6 Cool Places to Watch Hong Kong Dramas Online With English Subtitles for Free

Are you looking for a place to watch Hong Kong dramas? This post is for you. As a HK drama lover, I will share with you 6 sites to watch Hong Kong dramas online with English subtitles for free in this article. Let's dive in!

Michelle Michelle | Updated on Jan 25, 2024
Best 6 Sites to Watch Hong Kong Drama Online Eng Sub for Free:

When talking about Asian dramas, most people first think of Korean romantic comedies, Japanese ethics dramas or Chinese fantasy dramas. But there is still a small group of people who prefer Hong Kong dramas. Although the golden age of Hong Kong dramas has passed, some Hong Kong dramas are still excellent. However, there are very few websites that offer free online HK dramas, let alone Hong Kong dramas with English subtitles. But don’t worry, I’ve found six of the best websites to stream Hong Kong dramas online with English subtitles. If you are interested, please continue reading.

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Download HK Dramas for Free

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Best Sites to Watch Hong Kong Drama Online Eng Sub for Free

1. DramaCool

DramaCool - Online HK Dramas Eng Sub

My most visited site is DramaCool, as it has satiated my thirst for classic HK dramas to the most. I’ve found here a great selection of Eng-subbed old HK dramas (mostly before the 2010s). It also updates the latest trending HK dramas regularly. For people who like to catch the newly released HK dramas, this site is also a top choice. Moreover, there is no difficulty in using this site. Every function and section is pretty clear to see. And besides watching online, you can even free download the episodes through the direct download buttons. I am sure you will fall in love with this site.

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2. Drama3S (Down)

Dram3S - Watch Hong Kong Drama Online Free

Another site you shouldn’t miss is Drama3S. This could be your go-to site to watch the most recent Hong Kong dramas with high-quality English subtitles. As of writing this article, this site has updated all the recent popular dramas onto its site. However, the old HK drama category is a little thinner than some others, but you will find some hidden gems if you dig deeper. And when you find your wanted drama, simply click on its cover and hit Watch Now to start watching without any hassle. What’s more, you are also allowed to download your desired episodes for free. Wouldn’t it be a qualified place for you to carry on your HK drama journey?

3. MyAsianTV

MyAsianTV - Online HK Dramas Eng Sub

I always use MyAsianTV as the backup site to DramaCool because these two sites are very much alike in almost every way. No matter it is the web design or the drama database, even the atmosphere is similar. That means, what you can get on DramaCool, you are also to have it here on this site. However, I would choose DramaCool over MyAsianTV for the former site has fewer ads. Yet you won’t feel much differences under a powerful ad-blocker. Anyway, this is an overall ideal place to watch and download Hong Kong drama online free with English subtitles.

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4. Polldrama.Com (Down)

Polldrama.Com - Watch Hong Kong Drama Online Eng Sub

Polldrama.Com is another dedicated site to serve dramas of various Asian countries. It mainly focuses on providing the latest popular dramas, and it has been doing this since 2017. Hence you will find a decent library of Hong Kong dramas that were released after 2017. But it is making an effort to add older dramas onto this site. You just have to wait for it. Most of the Hong Kong dramas are available with good-quality English subtitles. And it is easy to play them, though the connecting speed is a little slow, and it takes a while for an episode to load.

5. ViewAsian

ViewAsian - Online HK Dramas Eng Sub

ViewAsian has a web interface that resembles the popular movie streaming site Yes!Movies (Check out the Free Movie Streaming Sites if you are interested). But the content offered is completely different. It centers exclusively on Asian movies and dramas. And all your beloved Hong Kong dramas can be found in the Hong Kong category. You can use the awesome filters to sift your wanted dramas. But the best thing I like about ViewAsian is that it differentiates the subbed resources from the raw ones by showing you different colors on the top-right corner of the poster, red means Eng-subbed, while yellow indicates raw. You are going to fully enjoy yourself here.

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6. KissAsian

KissAsian - Watch HK Drama Online Free

Our last stop KissAsian is also a favorable place to watch Eng-subbed HK dramas. Actually, KissAsian is one of the leading sites that stream Asian drama content for free. And it probably hosts the biggest collection of classic Hong Kong dramas online. Yet the problem with KissAsian is that it won’t show you the full Hong Kong drama list. You are only to get more movies than TV dramas if you go through its Hong Kong drama section. And you have to search drama by name to get your wanted result. Apart from this inconvenience, it is a delight to use this site.

Tips: In case you want to download from KissAsian: How to Download from KissAsian?

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How to Free Download HK Dramas from Websites

Step 1. Install WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory;

Step 2. Copy the URL of the HK drama video;

Step 3. Paste and analyze the URL in WonderFox Downloader;

Step 4. Start downloading.


The above-mentioned websites have a rich library of Hong Kong dramas. But if you know Cantonese, there are many more websites where you can explore all the old and new Hong Kong dramas online. On YouTube, you can follow the following channels: TVB Mystery Channel 神秘频道, TVB Best Drama 熱播劇場, and TVB WuXia Drama 经典武侠频道. Websites like Dramaz.Se, and OK Drama also give you the opportunity to enjoy more HK dramas. Hope this article will be helpful to you. Thanks for reading!

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