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[ Overall Solution ] Instagram Videos Not Playing on Mobile Devices? How to Fix the Problem?

Author by Blues

Dec 26, 2019

Most of the time, it's easy to play videos on Instagram. But some people have complained that there is a problem of Instagram videos not playing on smartphones or tablets at times and can't find a practicable method to solve it. Generally speaking, this phenomenon is usually caused due to poor network connection, outdated application version, inappropriate system settings and so on. Next, I will explain the overall causes and how to fix this issue effectively. Of course, if you want to play Instagram videos offline, the recommended software will be the way to go.

Why Won't Instagram Videos Play?

Q:" Instagram videos won't play. Are there any easy and efficient ways to fix Instagram video not working on smartphones and tablets? "

A: Nowadays, almost everybody has an Instagram account and Instagram provides the function of sharing videos and photos with the public. So people are able to watch kinds of videos on Instagram by simply tapping. But recently some users have reported that Instagram videos failed to be played. Don't worry about it, we have found some common causes of this error and will tell you how to fix Instagram videos not playing issue. Additionally, we have recommended an optional method of saving Instagram videos on devices to watch offline, which allows you to access Instagram videos in a completely new way. You can try it as well.

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Through investigating, we find that there are some reasons leading to Instagram videos not playing on mobile devices:

1. Poor Network Connection

If you are using a cellular data connection, you can try to switch cellular data to Wi-Fi. If Wi-Fi is not working, you need to check whether your router is connected to the right internet. The most straightforward way is rebooting the router and reloading the Instagram video again.

2. Out-dated Instagram Application

Another reason causes Instagram video not working is that you may have been using an older version of Instagram, then you need to update the version to the latest one. According to the device you use, if you are an iOS user, go to check if your Instagram needs to be upgraded: Head to the App Store on your iOS device »Tap on the update panel at the bottom. The operation of updating the app on Android system is the same as iOS.

3. Switch off the Power Saving Mode

Power saving mode on your devices will save battery in doing anything so that Instagram videos won't play or load slowly. Therefore, if the power saving mode enabled on your device, you should come into the Settings option » Scroll down to see Battery » Find the Low Power Mode to turn it off. You can take the similar actions on Android phones.

4. Clear up Instagram Cache

Even though you have turned off the power saving mode and updated Instagram, the problem of Instagram videos not playing might still occur. This time you should consider if there are caches stored on Instagram after you have used Instagram for a long time. Supposed that you are using an iOS device, you have to delete the Instagram to clear up the caches, but if you are an Android user, you can directly clear caches by visiting the settings to find the Instagram app and tap on the Clear Cache button.

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How to Get Instagram Videos to Play with a Professional Video Downloader? (Permanent Method)

If the solutions above still don't work it out, I highly recommend an optional solution to you - WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. With the help of the software, you can not only solve the error of Instagram video not working but also YouTube downloader not working as well. This program also supports fast converting the downloaded Instagram videos to 500+ digital formats and devices for playing on some mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HUAWEI and so on with its lightning mode and hardware acceleration.

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The Easy Tutorial of Downloading Instagram Videos

Copy the video URL

Before downloading Instagram videos, please free downloadfree download and install the downloader on your computer.

Step 1. Copy the Instagram Video URL

Go to your Instagram webpage to find the webpage of the video you want to play, and copy its URL on the top.

Paste and analyze the URL

Step 2. Paste and Analyze the URL

Double-click the shortcut of the video downloader on the desktop to run it. Enter the Downloader area, and click the New Download button to build a new download task. Next, paste the copied video link into the analyze blank box and hit the Analyze button to start to analyze the URL.

Start to download Instagram video

Step 3. Start to Download Instagram Video

After the analysis process is completed, choose the output resolution you desire and click the Ok button. Then, hit the inverted triangle icon at the bottom to determine the output folder and lastly press the Download All button to start the download task. Now, you can connect your devices with the computer via a data cable and play Instagram videos offline on your devices without hassle.

TIPS: If you want to compress video file size for uploading the video to other social platforms like YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, you can click on the Parameter Settings button in the converter interface where you can also increase the video volume, change the video resolution, etc.

At last

For the error of Instagram videos not playing on smartphones or tablets, you must have learned about the common reasons and corresponding solutions. If you want to avoid some matters, you'd better try the permanent method recommended.

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