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Free Solutions to How to Play AVI on Roku 4/Roku 3/Roku 2

Author by Oswald

Updated on Jan 12, 2022

Simply put, Roku doesn’t natively support AVI files. But AVI Roku playback is still achievable. I’ll show you two ways to manage to play AVI on Roku without any external device. For beginners, you can install the free, clean and practical video converter to losslessly convert AVI to Roku-friendly formats for smooth playback at once:

Can Roku Play AVI?

Q: I am trying to set up a simple media movie box for my daughter and granddaughters. I have a Roku 3 and a large (2GB) hard drive full of AVI files (many 10 minute cartoons). However, Roku Media Player seems not to display the AVI files for playback. does Roku play AVI? How can I play AVI files on Roku?

Video formats supported by RokuVideo formats supported by Roku

A: That’s a fairly typical FAQ at Roku official forum. Although AVI is a traditional container format, Roku does not natively support it because of licensing issues. Additionally, Roku was initially designed as an internet streaming device, not a local streamer, so I guess its limited support for video formats is somewhat reasonable.

Then if you want to play AVI files on Roku, you may check out these two free and effective methods below.

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Solution 1. Convert AVI to Roku Supported Formats (for Beginners)

The easiest solution to enable AVI playback on Roku is to convert AVI to Roku supported format. To do that, without quality loss or any further compatibility issue, it takes a good video converter tool. Here’s a qualified one: WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory, a free, clean, and powerful video converter that supports any input video format and helps you to convert your videos for matching specs of all kinds of platforms, including Roku, of course. Free downloadFree download this converter and follow the tutorial below to solve the issue now:

Free Download Free Download

Play AVI on Roku by Converting AVI to Roku Supported Video Formats

Load AVI files into the converter

Step 1. Load Roku-incompatible AVI Videos into the Program

Launch the program after installation and open Converter, load the AVI files into the program by click the “Add Files” button. Alternatively, just drag AVI files into the program. Then define the destination path at the “Output folder” box underneath for output files.

Convert AVI files for Roku

Step 2. Convert AVI Files to Roku-friendly Formats

For playing AVI on Roku properly, converting AVI to MP4 is a recommended move. Click on the output format section on the right side. Selecting the ready-made MP4 profile from “Video” category will convert your AVI videos to H.264 video/AAC audio codec (by default), which are perfectly supported by Roku. At last, hit “Run” button to start the conversion. After that, your formerly AVI files shall be smoothly recognized by Roku devices.

Solution 2. Play AVI via Your DLNA Servers (for Experienced Users)

You can play AVI files stored on your computer or mobile hard disk adopting DLNA servers on your Roku device as a Roku AVI player. In that case, Roku will able to direct stream AVI files utilizing the AVI support provided by DLNA servers, or play AVI files since DLNA servers have automatically transcoded AVI to Roku-friendly formats.

DLNA servers that are compatible with Roku Media Player: Windows Media Player/Center, Serviio, Plex, Twonky, MiniDLNA/ReadyDLNA/ReadyMedia, PlayOn. Among them all, Plex could be the most recommendable choice - Firstly, it’s popular enough that almost everyone is well acquainted; Secondly, Plex Server works really well on Roku as tested; Thirdly, building Plex on Roku is not so sophisticated.

Thus in the following, I’ll take Plex as an example to demonstrate how to configure everything for your Roku, hopefully you can easily understand how it works and get the hang of it.

DLNA enables you to send videos, pictures or music from your smartphone or storage server through your home WLAN to a TV set or tablet for display.

Cast Plex to RokuCast Plex to Roku

Step 1. Have Plex Media Server built on your computer or a storage device, make sure it has access to secure connections.

Step 2. Navigate to to acquire Plex Media Server GUI for your PC. Install it and login to your Plex account, and create and manage your digital library. Now you’ve made Plex a Roku AVI files player!

Step 3. Locate and click the “Select Player” button at the upper-right side of the main interface > Cast > Connect Plex Media Server with Roku device via WLAN.

Search Plex from Streaming Channels on RokuSearch Plex from Streaming Channels on Roku

Step 4. Go to the channel store on your Roku device > search from “Streaming Channels” > add Plex.

Add Plex to RokuAdd Plex to Roku

Step 5. Logging in your account. After associating your account with the Roku device, the AVI file stored within can be played normally on Plex. Try playing AVI on Roku to see if it works.

What’s more…

That’s all I want to share with you about how to play AVI on Roku with the two methods. I’d also like to mention that the free program Free HD Video Converter Factory can help to convert video formats to accord with the specs of different platforms. Apart from main-stream media servers like Roku, Plex, Kodi, etc, there are more situations that it can be applied to, like converting video to Google Drive video formats; converting videos to YouTube spec for fast uploads, etc. Free download the program now to find out more!

Free Download Free Download

Professional High-definition Video Converter Tool

Professional High-definition Video Converter Tool

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

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Free Download HD Video Converter Factory Pro Free Download HD Video Converter Factory Pro

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