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The Five Major Failings of BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook

A few days ago, RIM releases the BlackBerry PlayBook with high-profile; although this product has not officially appeared on the market, there have been a lot of discussion on it. Seen from the current situation that we have known, if PlayBook want to attract its hypothetical user or want to compete with the Apple iPad, there are at least five major failings that they should pay attention to. Here we will discuss these five major failings in the passage below.

Tell PlayBook Fans - The Five Major Failings of BlackBerry PlayBook

Failing 1: Screen Size and Resolution


BlackBerry PlayBook has 7-inch screen and the resolution is 1024*600, the display screen is too small and can not show most WebPages. Later the display screen is adjusted to 10-inch and 1024x768, which is reluctantly be accepted by consumers and is accepted by some commercial customers. However, the size and resolution is still a problem that needs to be solved.

Failing 2: Operating System and Application Environment

PlayBook OS

BlackBerry PlayBook doesn't use the BlackBerry 6 operating system of BlackBerry phone as we expected, while the operating system that PlayBook use is a new one which is based on QNX. Although RIM states that PlayBook can be compatible with the service and software of BlackBerry phone, the operating systems of PlayBook and BlackBerry phone are different, how much these two products will be compatible with each other is doubting. What's more, compared with Apple IOS and Google Android, the numbers of application software that BlackBerry owns at present are still far behind.

Failing 3: Price


Like the other competitors of iPad, people estimate that the price of BlackBerry PlayBook will be higher than iPad, according to the speculation of some analysts, the material costs of PlayBook is more than 300$, which is higher than iPad ( 230~347$) and which will surely affect pricing.

Failing 4: The Name of BlackBerry PlayBook

name of playbook

Play gives people too much impression on consumption and entertainment, and the Book is also make people reminiscent of the book or notebook instead of flat products. PlayBook is also not as well as the name BlackPad, which seems to have something to do with the BlacBerry. The name of PlayBook is also a failing that RIM should face.

Failing 5: The Limitation of Supported Video Format

name of playbook

Actually, this new product also can not get rid of the shackles of the limitation of video format, the exactly video format that PlayBook can support are only these formats: H.264、MPEG、DivX and WMV, it is necessary for RIM to compensate for this defect.

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