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How to Easily Download, Install and Update VLC Codecs

Author by Charlotte

Updated on May 25, 2021

 This article will give you an elaborate tutorial of how to download, install and update VLC codecs so that you can play various videos on VLC or other media players. What's more, with a functional video and audio transcoding program, you are also able to easily convert your video/audio files to various formats for smooth playback on different devices. The recommended video transcoding program can be downloaded here:

Part 1 - Why Do We Need VLC Codecs?

Have you ever encountered the problem that the audio or videos downloaded from the internet or shared by friends can't be successfully played on your media players? Have you got a clue? Actually, such a situation is usually caused by the lack of corresponding video and audio codecs.

VLC, as a popular free open source program, is not only popular for its support of various platforms, like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. The most favorable feature of VLC is that it enables you to smoothly play the majority of media formats including some less popular formats. In terms of VLC Media Player, it is equipped with abundant VLC codecs which supports nearly all mainstream video and audio files. Therefore, many users are wondering whether they are able to download VLC codecs pack to arm their favorite media players. Next, follow the below tutorial to learn how to download, install and update VLC video codec.

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Part 2 - VLC Codec Download, Is It Safe to Download and Install?

Download Codec Pack for VLCDownload Codec Pack for VLC

In fact, the VLC Media Player doesn't officially release any VLC codec pack download! The VLC codecs pack you searched and found in the search engines are made and uploaded by some people. And actually, most of such personal made download pack contains adware or stubborn toolbar. It is true that such packs are enriched with many codecs, but we also have to pay attention that these personal made VLC code pack may be conflicted or incompatible with other media players and programs as well!

Personally, in order to circumvent the unknown risks, it is better not to download and install any so-called VLC codec pack. If it is your urgent need, here gives you some pack alternatives like K-Lite Codec Pack or CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack). But you'd better download these recommended pack from the official sites too!

Part 3 – Credible VLC Codec Download, Install and Update Tutorial

Easy Method for VLC Codec UpdateEasy Method for VLC Codec Update

There's no doubt that the best method to download trustworthy, clean and safer VLC codecs is to download and install VLC Media Player directly. When you have installed VLC Media Player, all the codecs are successfully installed at the same time. And you don't need to download any code pack for VLC again! What's more, if new codecs are updated, it will be released with the new VLC version. Next, follow the below to learn the tutorial of VLC codec update. Here we offer 2 methods for VLC codec update without any hassle!

Method 1 – Go to VLC Media Player official site: to download the latest version, then install and overwirte the old installation.

Method 2 – If you are still using an old version of VLC, click "Help" on the menu bar > "Check for Updates".

Part 4 – A Good Helper for Video & Audio Transcoding

Reliable Video and Audio Transcoding ProgramReliable Video and Audio Transcoding Program

Here also introduces a free video transcoder to you. Free HD Video Converter Factory is a good helper for video and audio transcoding which has abundant built-in codecs. With it, you can convert your various awkward video and audio files to common formats which are supported by most devices and players. For example, it enables you to convert H264 to AVI, MP4 to DivX, etc.

All in all, apart from downloading VLC codec pack, it's also a good alternative to use a reliable and functional video/audio transcoding program to convert video and audio files to various formats for smoothly playback on your devices and players.

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