to avoid DVD copy errors.
As a bonus tip, here are our carefully selected DVD burning software you may have a try when you fail to burn a disc in DVD Decrypter.

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