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5 Chinese Movie Download Sites for You to Download Any Chinese Movies You Like

Author by Emma

Updated on July 14, 2021

Chinese movies are very popular among many countries because people can know about Chinese long history and diversified culture by watching their movies especially Chinese Kung Fu. But how can you download the latest Chinese action movies? In this article I would like to introduce 5 Chinese movie download websites to you.

In this modern world, the communications between different countries are growingly active and extensive. Though it's not the case in the last year due to the pandemic but the trend remains. And people get more information and learn about different cultures in such a big data era.

If you want to know a country with a long history and diversified cultures, watching their movies is the best and interesting way. As movie scene will show you many different elements about this country.

So, what about Chinese movies? You can learn many traditional customs in China if you like Chinese culture. So, in this article, I will introduce 5 useful China movie download sites for you to watch and download Chinese movies without hinder.

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Top 5 Chinese Movie Download Websites for You to Free Download Chinese Movies

Download Chinese movies with icdrama.seDownload Chinese movies with


This site is full of various Chinese movies, such as action movies, adventure movies, comedy and etc. There is no ad and you needn’t worry about the virus from website. It is unnecessary for you to install any irrelevant software in this site for watching or downloading Chinese movies. Choose a movie you like and hit its cover, then it will run to another page where you can download the movie or watch it online. It is totally free to download any Chinese movies for you.

Where to download Chinese moviesWhere to download Chinese movies

2. Dramacool

This site allows you to watch and free download Chinese movies with English subtitles. It offers dozens of genres for you to filter movies, including ancient wuxia fantasy (RPG), xianxia, underworld and so forth. The attractive feature of this site is that you can not only watch Chinese movies but also Chinese drama. When you figure out which movie you want to download, click its cover for watching and you will find the download button below the player. Then click the download button and check it again in another webpage. Except for the ads, this site can be a good site for Chinese movie downloads.

Best site for you to download Chinese moviesBest site for you to download Chinese movies

3. iQiyi

iQiyi is a very popular site in China, so you can find almost all Chinese movies on it. I personally suggest you use this site. It will update the movie data frequently. You can find Chinese movies on movie channel by choosing its type. When you want to download a free Chinese movie, you’d better download iQiyi app, which can help you download iQiyi movies more easily. Play the Chinese movies on its app, you can download your movies directly by clicking the download button.

Chinese movies free download siteChinese movies free download site


Here is another Chinese top movie site to watch and download Chinese movies. You can find the latest movies on it with real-time, not just the trailer. Find the Chinese movie channel and select which movie type you like under the classification tab, then watch it online or download it. Moreover, YOUKU software provides you with better joy for watching China movies, which is available on both computers and mobile devices.

YouTube Chinese movies watching onlineYouTube Chinese movies watching online

5. YouTube

You must know YouTube enough as YouTube is the top 1 popular video-sharing site in the world. You can see much-attracted videos on YouTube as well as Chinese movies. Its update is very frequent that you needn’t worry about missing the latest Chinese movies. You can watch it online but can’t download it directly unless you use a download tool or website to download YouTube videos.

How to Add an English Subtitle to a Chinese Movie?

If you download a Chinese movie without English subtitle, it may destroy your joy of watching excellent Chinese movie. Here I would like to introduce a program for you to add subtitle to your movies. Free HD Video Converter Factory , a technical helper for you to add subtitle to your movies. Let’s find out how to do it with simple steps.

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The Tutorial of How to Add an English Subtitle to a Chinese Movie

Add subtitle to your Chinese movies

Before start, please free downloadfree download Free HD Video Converter Factory here.

Step 1: Add Your Movie Files

Run the software and open Converter, then add your movie files by clicking the “Add Files” button.

Step 2: Choose Your Subtitle File

Before this step, you have to download the corresponding subtitle for your Chinese movie. You can easily find a subtitle on subtitles download websites. After that, open the subtitle tab and click the “Add subtitle” button to choose your subtitle file. And you can choose to add soft or hard subtitles.

Step 3: Set the Destination Path

Before you click the “Run” button, you should choose your destination path for your movie file. Then you will get a Chinese movie with English subtitle or any language you want.

The information above is for general informational purposes only. WonderFox is in no way collaborated or affiliated with third-party websites, and never advocates any copyright infringement action. The end-users should be solely responsible for your own behaviors.

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