WatchCartoonOnline: Watch Cartoon and Anime Series for Free

WatchCartoonOnline is a website where users can watch anime and cartoons for free. Is it worth a try? Is the website safe and legal to use? Which are the best alternative sites to it? We go deeply into WatchCartoonOnline and explain all the details in the following content.

Vita Vita | Updated on Jan 26, 2024

1. What is WatchCartoonOnline

2. The Real WatchCartoonOnline Websites

3. Is WatchCartoonOnline Safe and Legal to Use

4. Best Replacements for WatchCartoonOnline

4.1 9Anime

4.2 KimCartoon

4.3 MyCartoon (Down)

4.4 Gogoanime

4.5 SuperCartoons


5. Is WatchCartoonOnline App Available

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1. What is WatchCartoonOnline

When referring to best free cartoon streaming websites, most people will give a vote to WatchCartoonOnline (WCO). WatchCartoonOnline, in spite of its name, offers people with not only cartoons, but also a broad range of anime shows and movies dubbed or subbed in English. It is one of the most-visited free streaming websites on the Internet and a quality anime and cartoon source, along with many good features and characteristics.

Here are its key features:
1. Large anime & cartoon collection covering various genres and English dubbed and subbed versions.
2. Well-ordered UI design helps you navigate to desired sections handily.
3. Several content categories including Recent releases, Dubbed anime, Cartoons, Subbed anime, Movies, Ova series, Last 50, and Popular & On-going series.
4. Today’s Anime recommendation for you who don’t know which one to start with.
5. Simple and fast content streaming.
6. SD and HD quality support.
7. Timely website updates and daily new releases.
8. The website has embedded ads yet they are less disturbing and rarely bother you during the viewing.
9. Well compatible with mobile browsers. 
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2. The Real WatchCartoonOnline Websites

A lineup of official WOC websites is available which targeting users in different regions or for backup purposes. However, a few counterfeit websites are emerging on the Internet at the same time, which use UI design and domain highly similar to the authentic WatchCartoonOnline. In order to access quality content and enjoy anime & cartoon more safely, you’d better be careful to use the official links. In summary, the following are the officially verified WOC websites:

The main site:
(WOC has changed its main domain from the previous watchcartoononline to wcostream) 

3. Is WatchCartoonOnline Safe and Legal to Use

If you ask about the legality of this free streaming website, WatchCartoonOnline essentially is a pirated website that offers free links of unlicensed cartoons and anime, from third-party platforms. Under some circumstances, site owner running such websites may be forced to close down them by law enforcement authorities. Therefore, many free streaming websites change their domains from time to time and even use multiple mirror websites to mitigate the risk. But a viewer typically won’t get into trouble with the copyright law for visiting these websites and watching anime and cartoon.
Need a 100% legal source? Check out Top 9 Legal Anime Websites.

WatchCatoonOnline itself is a safe anime & cartoon website. However, it is loaded with embedded ads that may take you to some suspicious third-party websites. The best practice to prevent potential risks is not to click any ad buttons and close ad pages immediately if they pop up. By doing this, you would not take security risks when browsing this website.

4. Best Replacements for WatchCartoonOnline

In addition to WatchCartoonOnline, other free streaming websites specializing in anime and cartoons are also available, which can bring you the same or even better user experiences. We have rounded up 6 good replacements for the WatchCartoonOnline website.

1. 9Anime (Now AniWave)

WatchCartoonOnline alternativ

9Anime is the most well-known option in this field. It owns the largest index database of anime streams and also runs at the fastest updates. Generally, you will be able to catch up on the newest episodes within half an hour after their official premiere in Japan. A wide selection of genres and both subbed and dubbed anime are available. It is a promised land for anime lovers.

2. KimCartoon

Sites like WatchCartoonOnline

KimCartoon is where you can watch small encoded cartoon shows and movies. This website features a respectable number of popular full cartoons shows like Rick and Morty,Steven Universe, American Dad!, Adventure Time with Finn & Jake, The Simpsons, SpongeBob SquarePants, and so forth. Multiple servers are available for streaming. What’s more, it keeps regular updates. Users can always find desired titles on this website.

3. MyCartoon (Down)

Cartoon and anime on MyCartoon

Not only for cartoons, MyCartoon also includes some classic anime series. Although it doesn’t come with a large catalog like other options in this list, there are some nostalgic titles like Azumanga Daioh, Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl, and Sword Art Online for you to binge with.

4. Gogoanime

WatchCartoonOnline replacement

Gogoanime is another free anime dedicated streaming website that is ranked among the best alternatives to watch popular and new anime. Its repository is a mixture of subbed and dubbed anime. Many trendy Chinese Donghua can also be found therein. Gogoanime supports multiple servers in decent qualities. Meanwhile, direct Gogoanime download option is available for each episode.

5. Supercartoons

Watch classic cartoons shows

People always feel nostalgic for these classic cartoons, which unleash a tide of memories of the carefree childhood. And SuperCartoons is a good spot that helps you recall these old precious moments through its curated collection of over 1,000 classic cartoons series including Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, The Pink Panther, Daffy Duck, Mickey Mouse. SuperCartoons gathers many classic shows from Walt Disney, Warner Bros., Hanna-Barbera, MGM, and other famous studios. You can give it a shot if you’re keen on old animated shows.

6. is a devoted cartoon streaming website, coming with an easy-to-navigate interface and advanced filters. It is filled with popular series and animated movies. Streams are available in SD and HD qualities. Besides, rolls out an Android app. Personally, Its Rating feature is a striking point, which helps me decide which show or movie to start with based on user ratings.

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5. Is WatchCartoonOnline App Available

Many people are looking forward to WatchCartoonOnline app. Although there are many alleged WatchCartoonOnline app, you should be on the alert since they are not from the official group. In fact, WatchCartoonOnline doesn’t have any app currently.

These are review of WatchCartoonOnline and relevant aspects most people are concerned about while using this website. Please bookmark this page for updates in the future and you’re welcome to contact us if you have any question.

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