Top 13 KissCartoon Alternatives to Catch Your Favorite Cartoons

KissCartoon was once a popular site that streams cartoons for free. But the official site was shut down years ago. So in this post, I will introduce to you some other sites that can serve as KissCartoon alternatives to continue watching cartoons online for free. To save you time, let’s dive in!

Michelle Michelle | Updated on Jan 25, 2024

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Cartoons captivate men of all ages. There used to be a site called KissCartoon where we can watch all children and adult cartoons for free. But that is a past story now. The official KissCartoon is down. If you are looking for other places to catch your favorite toons, try the following best KissCartoon alternatives. Hope you’ll like it!

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13 KissCartoon Alternatives to Watch Your Desired Cartoons

1. KimCartoon

KimCartoon - Alternatives to KissCartoon


If I have to pick the best KissCartoon alternative, it must be KimCartoon. No matter the web navigation or content streaming, KimCartoon is to offer you a top-notch experience. For it has an advanced filter system for finding cartoons close to your heart and a vast cartoon library to satiate your different thirsts. And all the content is available in high quality. Moreover, it is rumored that KimCartoon is managed by the same people who have developed KissCartoon. Well, due to its perfectness in almost every way, it sounds pretty authentic to me. Why not see it for yourself?

2. &

KissCartoon Unofficial Sites - Websites like KissCartoon

Website: &

Since the shut down of the original, there have emerged many new domains bearing the KissCartoon name like these three sites. Yet none of these sites are official KissCartoon. But I think these sites make good KissCartoon alternatives because, for one thing, they offer an extensive library of cartoons. And they can stream cartoons in multiple resolutions, with the highest being FHD 1080P. However, flaws exist indeed, which is the annoying redirects before and during the video playback. That said, it is still an ideal place to watch cartoons online.

3. WCOStream

WCOStream - Alternatives to KissCartoon


Formerly known as WatchCartoonOnline, WCOStream has now evolved into a place to offer more than cartoons but also dubbed and subbed anime series to cater to different tastes. And that has just made this site more like KissCartoon. Anyway, it’s not a fully cartoon-centered site, but it does provide one of the best collections of cartoon resources you’ve ever seen. No matter it is the kids shows or the adult cartoons, you can find them here in full episodes and gorgeous quality. What should I say? It is truly a nice place to carry on your cartoon journey.

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4. TheWatchCartoonOnline.TV

TheWatchCartoonOnline.TV - Websites like KissCartoon


TheWacthCartoonOnline.TV is not so much a KissCartoon alternative as the backup site of WCOStream. Because, basically, TheWacthCartoonOnline.TV is WCOStream under a different skin with the same cartoon resources, and the same way of streaming. The only difference is that you have to turn off the ad-blocker to watch any content on this site while in WCOStream, you don’t have to. But that won’t affect you much since the ads are scattered around the two sides of the page, and you won’t encounter any redirects or pop-ups during your use of this site. And trust me, you will enjoy yourself fully on this site.

5. - Alternatives to KissCartoon

Website: is primarily designed for kids. You can find many classic cartoons of the 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s, the same cartoons you’ve watched in your childhood. But honestly, it is a place for all ages. Many adult cartoons can also be found here. And the best part about this site is that you can filter the cartoon by age restrictions like TV-14, TV-Y, TV-PG-13, etc. Also, another highlight of this site is that it has a sleek web design. Every cartoon is very accessible and smooth to play as well. Your go-to site for cartoons undoubtedly!

6. CartoonCrazy

CartoonCrazy - Websites like KissCartoon


Aren’t we all crazy about cartoons? Let’s get crazy again at CartoonCrazy, one of the best websites like KissCartoon to offer a huge variety of cartoons as well as anime. And with over 3,000 cartoon series, you can find almost anything you want from its library. Just go through the cartoon list or use the simple search bar to get whatever you desired and start watching for free. By the way, if you are into WCOStream, you are also going to love CartoonCrazy, for they share the same web style. Now, I’ll just leave you to it.

7. FMovies

FMovies - Alternatives to KissCartoon


FMovies is actually one of the leading free movie streaming sites, and you might have used it for watching movies or TV shows before (If you haven’t, try it now!). And now you may wonder what it has to do with cartoons. Well, just hear me out. Visit this site, go to Genre, select Animation, and see the appearing results? There you go. FMovies catalogs a large number of cartoon movies and series from not only American but the whole world, which is really good if you want to expand your viewing range. Don’t throw away your shot on this!

8. Yes!Movies

Yes!Movies - Cartoon Sites like KissCartoon


After the last FMovies, Yes!Movies surely is no surprise to you. And on this site, you will also find a lot of cartoon & animation resources indexed in its database. And you know what’s even better? It has a perfect filter system that allows you to search for cartoons by country, year, quality, and subtitle. And it is easy to get whatever cartoons you want on this site, especially cartoon movies, with only two simple clicks. A genuine good alternative to KissCartoon.

9. SuperCartoons

SuperCartoons - Alternatives to KissCartoon


If you are nostalgic about classic cartoons and want to re-watch them, SuperCartoons is your answer. Just pick your one and enjoy it without any disruption. But, as it provides only the old classic cartoons, it may not be the best KissCartoon alternative, yet it is a good site to rekindle your childhood memories.

10. CartoonsOn (Down)

CartoonsOn - Cartoon Sites like KissCartoon

CartoonsOn is a place where you can find both old and new, short and long toons, and animated movies for free watching. And it covers mostly the names we are familiar with through our childhood to adulthood. Yet rarer cartoons are less likely to be found on this site. Anyhow, you can select your favorite cartoons by the studio, characters, shows, and series, which is of great convenience to target the type of content you want. Use this site, and you won’t be disappointed.

11. TopCartoons

TopCartoons - KissCartoon Similar Sites


TopCartoons is another site focusing on classic cartoons. And it is the most simple site to offer a total of 38 top cartoons in the most streamlined way. Just go to the Series, and you will see the whole catalog at a full glance. Though a limited cartoon library, you’ll get the most pleasure out of it if you’re a fan of classics.

12. B98.TV

B98.TV - KissCartoon Alternatives


Similar to TopCartoons, B98.TV seems like a sister site to the former one, with the same style of simplicity and the same way of content providing. Yet it has an even smaller database than TopCartoons with only altogether 24 cartoon series available. However, the cartoons do not overlap with TopCartoons. And what you couldn’t find on TopCartoons, you may find it here. Combine this site with TopCartoons, and you will get a great KissCartoon alternative for sure.

13. ToonJet

ToonJet - KissCartoon Similar Sites


Finally down to our last pick, ToonJet. This is a website where you can find even older classics. But it sources the cartoons from YouTube, and some of the videos are constantly taken down. Nevertheless, you’ll find using this site much comfortable for it has no ads and no pop-ups at all.

Wrapping up

Of course, these thirteen KissCartoon alternatives mentioned above are not all. There may be better sites that will give you a fantastic cartoon watching experience. With a comprehensive cartoon library, they are to offer you more options. Yet if you want to explore more, here is a list of other sites, but remember you won’t find many mainstream cartoons on these sites below:

Watch CARTOONS ONLINE ( It has few lesser-known cartoons from the ’80s and ’90s. ( It has a good selection of famous animation shorts from the last century and many vintage cartoons.
Newgrounds ( All are user-produced animation shorts.

If you want to watch cartoons with your kids, you can go to PBS KIDS, Nickelodeon, Disney Now, and Boomerang, which has some free full-episode cartoons available.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

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