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The Most Effective Way to Play WMV on Chromebook

Author by Oswald

Updated on April 27, 2023

You must have tried to play WMV files on Chromebook and ended up with failure. And it’s hard to find a proper WMV player for Chromebook, some video players from online doesn’t help much because they either can’t recognize your WMV files at all or have awful playback performance. In this article, you’ll learn a way to play WMV on Chromebook by converting WMV file format. Download the recommended video converter software of this article in advance to save time:

Questions of WMV Chromebook Playback Come from Common Misunderstandings

Can Chrome Play WMV Files?Can Chrome Play WMV Files?

Q: WMV files can’t play on Chromebook? They worked just fine on my former laptop. Something wrong with my Chromebook?

Q: Wanna play WMV files, how to download Windows Media Player Chrome for my Chromebook?

Once you obtained some understandings about WMV, Chromebook and Chrome OS, I believe that your questions will be answered.

Something You Need to Know about WMV, Chromebook and Chrome OS

WMV (Windows Media Video) is a collective name for a series of video codecs developed by Microsoft and its related video encoding formats. As its name suggests, WMV is perfectly supported by Windows Media player, which is the built-in media player of Windows OS.

On the other hand, Google Chrome OS - Chromium OS, which can be simply understood as running a Chrome browser using the new window system on the Linux kernel, differs from Windows OS with its characteristic that both apps and user data reside in the cloud.

There is No Such Thing as “Windows Media Player Chrome” or “Chrome Windows Media Player”!

- Because Windows Media Player serves for Microsoft Windows OS only.

Let’s take a look at Chromebook compatible media formats: MOV, 3GP, AVI, M4V, MP4, MP3, M4A, MKV, OGV, OGG, OGM, OGA, WEBM, and WAV

As you can see, WMV is not included here, but WMV files Chromebook playback is still achievable by converting WMV to the video format that Chromebook Supports. Finding a WMV player for Chromebook seems like a solid plan, but it always ends up with a failed attempt because a lot of players aren’t trustworthy. In order to play WMV on Chromebook, a good video converter for Chromebook is a must, here is a perfect one for you.

The Best Video Converter that Helps to Play WMV in Chrome

HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a powerful, clean, and easy-to-use any-format converter that can easily complete WMV to Chromebook conversions. With a few clicks and not much time, you can get files that can be perfectly recognized by Chromebook effortlessly. Other video and audio files not supported issues can also be easily solved with this video converter. Sounds great? Free Download it here for preparation and follow the tutorial below to convert your WMV files.

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How to Play WMV on Chromebook with HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Load WMV Files into the Program

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software. Run the Program and select Converter on the main screen.

Step 1: Load WMV Files into the Program

Click the “+ Add Files” button to add WMV files from local drive.

*(Optional) Make Your WMV Files Look Better!

Click the small “Parameter Settings” button to preset output video files parameters, by doing so, you can raise resolution, bitrate to enhance video quality in a certain degree, or change aspect ratio to fit wide-screen TV.

Convert WMV Files to Chromebook Format

Step 2: Convert WMV Files to Chromebook Format

Open the output format list by clicking the format image on the right side of the converter. Find Google icon from the category box above, select it, then choose “Chromebook” format below. While you’re at it, have you noticed the other Google device icons, are you having the similar problem as WMV to Chromebook with other Google devices? You know what to do.

*(Optional) There are more!

Click the corresponding icon to convert WMV files to any format you need to:

Convert WMV to MOV if you happen to be an Apple enthusiast as well; Convert WMV to MP4 for the best compatibility among all.

Step 3: Start the Conversion

Press the bottom triangle button to set a destination folder for keeping the converted files. Click on the “Run” button to start the conversion. You’ll be noticed whether to open the output folder when the conversion finishes.

Won’t take long (even if there are batch of WMV files)! You’ll be enjoying your WMV videos in no time.

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Not only WMV, you can convert almost any format to Chrome device with HD Video Converter Factory Pro.

Learn more: Stream AVI to Chromecast, Convert Video to Android Devices, Fix MP4 Plex Playback Issue

Alternative Method:

Install Recommended Video Players that Support WMV Files from Chrome Web Store

VLC: WMV Player ChromeVLC: WMV Player Chrome

There is another way to play WMV in Chrome. Although Chrome OS has an integrated media player, but, unlike Windows OS, Chromebook users usually inclined to choose other video players from Chrome Web Store for better playback performance and a wider range of format compatibility.

Install VLC from Google Web Store:

As the fact that Chrome OS is based off the Chrome browser, every app that you installed runs within Chrome browser.

The operation of playing WMV files on Chromebook is pretty simple, import your WMV files to VLC, and you are ready to go.

VLC claims that it supports video formats (and network streams and DVD ISOs), and it works just fine on the most as tested. And most importantly, it’s free!

But there are still imperfections of VLC media player, annoying problems appear sometimes: VLC player can not recognize files/playback stop during the middle, and there are crash issues for Chrome OS in full-screen mode. Besides, although VLC is a great WMV player for Chromebook and functions steady on chrome, there is still a chance that VLC unable to play your WMV files.

At last...

As a matter of fact, except for some specific video formats, such as MP4 (extremely popular) and WebM (put forward by Google), most video formats like WMV are not supported by Google devices (Chromebook, Chromecast, some Android mobiles, etc.).

Actually, you won’t have any idea about the file format that you want to run on your Google devices in the future, and whether it’s supported or not. Time to get used to solving compatibility issues for devices and players with HD Video Converter Factory Pro!

Thank you for your reading.

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