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OnlineVideoConverter is a website where users can convert video files from local folders and online to all kinds of popular digital formats. Thanks to its simplicity, has a large number of devoted followers. However, many people have experienced "OnlineVideoConverter not working" problems recently. Given this, we round up several simple solutions in the article.

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Vita Vita | Updated on Dec 22, 2023

Part 1. Why Is OnlineVideoConverter Not Working

Part 2. Common Fixes to Online Video Converter Not Working

Part 3. Good Alternatives to OnlineVideoConverter

Part 1. Why Is OnlineVideoConverter Not Working

Opening, you will find the website is out of service and doesn't have any conversion tool on its page. As its homepage says, would roll out conversion and editing features later but we don’t know when exactly it's going to happen. Thus, "OnlineVideoConverter not working" is not a specific case for some, but for everyone. The only solution to convert video files as before, is to turn to an OnlineVideoConverter alternative. We will list some good options in Part 3>>.

If you insist on using OnlineVideoConverter to convert video files, there are some clones yet safe OnlineVideoConverter websites on the Internet. is the currently most popular option:
Different from the original site that allows users to convert files from local folders and URLs, is a devoted converter for YouTube to MP4 or MP3.

On top of that, people are also frequently meeting errors when using other online video converters. Putting aside maintenance and shutdown, most online video converter not working issues can be attributed to similar causes. Thus, we have summarized the common causes and solutions in the following part. You may try them when you run into online video converter errors on any other websites.

Part 2. Common Fixes to Online Video Converter Not Working

You may encounter an online video converter won't convert files in different scenarios. For instance,
• video conversion stuck on the stage
• videos can’t be uploaded to the online video converter website
• the converted file can’t be opened, unknown error message pops up during the conversion
• and more.
Typically, one of the solutions below should work it out.

Solution 1. Refresh the page and submit the video again

When too many people are using the website to convert files simultaneously, the site server may become overloaded and fail to function properly, so you can try to refresh the page and submit the video later. This method is also useful in many other circumstances besides dealing with overloaded servers.

Solution 2. Clear the browser cache and cookies

In the same way, you can clear the cache and cookies of your browser in case that overloaded cookies and cache decrease the efficiency of browser functionality and even cause online video converter errors when using specific websites.

Solution 3. Make sure the net connection

Unstable internet connection may cause video upload or conversion to stuck. You can try to switch to a faster network connection.

Solution 4. Disable extensions in your browser

Ad-blockers and antivirus software will block parts of content and even functions of a website. In this situation disabling all potential extensions and software one by one and converting videos is also a way to go to fix online video converter not working.

Solution 5. Flush DNS server cache

When your local DNS cache include outdated information, especially an old or incorrect IP address, you will fail to access the corresponding site. Flushing DNS server cache will remove all invalid records and enable you to access the right website again. On Windows, you can use Command Prompt to clear DNS caches as follows:

Step 1. Click on Start button on the lower right corner of the screen, type in cdm.
Step 2. Open the Command Prompt app.
Step 3. Type the command: ipconfig/flushdns. Press Enter.

Solution 6. Check whether the website supports your files

Different online video converters support varied inputs and outputs. If your file isn’t supported by these websites, you will also encounter online video converter not working and receive error message like “this video cannot be converted please try another link online video converter”. Then, you have to turn to other converters.

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Part 3. Good Alternatives to OnlineVideoConverter

Since OnlineVideoConverter not working is due to the closure of its service, here is a list of popular replacements you can use to convert videos online. (YouTube converter)

Most online video conversion tools have limitations on video file size, length, and input formats. They will become less practical when you want to convert large or rare video files. By comparison, a desktop free video converter has stronger capability of dealing with high-quality and large video files and offers more customizable options. WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is an excellent video converter for Windows. It supports virtually all video and audio files and over 500 formats and presets for hot devices. Powered up by hardware acceleration, it achieves dramatically fast conversion while keeping good quality. WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is a great solution for fast & HD conversion.

Please free Downloadfree Download the software. The following part also elaborates on how to convert videos with WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory.

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Step 4. Press "Run" to finish the conversion.

Online video converter this video cannot be converted

Bottom Line

This post is about how you can convert videos easily when running into OnlineVideoConverter not working. There are also several common fixes that are suitable for other online file conversion websites. However, if the problem lingers, an alternative video converter will be the best solution.

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