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Are You Still Expecting iPad 2?

iPad iPad 2

It’s said that the new iPad – iPad 2 will be release latter this year or in spring 2011. It’s expected. But along with some analysis, some people shocked.

What leads that? Let’s see some analysis.

iPad 2 Will Be Release

Screen Item

iPad 3iPad 4

It’s said that, Apple will devote to 5.6-inch and 7-inch iPad next. It’s wonderful. But does it mean that Sumsung Tablet and BlackBerry Playbook take some real competition to Apple? May Apple feel afraid to make the change?

Besides, Apple will also go on the business with 9.7-inch iPad, and the new 9.7-inch will devote to the entertainment function. But it’s said that the new iPad will be thinner and lighter. We know Apple has some problem on battery; the new change seems to be no change on battery. And may have some cut on the original configure.

The Price

The price of the new iPad may be higher.

Some news showed that Apple will change the touch-screen of iPad to LED. LED touch is good, but the cost will be increased. The cost of 9.7-inch LCD screen is about 60-70 dollars. But equipped with LED, the cost may be about 500 dollars. What does it mean? It’s almost value a 16GB iPad with the original version.

But high cost may meet high service. Just depends on your mind.

The Camera

iPad 5

The built-in camera may be highlight. That may be what the users expecting. Just imagine, you can have video-chat or video call to others with iPad. It’s awesome. That’s may be the break of the new iPad.

But out of camera, what can users to expect? A cheaper price or some break in the function? We hope that, we expect that. Can we do it?

Let Apple do its work and let the market and the users judge it in the near future.

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