The Ways to Fix Instagram Videos Not Playing

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Nov 28th, 2023
Fix Instagram Videos Not Playing

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Edit Video to Meet Instagram Upload Settings

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Why Won’t Instagram Videos Play?
Methods to Fix Instagram Not Playing
-- How to fix Instagram not playing on phone?
-- How to fix Instagram not playing on Chrome?
In Conclusion

Summary: When your Instagram videos are not playing on the phone app or Chrome browser, you can find a solution in today’s article. This post will explain why Instagram videos won’t play and provide effective solutions to fix the Instagram videos not playing hurdle on your device. Let’s dive in!

Why Won’t Instagram Videos Play?

The Instagram videos not playing error could be due to various factors. Common causes are listed below:
1. Faulty or weak network connectivity;
2. Corrupted app data;
3. Malware or plugins interference;
4. Issue with the browser;
5. Insufficient memory;
6. Enabled power-saving mode/low power mode of the phone;
7. Unsupported video settings.

Methods to Fix Instagram Not Playing

Here are the solutions you can try when the Instagram videos fail to play on your phone or Chrome browser. Continue reading to learn the details:

--How to fix Instagram not playing on your phone?

Most commonly, people scroll through Instagram on their iPhone or Android smartphones. First, we’ll guide you through how to fix the Instagram video unable to play on a phone.

Solution 1. Check the network

You can reconnect the Wi-Fi or shift to the mobile network to see if it works. Or, turn off your phone for at least for 5 minutes to reset the internet connection.

Solution 2. Restart the app

Sometimes, restarting the app could quickly fix the issue.

Solution 3. Update the Instagram app

An outdated app or corrupted/damaged app data could also lead to playback failures. In order to solve the Instagram video not playing error, you can reinstall or update the app from the Google Store (on Android) or App Store (on iPhone).

Solution 4. Turn off the Power-saving mode

Both iPhone and Android phones come with a battering-saving feature that can help save battery life when enabled. But it also restricts some features, which may be responsible for the Instagram video not loading error. To make your Instagram operate correctly, it’s a good practice to turn it off. Generally, you can go to Settings > Battery and find this feature to turn it off.

Turn off the Power Saving Mode
Turn off the Power Saving Mode

Solution 5. Clear the saved cache for Instagram

Full cache memory or corrupted/outdated cache files all can contribute to performance issues such as app glitches, data displayed incorrectly, etc. Besides, a growing cache can take up much valuable space and slow down your phone. For these reasons, it can be a good idea to clear a cache periodically.

--How to fix Instagram not playing on Chrome?

Solution 1. Clear browser cookies and cache

Accumulated cookies and cache files can not only consume a lot of disk space but also slow browsing performance. Furthermore, the expired cache can prevent you from viewing new versions of previously visited web pages. If come across something wrong when using the web browser, clearing the cache and cookie files should be the 1st step to fix the error. Luckily, clearing the cache and cookies is easy.

  • Launch Chrome.
  • Hit the three vertical dots (ellipsis) and select Clear Browsing Data.
  • Set the Time Range set to All Time. Tick off the option “Cookies and other site data" and “Cached images and files”.
  • Finally, select Clear Data.
  • To make the changes take effect, close and re-open the Chrome browser.
Clear Browser Cookies and Cache
Clear Browser Cookies and Cache

Solution 2. Restart the Chrome

When running into some video or image loading errors, try right-clicking and reload the page. Or, you can close all tabs and restart the Chrome browser to play the Instagram videos again.

Solution 3. Update the Chrome

Most web browsers offer automatic updates, and Chrome is no exception. But there are times when the automatic update fails to work. Then issues like Instagram videos not playing arise. To update Google Chrome:

  • Open Chrome and hit the vertical ellipsis.
  • Head to Help > About Google Chrome.
  • Then click Update Google Chrome (if you can’t find this button, you’re on the latest version).
  • Finally, click Relaunch.
Update the Chrome
Update the Chrome

Solution 4. Disable all extensions and plugins

Malicious or poorly designed extensions/plugins can also interfere with browser performance, causing some sites not to load. To restore the functionality, you can try disabling all unnecessary extensions and plugins to see if that fixes the Instagram video not playing problem.

Solution 5. Make the uploaded video compatible with Instagram

Apart from the above cause, unsupported encoding settings can also lead to the video on Instagram won’t play issue. To make your video 100% suitable for Instagram, it’s suggested to confirm the recommended Instagram video requirements:
Format container: MP4.
Video codec: H.264
Audio codec: AAC
Video resolution: 1080 x 1350p (Instagram Video); 1080 x 1920p (Story/Reel)
Bitrate: 3500kbps
Frame rate: 30fps

When your video specs are different from the recommendations, just open WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro and follow the steps below to adjust the video encoding settings or do some simple edits like trimming, splitting, merging, watermarking, etc., if needed.

  • Download and installDownload and install the program on your Windows PC.
  • Launch the program and open Converter. Then drag and drop the Instagram video into the program.
  • Hit the format image on the right side to open the format library. Click Video followed by the MP4 profile.
  • Open Parameter settings to modify the codecs, resolution, bitrate, frame rate, etc.
  • Hit the Trim button on the toolbar to edit the video length for Instagram.
  • Finally, set a destination and hit Run to export the converted video.

Then, upload the video to Instagram and it should play with no error now.

Convert Video to Instagram
Convert Video to Instagram

In Conclusion

With the above solutions, you can now quickly fix it when you encounter the Instagram videos not playing issue on a phone or Chrome browser. These practices are also suitable for solving issues like Twitter videos not playing or Facebook videos not playing. Sincerely hope this post could be helpful. Thanks for reading till the end. Have a nice day!

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