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How to Make Square Videos on a Computer or Mobile Phone?

Author by Vita

Update on Jun 14, 2022

Square videos is an effective approach to attract viewers to some extent on social media platforms based on universal searches and data analysis. The ways to make video square are varied so we have compiled the effective methods on both mobile devices and desktop for your reference. If you’re looking for a Windows option, we recommend HD Video Converter Factory Pro:

Why Use Square Videos for Social Media?

Because of the fact that a square video can take up 78% more screen space around in a viewer’s newsfeed on mobile devices than the landscape ones perform and the rapidly growing number of mobile users, square videos bring about the stronger user engagement and indirectly give one’s brand and product more exposure. Choosing a suitable video display format for your videos is vital and the square video is undoubtedly a good practice. In the following part, we will discuss how to make a video square on desktop and mobile phones respectively.

How to Make a Video Square on a Computer?

If you try to square videos on your computer, based on your computer OS, there are different video editing software you can use. For Windows users, we recommend HD Video Converter Factory Pro that is a windows-based application focusing video format conversion, video editing, video downloading, and also giving other options to deal with multiple files. You can easily learn how to make a video square on it by following the steps:

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How to Make Video Square on Windows?

Import the video

Before start, please free downloadfree download and install the software on your PC.

Step 1. Import the Video File

Open HD Video Converter Factory Pro, on the start-up window, select Converter; click on Add Files to select the video you want to square or directly drag the file into the Window.

Square a video

Step 2. Square the Video

There are several editing options below the imported video. Click the Crop icon to enter the new cropping window. Check the Fixed Aspect Ratio option in the lower-center of the interface, open the drop-down list and select 1:1. A dotted frame will appear on the left screen. Drag it to select the area you want to crop.

Besides, you can fill in the Crop Area Resolution box with the same values to square the video. Please note that the value you fill in can’t exceed the minimum value of the original resolution. For example, if the original video is 1280*720, the maximum value you can fill in the box is 720. You can also make use of the fine-tuning options to select the needed area more accurately. Click OK after you have finished the cropping settings.

Choose an output format and start the conversion

Step 3. Choose an Output Format

Go to the big format icon on the right side of the window and select an output format for the video.

Step 4. Finalize the Process

Click the triangle button on the bottom of the window and select a location for saving the output file. Finally, click on Run to start the process of making a video square.

How to Square a Video on Mac?

iMovie, the default video editor for macOS and iOS devices is many people’s preferences. It has a video cropping feature, allowing users to crop any specified portion of a video. However, it doesn’t support changing video aspect ratio to 1:1. In such cases, you can use a third-party tool or utilize Keynote. Let’s have a look at how to square videos on Keynote.

Keynote Square VideoKeynote Square Video

Step 1. Run Keynote and create a presentation with 1:1 customized size, such as 720*720, via Document Settings > Custom Slide Size.

Step 2. Add your video into the slide and drag & resize your video to fit the slide.

Step 3. Go to File> Export to > Movie to save the presentation as a video file.

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How to Make a Video Square on Mobile Phones?

Many people are used to shooting and uploading videos to YouTube and other social media pages on mobile phones so a solution for mobile users is necessary.

Square ready video on AndroidSquare ready video on Android

1. Make Four Square Video on Android

These days almost all Android phones equip built-in video & photo editor and some of them also allow you to crop videos in different aspect ratios. Just open the default Photos app on your device, find and open the video you want to square, and tap the little pencil icon below the video, which will direct you to the video editor screen always. Yet if you can’t find the feature on the Photos app, you can also turn to other third-party square video editors, such as VivaVideo, Video Crop, or YouCut.

2. Make Video of Square on iPhone

On the iPhone, a good way to square your videos is to use Video Crop.

Open the App store in your iOS device, and then find the Video Crop app.

It’s a direct and useful video cropper app for iPhone, which helps you easily square videos to different aspect ratios. You can give it a spin!

In Summary

Now, we have walked through the ways to create square videos on different platforms. For Windows users, HD Video Converter Factory Pro could be the best solution with lots of useful tools. Just give it a try.

Finally, if you think this article is helpful, please share it with more friends. Thanks for reading!

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