9 Best Vocaroo Alternatives in 2023

Jan 18th, 2023
  • Get Get the Best Vocaroo Alternative for Windows to
  • ∙ Record voice over in high quality
  • ∙ Record audio from mic or system, or both
  • ∙ Save audio in MP3/WAV/AAC/AC3
  • ∙ Record screen with sounds included
  • ∙ Edit and convert a/v recordings
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About Vocaroo
9 Best Vocaroo Alternatives
1. 123APPS Voice Recorder
2. Rev Online Voice Recorder
3. Voice Recorder Online
4. VirtualSpeech Online Voice Recorder
5. Voice Spice Recorder
6. SpeakPipe voice recorder
7. Resonate
8. Audio Recorder
9. Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder
Best Desktop Vocaroo Alternative

Part 1. An Overview of Vocaroo

Vocaroo voice recorder is an easy-to-use online recorder. It comes with a simple interface but only allows users to capture their voice from mic. If you’re looking for an easy and quick way to record your voice, Vocaroo is a good choice.

After recording, you can download it in MP3 format or directly share it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. Also, you can copy the link to share with friends. It is totally free to use and requires no registration.

But there are also some drawbacks. It doesn’t allow you to select an audio source. Besides, it doesn’t offer any editing tools. What’s worse, it doesn’t work at times. That’s the main reason why we compiled the list of the 9 best Vocaroo alternatives for you. If by any chance your Vocaroo doesn’t work or you just want to find a recorder with editing features, you may find a desired voice recording tool as an alternative in this review.

Part 2. Top 9 Best Vocaroo Alternatives Online

Before going through the features of all the recommended alternatives to Vocaroo, you need to define your needs. If you just need a simple and quick recorder for occasional use and have no demands for editing functions, an online recorder would be better. If you need a professional and overall tool, the desktop software would be a better choice.

Use our summaries to learn the features of each Vocaroo alternative and to figure out which is the best for your actual needs. Let’s dive in!

1. 123APPS Voice Recorder


123APPS Voice Recorder makes another handy Vocaroo alternative in your browser. It is available for free and no sign-up is required. It allows you to record your voice using a microphone and save it as an MP3 file. Meanwhile, you can hit the gear icon at the right corner to change the input device. In addition, it comes with a simple audio editor. After the recording is complete, you can cut off the unnecessary part in the beginning and end. The best part is that 123APPS includes various tools other than the Voice Recorder, such as an audio trimmer, joiner, equalizer, and so on.


Easy and free to use
Simple Trimming feature
Offer access to other free tools for editing


Export audio in MP3 only
Limited audio editing functions

2. Rev Online Voice Recorder


The next is Rev Online Voice Recorder. This free, simple audio recorder is available on varieties of browsers. You can access it from Google Chrome on PC or Safari on iPhone. In addition, there is no need to create an account either for recording or file downloading. You can use it to capture sound/music/speaking online at no cost. It only exports the recorded audio in MP3 format. After recording, you can preview the recorded audio and do some simple trimming edits. Besides, it allows you to transcribe the recording to text.


Simple UI & free
Don’t need to sign up
Feature a simple trimmer
Transcribe audio to text


Only record voice from mic
Output MP3 file only

3. Voice Recorder Online


Voice Recorder Online is a free and simple MP3 recorder tool that allows you to record audio and voice right in your browsers and then save it as a .mp3 file to play anywhere. It is available as both a web-based version and a mobile version compatible with iOS and Android phones. No hidden payments are charged and no sign-up is required for recording and downloading either. Voice Recorder Online is totally a reliable Vocaroo alternative voice for recording.


Free to use and no hidden charges
Offer app for Android and iPhone


Don’t record sounds from browser
No editing features available

4. VirtualSpeech Online Voice Recorder


VirtualSpeech Online Voice Recorder features a simple click-to-record button to help you record audio right in a web browser fast and effortlessly. Simply hit the Start Recording button to start and no account is required. With it, you can easily record your voice or other audio and save it in the M4A format. Additionally, it offers extra options for you to convert the audio to MP3 format in case you worry about format compatibility issues. Besides, it also allows you to convert audio to text. If you have more specific demands for the audio format, you can download the recording first and then navigate to the Audio Converter to make a format conversion.


Simple and free to use
Export audio in M4A and MP3 format
Preview the recorded audio
Convert audio file to text


Filled with ads on this page
M4A is not a common format
No built-in audio editor

Versatile Audio Recorder on PC

HD Video Converter Factory Pro offers 500+ presets for video & audio conversion and supports video editing, downloading, GIF making, etc. It helps you do more than record audio and video on a PC. Give it a try now!

Download for Free
Download for Free

5. Voice Spice Recorder


Voice Spice is a great Vocaroo alternative designed for voice recording and message sharing. With it, you can record a message, morph your voice, then share it with friends and family on social media sites. Before recording, it allows you to preset a desired microphone volume and modify your voice level ranging from lower to higher. In addition to that, it provided you with options to apply an effect to personalize your voice, such as Hell Demon, Space Squirrel, and Robot. You can also change the voice from Man to Woman, and vice versa. But note that you can only get the recording through sharing on social media and email instead of saving it to a local disk.


Able to adjust the volume for mic input
Convenient to share over the internet
Text-to-speech recording function
Apply effects to morph your voice


Can’t download the recording to your computer
Only allow recording audio from mic
No editing tools

6. SpeakPipe voice recorder


SpeakPipe voice recorder works on many devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. With it, you can create as many voice over recordings as you can as it sets no limits on recording times but a 5-min max recording duration. It is also free to use and doesn’t require an account. Similar to Voice Spice Recorder, this free Vocaroo alternative only allows you to save your recorded audio file on its server and get a link to it, so you can send it via email or use on the web. There is no option to download the recording locally on your computer.


Free and easy to use
Record as many times as you want
Easily share via the link


Max recording time is 5 minutes
No editing features
Can’t download audio file locally

7. Resonate


Resonate comes with a simple interface to use. It provides you with an option to select an input device. Then simply hit the big red button to start recording. It is designed to offer an easier way to create a podcast. If you’re interested in starting a podcast, then Resonate might be right for you. After the recording, a Join & Download button will pop out. You don’t need to input your email to get the recorded file. Hit Skip joining the list below the button and download the free high-quality WAV file locally to your computer.


Simple and free to use
Select input device
Save in WAV format


Upgrade for editing features

8. Audio Recorder


This audio recorder is built on Matt Diamond's excellent RecorderJS which is a popular JavaScript library for recording audio in the browser as uncompressed PCM audio in .wav containers. This online audio recorder is easier to use than Vocaroo. Click the link above to open the recorder. As you can see, it has an extremely self-explanatory interface with only two buttons built in. Simply hit the mic icon to start recording and then press the download button to save your recording in WAV format.


Intuitive interface
Free to use
Record in high-quality WAV


Limited recording options
No editing features available

9. Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder


Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder makes the last easy-to-use Vocaroo alternative to capture mic audio in your browser. Not only can it serve as a voice over recorder but also let you record sounds from your system. Or, you can capture both mic audio and system sound simultaneously. Then save your recordings locally in MP3 format. Besides, you’re provided with an option to convert the recorded file to another format if it doesn’t play properly. But you need to download a new launcher to use the converter.


Simple and easy to handle
Without hidden fees and require no sign-up
Record sound from various audio inputs
Have a desktop application


More features like audio-to-text and editing only available on the desktop version
Limited output audio recording format (MP3 only)
30-min max recording duration for the online version

These are all the top 9 online audio recorder alternatives to Vocaroo. Just in case you are looking for a more powerful program that wraps all the mentioned features into one then we’d like to recommend you desktop audio recorder software.

In the following part, we’ll share with you a robust desktop Vocaroo alternative for Windows—WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. It has a lot more to offer. Read on to figure out whether it is worth trying.

More than a Simple Recorder
  • Record audio and video with no limit
  • Trim, split, merge audio files without difficulty
  • 500+ optimized presets for fast media conversion
  • Download song/album/audiobook from 1000+ sites
  • Create personalized ringtones, animated GIFs...
Download for Free
Download for Free

Best Desktop Vocaroo Alternative for Windows

For easy and quality audio recording, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is the best option. It has a dedicated audio-only recording mode and offers you a flexible audio source option, making it possible to record sound from mic and system at the same time, or separately. Save your recorded audio in MP3, WAV, AAC, or AC3 format. It also comes pre-installed a powerful recorder, allowing you to convert the recordings to FLAC, OGG, WMA, and even ringtones with ease.

What’s more, it comes with a simple audio editor with which you can edit audio recordings by trimming, cutting, merging, compressing, and even modifying parameters like sample rate and bitrate. All features are easy to use and doesn’t require any special skills.


Easy to use
Record audio in high quality
Multiple audio recording output formats
Capture internal and external audio
Screen record with audio


Only available on Windows

Get Get this all-in-one Vocaroo alternative and follow the steps to record audio with no limit.

Step 1. Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Select Recorder among the five modules on the main interface. Then in the recording window, hit the speaker-shaped icon to activate the “Audio-only” mode.
You can also choose the other recording mode to screen whatever happens on your display, like online meetings, gameplay highlights, live music, etc.

Step 2. In the recording settings below, choose a needed audio output format from the “Format” drop-down options.

*Tips: MP3 is highly recommended for it is supported by a variety of devices and players while WAV offers the highest possible audio quality and sound replication.

Step 3. Next, enable the “Microphone” option to record your voice for software walk-through videos or slideshow. To capture mic audio and system sound altogether, you can also tick off the “Desktop” box.

Step 4. Finally, at the bottom of the interface, hit the downwards button to specify an output path or leave it as default. Hit “REC” and start recording the audio after a five-second countdown. Press “Ctrl + F1” hotkey to stop the recording.

Optional. For extensive edits on your recordings, you can import the files to the Converter module.

To Sum Up

These alternatives to Vocaroo share common features as well as have unique functions. Just choose one based on your user experience and actual needs. Thanks for reading till the end. Have a nice day.

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