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Nokia C7 Strong Competitor for iPhone 4

C7 and iPhone 4

Nokia C7 will be launched this year by Nokia Company. Like Nokia N8, C7 will also become a strong competitor for Apple iPhone 4. After talking so much about Nokia N8, now it is time for us to concern about Nokia C7.

Nokia C7 Cell Phone Strong Competitor for iPhone 4

The Advantages that Nokia C7 Owns Compared with iPhone 4

Since Nokia C7 can be touted as strong iPhone 4 competitor, it will obviously have many advantages compared with iPhone 4. If you are looking for some mobile phone that are better than Apple iPhone 4, it is necessary for you to know the advantages of C7 compared with iPhone 4.

C7 has a better specification than iPhone 4.

Nokia C7

The 8 Megapixels camera with Dual-LED flash is the evidence to convince Nokia’s user. Also Symbian^3 that becomes C7 operating system makes this phone seems similar with N8. It was designed with 3.5 inch capacitive touchscreen phone and very slim.

About the shape of Nokia C7.

shape of Nokia C7

In the field of shape, we can see that Nokia C7 still capable to compete 9.3mm iphone 4.

Battery life.

Nokia c7 Battery life

Battery life on the Nokia C7 is also better than Apple iPhone 4. The quoted talk time of Nokia C7 is 9.6 hours while the standby time is 18 days. Practically, we found we could get nearly two days of semi intensive use out of it. The Nokia C7 also defaults to a power saving mode when the battery is low, which can be deactivated, offering easy ways to extend the life if need be.

The Common Advantages of Nokia C7 and iPhone 4

As popular mobile phone, iPhone 4 and Nokia C7 have some common advantages or features. They both have excellent functions in some area.

1, Firstly, Apple iPhone 4 and Nokia C7 are both excellent smartphones with GPRS.

2, Secondly, they both have excellent Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support.

3, Lastly, they both have beautiful appearance and are both popular.


As a new phone of Nokia Company, Nokia C7 does have a lot of new features and advantages compared with Apple iPhone 4. However, there are still some disadvantages that Nokia C7 need to be improved. Hope we will see a real powerful Nokia C7 in the future!

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