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Convert AVI to FLV Videos

Why We Have to Convert AVI to FLV

AVI is short for Audio Video Interleave (also Audio Video Interleaved), it is a multimedia container format. AVI files not only can contain both audio and video data in a file container that allows synchronous audio-with-video playback but also support multiple streaming audio and video, even some features are seldom used. For this reason, AVI is popular with people. Many movies are contained in AVI and lots of mobile phones such as Nokia, BlackBerry, and Samsung and so on can support AVI.

Maybe you take a funny or good video by your mobile phone one day, you just want to transfer it on the internet and share it with more people, but your video is AVI, it doesn't work. How to do it? Take is easy! You just need convert AVI to FLV video format. Why? FLV is the most popular video format; right-size and internet-friendly format for online video delivery with Adobe Flash Player, and 99% of Internet users have Adobe Flash Player installed in their web browsers. The format has quickly established itself as the format of choice for playing video on the web. Especially some people want to become famous; they upload attractive video about themselves to YouTube, Hulu, Google Video, Yahoo Video, and many other video sharing websites. And only one thing they need do, that is also converting AVI to FLV or converting other video formats to FLV.

How to Choose Right Free AVI to FLV Video Converter to Convert AVI to FLV

Here I provide some suggestions from my experience for selecting free AVI to FLV video converting software:

1. Security. This is the most important point. Why? Because if this AVI to FLV video converter contain virus, maybe your computer will your computer will suffer a destructive attack, that time you are too late to regret.

2. Really free or not. Some program is free of charge on the surface, in fact, there are also many hidden fees waiting for you. Not only cheated, you will feel you like an idiot.

3. About functions and features. Fast converting speed can save the time and high quality make you enjoy videos comfortably.

4. Update. If you want to own a good free AVI to FLV video converter to convert AVI to FLV for a long time even a whole life, update is important for you.

According to my experience, Free FLV Video Converter Factory is not just the best converter to convert AVI to FLV, but other video formats to FLV which can help you deliver your own videos for YouTube or other popular video sharing websites. It can fully meet the 4 points mentioned above (Safe, totally free, fast speed and high quality and regularly updated). What's more, this software is capable of converting nearly all popular formats like ASF, MOV, MP4, AVI, MPEG, etc.

Do you want to be known by everybody? Do you want to share your happy with more people? Do you want to watch FLV videos through your own mobile or other digital devices? With our Free FLV Video Converter, we can do these tasks easily! Just free download Free FLV Video Converter Factory and install it, I believe your target will come true one day!

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Free FLV Video Converter Factory can Help You Do More

Apart from convert AVI to FLV, Free FLV Video Converter Factory can help you do more. This professional video conversion software can help you convert virtually any videos to FLV video.

The input video file supported by this video converter software include all frequently used video files, such as AVI, MKV, MP4, 3GP, Flash video files, MOV, etc.

With Free FLV Video Converter Factory Pro, you can easily convert any of your video files to FLV either for uploading them to YouTube and some other video sharing sites or simply enjoying them with your FLV video player. Although Free Video Converter Factory Pro is a free video converting software, it still can convert video fast, stably and without quality loss.

For more information about Free FLV Video Converter Factory: Detailed information of Free FLV Video Converter Factory >>

With Free FLV Video Converter Factory, you will definitely convert any videos to FLV smoothly and efficiently.

For more tips and how-to guides of FLV/YouTube conversion, please see the tips center of FLV & YouTube >>.

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