How to Screen Record BeReal Without Anyone Knowing?

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Jan 04, 2024
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Does BeReal Notify When Screen Recording?
How to Screen Record on BeReal Secretly?
FAQs about BeReal Screen Recording
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As an excellent social media app, BeReal allows users to upload and share their photos with friends. When viewing your friends’ BeReals, you may want to save the interesting ones. In this case, screen recording or screenshotting BeReal is a good option to save friends' BeReals.

However, you may face some problems before the recording, like if BeReal will notify screen recording, how to screen record Bereal without notification, etc. Given that, this post is for you. Here you will find the answers to what you’re concerned about. Just keep reading now!

Notice: We don't advocate screen recording BeReal for any commercial or illegal usage. The following guide is limited to personal fair use only. WonderFox does not approve of copyright infringement in any way.

Does BeReal Notify When Screen Recording?

Just like other social media applications, you can record any post you're interested in on BeReal. But you may not want to let the BeReal post’s owner know you are recording. So will BeReal notify when screen recording?

You should have known that BeReal will detect the screenshot actions and notify the owner of the BeReal you screenshotted. However, when it talks about the screen recording on BeReal, there is no definite answer that will BeReal notify screen recording. Users from forums like Quora, Reddit, etc. are saying that BeReal won’t notify when anyone attempts to screen record on BeReal. But someone also says that screen recording will be detected and counted as a screenshot.

According to the answers from different users, we thought it might depend on the device you are using. If you want to screen record in BeReal without others knowing, just remember to avoid using the default screen recorder on your iPhone or Android phone (It will interact with BeReal and share data when you are not aware of it.) A third-party screen recorder is recommended.

How to Screen Record on BeReal Secretly?

The following will show you how to record BeReal posts secretly on mobile phones and PC! Just select an approach and start your recording now!

1). Capture BeReal on Android/iPhone

As stated previously, it is unsure whether BeReal will notify when screen recording or not. So to make a BeReal screen recording secretly, you can use a third-party screen recorder as BeReal will not detect third-party apps. But remember, to avoid any BeReal notification, try a third-party screen recorder, like AZ Screen Recorder, DU Recorder, etc.

* If you want to try a definite way to screen record BeReal without notification, you’re recommended to launch BeReal on your PC and then start recording with a PC screen recorder. Quick access the PC method>>>

The following content will take AZ Screen Recorder as an example to show you how to screen record BeReal on mobile devices.

Step 1. Install AZ Screen Recorder from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2. Launch it and allow the required permissions. After go through the required settings, you can see a camera icon on the side of your screen.

Step 3. Launch the BeReal app and go to where you want to record.

Step 4. Tap the camera icon and press the Record button to start recording. Once finished, re-press it to stop recording.

Record BeReal on Mobile
Record BeReal on Mobile

Here is a 100% workable solution for users to bypass detections when screen recording on BeReal. –You can use BeReal on your PC. Windows and macOS are the natural protection of your data. It can prevent software with a strong privacy policy from detecting your actions. So to screen record in BeReal secretly, just use BlueStacks or other phone emulators to run it on your computer.

How to run BeReal on a computer:

Step 1. Download and install BlueStacks on your PC from its official sites.

Step 2. Activate it and then search BeReal from Google Play.

Step 3. Install and launch BeReal.

2). Record BeReal on PC

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro offers a practical hidden screen recorder tool that allows you to screen record various screen activities without getting permission from the hosts. With this third-party screen recorder, you can easily record BeReal, Snapchat, etc. without being detected. It is simple to use and offers high recording quality. Download it here and see how to start screen recording on BeReal!

Free download Download for Free
Free download Download for Free

* Before starting the recording process, please open the BeReal app on your PC and find a BeReal post you want to save.

Step 1. Launch WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro and open the “Recorder” module.

Step 2. Choose a recording mode from “Custom” or “Full-screen” at the top of the interface. Then click “OK” to confirm the recording region.

Choose Recording Mode
Choose Recording Mode

Step 3. Set a desired recording video format, quality, and frame rates and turn on or off the GPU acceleration for higher recording performance if needed. Turn on the Microphone if you want to record the screen with your voice. Then click the bottom ▼ triangle button to specify an output folder.

Modify Recording Settings
Modify Recording Settings

Step 4. Press the red “REC” button, it will start screen recording BeReal after a 5-second countdown. To end the recording, press “Ctrl + F1” or click the stop button on the appeared mini control bar.

Start Recording
Start Recording

Once the recording is done, you can navigate to the “Converter” module to trim, merge, add effects, compress, or convert it to other popular formats and devices.

FAQs about BeReal Screen Recording

1. Can you screenshot BeReal without them knowing?

Actually YES. BeReal will notify the owner of the BeReal post you screenshotted. If you want to screenshot a BeReal without them knowing, here are some approaches.

Approach 1. Use a screen recorder to capture the BeReal post and then extract the images you want to save.

Approach 2. Use another mobile phone or device to take a photo of the BeReal you want to save.

Approach 3. Take a screenshot in the “Recent Apps” tab.

2. How to See Who Screen Record or Screenshot BeReal?

If you want to know who screenshots or screen records your BeReal post, you can check with the following steps.

Step 1. Find the post that has been marked as screenshotted with an icon.

Step 2. Click the icon and you will be led to a new interface.

Step 3. Choose an option to share to a platform or app.

Step 4. Switch back to BeReal and you will see who has screenshotted your BeReal post.

3. Can you download BeReal pictures?

If you want to download or share your BeReal pictures outside of BeReal, you can go to your profile, and tap “View all my Memories” under “Your Memories”. Select the BeReal you want to download. Then tap the three-dot icon in to top right corner to add to photos.

Bottom Line

Can you screen record on BeReal? Yes! However, BeReal may notify screen recording if you use the device’s built-in screen recording tool. In order to record BeReal without them knowing, you can run BeReal on your computer and start recording or give a third-party screen recorder on your phone a try.

Hope you can successfully screen record BeReal without anyone knowing after reading this post. Thanks for reading till the end. Have a nice day!

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