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Does Xbox 360 Play Blu-ray Discs? This is the Truth!

Author by Kevincy

Updated on Feb 4, 2024

"Does Xbox 360 play Blu-ray?" was once a disputable topic, many people are still questioning it, even now. What is the truth of the matter on earth? Just take a cup of coffee, the following article will give you the exact answer.

Does Xbox 360 Play Blu-ray Disc?

Can You Watch Blu-ray on Xbox 360Can You Watch Blu-ray on Xbox 360

The question seems to have puzzled people over the ages because of some ambiguous statements and out of context quotes. Now this post should end any speculation of Xbox 360 Blu-ray support. The answer is NO! Actually, based on the clarification from Microsoft official, they have no plans for Blu-Ray on Xbox 360 at all.

Xbox 360 comes with an internal DVD drive for its games as well as CDs and Movie DVDs all along. Besides, it adds extra support for the playback of movies on HD DVD discs with the help of an accessory - Xbox 360 HD DVD Player, which was discontinued after the HD optical disc format war had ended in Blu-ray's favor. In a word, Xbox 360 is totally incompatible with Blu-ray until the release of Xbox One.

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But...It Is Possible to Play Blu-ray on Xbox 360 in a Roundabout Way!

Wait, I can't bear to see you leave dejectedly. Many troubles can be addressed in a different manner. You can still stream Blu-ray content from Netflix and other apps in 1080p. More than that, you may have forgotten that Xbox 360 allows you to play media files from local drive and peripheral USB devices. By following this idea, you can make it come true to play Blu-ray on Xbox 360, that is, rip Blu-ray to Xbox 360 supported video format. I'll elaborate on the detailed steps in the next paragraph.

Does Xbox 360 Play Blu-ray Movies? Say YES This Time!

To extract movies from Blu-ray discs to local drive, undoubtedly, a Blu-ray DVD ripping program is indispensable. It plays a crucial role in this process as all commercial Blu-ray discs are copyright-protected. Among a variety of Blu-ray rippers, I highly recommend MakeMKV. Why? All features of MakeMKV are completely free while program is in beta, and you can always get a new beta key in official forum every month. Now download this program and get started.

Disclaimer: WonderFox doesn't advocate any illegal duplication and distribution, all information provided in this article is presented for general informational purposes and personal fair use only. Please refer to the Blue-ray DVD copyright laws in your country before you rip any Blue-ray disc. Ripped content CANNOT be used for unauthorized reproduction, distribution or any commercial use.

Detailed Steps on Converting Blu-ray Disc to Xbox 360 Supported Video File

Step 1. Place your Blu-ray disc into the tray of BD Drive.

Step 2. Launch MakeMKV, it will initialize and scan your BD-ROM.

Scanning BD-ROM

Step 3. After the scanning is complete, you'll see the disc type, label and protection below your BD-ROM, even both Blu-ray disc and BD drive information on the right side.

Disc and BD Drive Information

Step 4. Click on the wrench button on the toolbar to make basic settings based on your preference. Press OK to go back to the main interface, then hit the big "Open Blu-ray disc" button.

MakeMKV Preferences

Step 5. It may take a little while to analyze/process titles and load all content of your Blu-ray disc.

Processing Titles

Step 6. MakeMKV will list all titles on the left side after the loading process. Generally, the title in the largest file size is the main movie, the rest are commercials, trailers, behind the scenes, previews, etc. Click on the small triangle in front of the tilte, you're able to select preferred audio track and subtitle. On the right side, specify a destination folder to save your converted video file. Make sure there is sufficient disk space since the output video has a large file size. Finally, hit the Make MKV button to start the Blu-ray ripping process.

Select Title and Set Output Folder

Step 7. It may need some time for the job due to large file size, BD drive reading speed, PC configuration and other factors. You can clearly see the progress bar, elapsed and remaining time on this interface. What you need to do is just wait, it will pop up the complete message.

Finish Blu-ray Ripping Process

Step 8. A large MKV video file will be saved on your destination folder, which arises two problems:

1) The converted Blu-ray movie is so large in file size. Generally, it's more than 20 GB which will take up a lot of disk space.

2) According to Official Supported Formats, Xbox 360 doesn't support MKV file type playback.

Ripped MKV File

Step 9. So you'll still need a free program to convert and compress the large MKV file, such as Handbrake, Free HD Video Converter Factory, etc. MP4 (H.264/AAC) or MP4 (H.265/AAC) format is recommended for its best compatibility.

Free downloadFree download the freeware and have a try!

Free HD Video Converter Factory

Step 10. After the conversion, you can enjoy your Blu-ray movie on your Xbox 360 from local drive, USB devices, DLNA and other ways.

At last...

That’s it. I bet you’ll never ask “Does Xbox 360 play Blu-ray”. I have to say that the process is a bit cumbersome, but this roundabout method does work like a charm, most importantly, it doesn’t cost you a penny, right? Just give it a whirl. Also, feel free to contact us if there is any problem or issue in your operation procedure.

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