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Nokia N8 vs Apple iPhone 4

Nokia N8 vs iPhone 4

Nokia N8 and iPhone 4 are both new and popular since they were born, and we can hear many discussions and comparison of these two biggest devices. Here let's compare them again to see worth your hard earn cash?

Nokia N8 Cell Phone vs Apple iPhone 4

Screen Compare


Nokia N8: Nokia N8 has 360 x 640 pixels 3.5-inch touch screen and as is the case with a lot of Nokia devices, you can choose to watch videos on your TV through your Nokia N8, which is a lovely little touch - and lessens the necessity of having an immaculate screen. Judging from the survey, Nokia N8's screen has left a good impression on users, but we still can not make sure whether it'll be better than the new iPhone 4's screen.

iPhone 4: iPhone 4 has an impressive 640 x 960 pixel display, which is the same size as the Nokia N8's. However, Apple has included its highly debated Retina Display technology, which is reported to be very impressive. This is an advantage that we can see from iPhone 4.

Generally speaking, it's difficult for us to say which mobile phone is the best but on paper.

The iPhone 4 clearly has the edge - both in terms of pixel power and invested technology.

Verdict: iPhone 4

Operating System

Operating System

The Nokia N8 uses new Symbian^3 OS and, while it may have ironed out a lot of the niggles, such as constant confirmation requests, it still remains to be seen whether or not it'll stand tall amongst the Android and, more importantly, iPhone 4s of the world.

We still haven't seen the N8, or indeed Synbian 3 in action yet, but we're hoping that The Symbian Foundation has come up with some good - or, it could really spell the end for them.

We've had a good walk through the new iOS4 courtesy of Mr Jobs at the iPhone 4's keynote speech, which took place on June 7.

And, it really does look the business, having multitasking, local notifications, unified email and impressively overhauled UI.

We knew Apple wouldn't disappoint and iOS4, even to the most hardcore Android fan-boys, is a rather impressive development - even for a company of Apple's stature and reputation.

Couple this with Apple's reputation for creating extremely fast and durable devices and you're on to a winning formula.

Verdict: iPhone 4

Camera Compare


Nokia N8: It seems to be that this is the traditional advantage of Nokia series, even its low-end devices usually sporting a 5-megapixel Carl Zeiss camera.What's more, Nokia N8 has 12 - megapixel camera and Xenon Flash. In short, the Nokia N8 will surely take some seriously impressive snaps.

iPhone 4: Compared with Nokia N8 in this field, iPhone's disadvantages apparently show up. iPhone 4 only brings 5-megapixels to the table. Even though Steve Jobs may tell us it's not always all about pixels, we're hard pressed to see how the iPhone 4's camera could beat the Nokia N8's 12-megapixel Carl Zeiss colossus… we can easily to see that in the camera field, iPhone besides iPhone 4 is not as well as Nokia N8.

Verdict: iPhone 4



Nokia N8: Nokia has its Ovi Store, which is stocked full of interesting, useful and innovative resources like widgets, games and apps. What's more, depending on the success of the Nokia N8, it is likely to expand dramatically, which is always a good thing - especially, if Nokia want to compete with the Apple on the apps front.

iPhone 4: Apple is to apps what Google is to search and even Android can not compete with the iPhone 4 on this front. This field is an apparent advantage of iPhone besides iPhone 4. Applications on the iPhone are far superior than those found on Android, RIM, Windows and Symbian - and this is only going to increase following the release of the iPhone 4.

Verdict: iPhone 4


In all, according to these aspects that we have mentioned above, iPhone 4 has more advantages than Nokia N8, but Nokia N8 is still a powerful mobile phone, which at least put up a fight for iPhone 4.

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