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WonderFox Soft Together with MindGems Inc. Hold An Exclusive Giveaway to Our Readers


10 Licenses Worth $400 of Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder PRO (VSDIF) and 10 Licenses Worth $300 of WonderFox Photo Watermark

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How To Enter This Giveaway?

Use the widget below in order to enter this giveaway. Once you log in via FaceBook or e-mail there are multiple entry options. You can share, tweet, like, Google+ etc. Use the arrow that points to the right at the bottom of the widget to skip an entry option. There are 10 options that you can use in order to join the giveaway. If you use all the 10 options you have a higher chance to win. The more entries you make the higher chance you have to win this great tool. The Tweeter option will earn you an extra entry point for every person that joins the giveaway by following the link in your tweet. Good luck to all participants!

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VSDIF is not a common duplicate file finder that can identify exact duplicate files only. It uses advanced algorithms in order to find similar images by comparing the actual image content VISUALLY rather than comparing just the file data. A standard duplicate finder is not capable of finding even exact duplicate images if they are stored in different file formats as the file data is not identical. Read on to find out how to get a copy of this wonderful tool!

Find Similar Images - Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

The main benefits of using this duplicate photo finder tool:

  • Organize image collections by identifying similar images
  • Save disk space by removing unnecessary duplicate photos
  • Search for similar images inside image collections by using a sample image
  • Update image collection with images from external sources by merging only unique items with the highest quality

WonderFox Photo Watermark is a straightforward program allows people to create and add visible watermarks to hundreds of digital photos and images at one go. It is fairly an efficient method for anyone whose business depends on photos like professional photographers and artists to protect their works’ 2009-2020. This watermark software makes it very easy for everyone, even green hands to create watermarks in a wide range of styles at your will. Also want to protect and brand videos you shared online? WonderFox Video Watermark is fairly a good solution to 2009-2020 your original works in a quick way. Click here to learn more>>

Major Features of WonderFox Photo Watermark:

  • Add various kinds of watermarks (text, logo, image, and frame) on your digital images in minutes
  • Additional options (special effects, offsets, rotation, and transparency) to personalize your images in a way you like
  • Support all popular image formats, incl. BMP, JPEG, PSD, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIFF (including multipage TIFF), and GIF formats in images
  • Batch mode to help to watermark 300 photos less than 1 minute
  • 150 + free watermark materials are provided
  • More image editing features (rename, resize, crop, etc.)

Why Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder is Special?

This tool is rated OUTSTANDING on CNet and reviewed on many photography and technology web sites and there is a pretty good reason for that.

The true image analysis can identify similar and duplicate images regardless of the image format, size, dimensions, colors and other image attributes. Copies of the same image with modifications applied like color correction, crop, retouching, change of file format or watermarks will still be identified as a duplicate of the original image. VSDIF supports more than 100 popular image formats including Photoshop PSD and over 300 RAW camera formats. This makes it the best tool for organizing, maintaining and cleaning image collections. VSDIF is extremely precise and can handle large photo collections of more than terabyte of images. This is not surprising because the $39.95 desktop version is an affordable alternative of this $499 Corporate tool that is used by large companies in the medical, stock photography, game and other industries. There is an "Image Search" functionality that works on personal photo collections located on a local hard drive or network. A sample image can be used in order to find all similar images inside an image collection. The tool gathers information for the scanned images in a database and updates it automatically if they are modified. This reduces the time needed for consequential scans to just seconds. Do not miss to check the other tools provided by MindGems Inc. as there are some FREE and pretty handy applications. The Duplicate MP3 Finder tool works in a similar way for audio files and the popular FREE Duplicate File Finder and Folder Size tools will help with the disk cleanup process. Download the FREE DEMO of Duplicate Photo Finder.
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