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PSPhone Rumors Start Anew

PSPhone has some new rumors. According to the MobileCrunch website, there is an anonymous person who with authority to provide them with lots of PSPhone new information. What are the rumors? Follow me.


PSPhone Rumors Start Anew - Screen Details and Price Were Exposed

Some New Rumors about the PSPhone

The following is their new rumors:

1. PSPhone certainly exists.

2. With an exciting Bravia screen, similar to iPhone4 retinal screen.

3. Sony Ericsson Official unprepared announced recently yet, but it is almost certain that this smartphone will be displayed on the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2011) in February next year.

4. PSPhone price is about $ 500, which will include five built-in games.

5. Not sure whether to run PSP games, more likely it will be specifically development of game products for this mobile phones built-in platform. In the brand, Sony Ericsson may use the Xperia, but not PlayStation.

6. The price of the game will be more like mobile games but not PSP games; it would be cheaper than PSP games.

7. Mentioned in rumors before the "Z-System" is indeed true, Sony Ericsson will make it into a new game platform, it is not clear whether the game will be sold through the Android Market. However, according to "reliable sources" that Google is working closely with the Sony Ericsson.

In addition, the anonymous person who with authority also stressed that the PSPhone can provide the best experience play game on the mobile device.


This rumor is indeed release a lot of news, but it denied a few days before the event invitation Sony Ericsson speculation, that PSPhone will be released on December 6. Recently, more and more rumors about PSPhone, but readers only can believe it is really exist. Other content, or leave time to test it.

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