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The Top Fight of Symbian^3-Compare Nokia E7 with Nokia N8

As the biggest handset-maker in the word, we can say that Nokia has influenced each family from each area all over the world. I believe that there are so many stories about Nokia and us. In 2010, Nokia Company upgraded their Symbian Platform to the new Symbian^3 devices. Nokia E7 and Nokia N8 were the new cell-phone types came out with this new system.

E7 VS N8

Top Fight of Symbian^3-Compare Nokia E7(Left) with Nokia N8(Right). As the mainstream Symbian^3 models Nokia pushes, we must figure out the difference between them so that can choose the right one. Then let's compare Nokia E7 with Nokia N8.

Nokia E7 VS N8

Comparing Nokia E7 with Nokia N8 in Full Specs

Below we will see the full specs comparison


From the form above, we find some different as follow.

1.Nokia E7 has a larger 4" screen with new ClearBlack Display technology on top of the AMOLED screen. This technology can make the screen display more gorgeous.

2. Nokia E has a larger internal storage and more additional softwares. We can say E7 prefer to business direction.

3.Nokia N8 has 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss sensor,a Xenon Flash an auto focus. Nokia E7 has only 8 mega pixel non Carl Zeiss camera fixer focus, no Xenon Flash, and no ambient audio recording. So the quality of N8's photographing result is much better than E7.

Conclusion: Different Market Positioning for Different People

Under the competitive pressure given by Apple IOS and Google Android, Nokia finally bowed to users. So Nokia Company pushed these two types to content different person's taste. As the last devices, Symbian^3 has really gratified so many Nokia fans. Nokia E7 and Nokia N8 also have been qualified for this job.

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